2021 Fantasy Football Week 8 Trade Targets

by Davis Peng
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Welcome to our Week 8 Trade Targets for the 2021 Fantasy Football season. Hopefully, the Bye week didn't affect your ability to get a win.

We are getting closer to the halfway mark. Quick PSA to make moves while you can. The NFL Trade Deadline will be here quicker than you think!

As a reminder, avoid making any panic trades as we still have more weeks to come. You still have plenty of time to turn your season around. If you missed out on last week's article, you could catch it here.

So let's get this started and talk about 2021 Fantasy Football Week 8 Trade Targets. I'll cover buy-low, buy-high targets, as well as players I am looking to sell.

2021 Fantasy Football Week 8 Trade Targets

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Buy Low Targets

Patrick Mahomes, QB, Kansas City Chiefs

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Let's start this buy low with one of the hottest topics of the week, Patrick Mahomes. Having the worst game of his career against a poor Tennessee Titans defense.

Mahomes not only disappointed fantasy managers, but he disappointed the football fanbase as a whole. With all the emotion and talk going around Mahomes, he is an absolute buy-low target this week.

Fantasy Managers through the 2021 season feel like they have been getting ripped off paying for the consensus QB1 of the season. Even with the poor game, Mahomes is still finishing as a top-five QB on the season.

Mahomes has taken a step back this season, and that is fine. He is still a playmaker, has a poor defense, and the Chiefs receiving weapons is still fantastic. Don't let the narrative fool you; Mahomes is still going to finish as a QB1.

Tee Higgins WR, Cincinnati Bengals

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Outside of injury, I wouldn't have expected that Tee Higgins would make the buy-low targets. He is an all-around great WR and is one of Joe Burrow's favorite targets.

That being said, the fact right now is he is underperforming from a fantasy aspect. Having 15 targets to result in seven catches and 62 yards is a mediocre stat line.

The main takeaway from this is knowing that even with Ja' Maar Chase and Tyler Boyd on the field that Higgins is heavily targeted. 

Higgins is a WR2 with an upside every week until further notice. Buy Higgins low while you can, he may not be the best fantasy option on the team, but he's still fantasy relevant.

Buy High Target

Deebo Samuel, WR, San Francisco 49ers

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This is a tough pill to swallow for Brandon Aiyuk and George Kittle truthers, but Deebo Samuel is the WR1 for this 49ers team. On the season, he is currently WR5 and has only played six games this season.

He has been excellent throughout the season, and there is a chance that the fantasy manager in your league is currently undervaluing him.

Samuel has not finished one game this season under 50 receiving yards and has four games with 100+ yards from scrimmage. Throw out an offer, get Samuel while he is still being undervalued.

Buyer beware, Samuel is known for being injury-prone, which is something to think about before making an offer for Samuel.

There is also a QB conundrum in San Francisco but overall this won't kill Samuel's value if Lance ends up the starter at some point in the season. However, I believe he is worth the risk as he is currently dominating this season.

Khalil Herbert, RB, Chicago Bears

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Let's talk about a possible season winner in Khalil Herbert. RB3 is on the depth chart coming into the season and has a very likely chance to be the RB1 for the Chicago Bears.

Putting up back-to-back weeks of solid production at over five yards per carry. We all know that the Bears are a terrible organization and are losing in blowouts nearly every week.

This doesn't matter because the Bears are one of the few teams that will give their RB 20 touches in a losing effort. If you're afraid that Herbert won't get his touches, I wouldn't worry there.

David Montgomery is expected to return to the team at some point, but there is a chance that Herbert has shown himself to be the team's RB1.

I am sure at this point that Herbert has at least put himself ahead of Damien Williams. With Montgomery having a history of being injured, there is a chance they may not utilize Montgomery as much or extend his time on IR.

I would trade for Herbert with the expectation that he is likely going to be a rental. That being said, if there was a guy who could overtake a backfield, it might be Herbert.

Sell High Players

Michael Pittman, WR, Indianapolis Colts

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I am a bit torn on Michael Pittman this season, and he could have landed himself in my buy-high segment. I believe that Pittman is the WR1 for the Indianapolis Colts.

However, I don't believe that means he will be a league winner compared to other players. He received his first touchdown on the season against the San Francisco 49ers. That's right, that was Pittman's first touchdown on the season.

Pittman is a legit every week starter, but I don't believe his ceiling is high due to his peers.

Jonathan Taylor is likely to be the first option when they get to the end zone, or even Nyheim Hines could catch a ball that takes him into the end zone.

This is also not including that Wentz's talent is a bit questionable at times. You can hold onto Pittman, but I would see if I could package him together to possibly get an upgrade.

Amari Cooper, WR, Dallas Cowboys

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This is going to be a little weird to pick a guy that didn't even play but hear me out. I will go with a meta gameplay this week, which also applies to other players who were on a bye week.

I chose Amari Cooper because, overall, he has been underperforming. If you're the Fantasy Manager that absorbed the bye week, you can use this as a selling point.

We still have plenty of bye weeks from this point on, and Week 7 really stood out in the fantasy community. 

I would be selling Cooper's name and the fact that I absorbed a bye week to see if I can sell high him or any other solid player on my roster that just came off a bye.

Sell Low Players

Calvin Ridley, WR, Atlanta Falcons

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Calvin Ridley made my sell high target in Week 5. Nothing changes here. I am not sold that he will live up to the hype, and even with the 10 targets, I feel that Kyle Pitts or Cordarelle Patterson are the weapons to roster from the Falcons.

Melvin Gordon/Javonte Williams, RB, Denver Broncos

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This is a sell-high/sell low situation. Both Melvin Gordon and Javonte Williams both finished with a touchdown against the Cleveland Browns.

They both are being utilized in the offense, but unlike the Bears' situation, they aren't getting 20 touches a game. The touches they have had are minimal and, at times, could produce minor fantasy relevancy.

Overall it's pretty bad, and I am not excited to start either of these players week to week. Gordon and Williams are nothing more than big-name players that are no more than just stashes.

If you could package them to a needy team, I could see a possibility of an upgrade. 

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