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2021 Fantasy Football Week 7 IDP Streamers


What better week is there for some 2021 Fantasy Football Week 7 IDP Streamers! It’s the Bye-pocalypse! and I’ve got several streaming options for you to help fill the gaps in lineups this week!

Each week I’ll be bringing you several reliable options for you to look at throwing in your lineup in a pinch!

If you haven’t yet be sure to dive into my Week 7 Waiver Wire article as well as my Week 7 IDP Rankings!

For more content from ya boy feel free to check me out on YouTube where I’m bringing you Waiver Wires, IDP Rankings, and early looks at college prospects!

With all that said let’s dive right into the IDP Stream Team of the Week!

2021 Fantasy Football Week 7 IDP Streamers

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IDP Stream Team of the Week

Leonard Williams, DL, New York Giants

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Williams hasn’t had quite the colossal season this year as he had last year, but he’s been serviceable. This week he gets a solid matchup against the Carolina Panthers.

They’re one of the top teams when it comes to sacks per game allowed, and Sam Darnold possesses one of the highest time-to-throw statistics.

This will leave Williams with time and opportunity to make some plays and hopefully come away with a sack.

Maxx Crosby, DL, Las Vegas Raiders

Crosby was one of my favorite plays last week and he paid off in a big way. He registered 3 sacks and finds himself in a similarly good matchup this weekend.

The Eagles are still ranked as one of the higher-ranked teams when it comes to sacks allowed per game, and Jalen Hurts takes a reasonable amount of time to throw.

As an added bonus we all know that the Philly offense loves to throw, and Las Vegas runs a ton of defensive plays. There will be an opportunity here for Crosby to serve you well again.

Nick Bolton, LB, Kansas City Chiefs

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Bolton probably isn’t available to stream in your dynasty leagues but it may be worthwhile to pull him off your taxi squad or make a run to the waiver wire in redraft.

It’s no surprise to anyone that linebackers tend to do well against the Tennessee Titans and all. You know, when Derrick Henry is running all over your team you gotta try to tackle the guy.

I’m curious to see how this matchup goes. Bolton loves to layout the wood, but Henry is a big boy.

Nevertheless, Tennessee is running a boatload of plays per game, running a ton, and maintaining a low yards per pass attempt which keeps things close to the line of scrimmage for Bolton to make a play.

Tae Crowder, LB, New York Giants

Another name who may not be available in your dynasty leagues anymore but I’ve seen him on plenty of redraft wires still.

He’s a great plug-in against Carolina who runs a decent amount, but runs a ton of plays, and keeps the ball close to the line of scrimmage.

Quandre Diggs, DB, Seattle Seahawks

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Up to this point, Diggs has been the Seattle DB to roster. No, I’m not advocating that you cut Adams. I think he’ll turn it around.

But Diggs has been helpful in run defense as well as making plays of his own.

This week he faces off against New Orleans, who runs at a higher rate than any other team in the league. But yet maintains a respectable average yards per attempt.

Again these are the kinds of things that keep safeties within proximity to the ball. As a nice bonus, Seattle’s defense allows the most opponent plays per game in the league.

I still see him on waivers but I’m not gonna let him sit around much longer, and neither should you.

Justin Reid, DB, Houston Texans

Reid was one of my favorite picks to break out this year, and he’s kind of done that but very quietly.

He’s been solid but he’s also been banged up. Which, unfortunately, has been a bit of a staple to his career thus far.

However, he’s coming into a matchup against Arizona that favors DBs quite nicely.

First Arizona runs quite a few plays per game. And their run to pass rate is higher than most would expect. This can be helpful for safeties like Reid who contribute in run-support.

What’s best in this situation is Kyler Murray‘s high yards per pass attempt. He’s consistently throwing downfield. All of these things will help keep Reid consistently involved on defense.


I hope my 2021 Fantasy Football Week 7 IDP Streamers find you well and aid you in a victory this week! Find me on YouTube for more content! Good luck, and I hope y’all have a good one!

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