2021 FSGA Fantasy Football Drafts: Champions League Recap

by Michael Tomlin
2021 FSGA Fantasy Football drafts

The 2021 FSGA Fantasy Football drafts are taking place this week and they kind of mark the beginning of draft season! Hallelujah!

The Fantasy Sports & Gaming Association puts together some of the most star-studded experts together in the Fantasy Football industry. These 2021 FSGA Fantasy Football drafts truly help shape Average Draft Position (ADP) as well as give the average Fantasy Football manager an idea of where their favorite players might go.

The main event of the 2021 FSGA Fantasy Football Drafts is the Champions League Draft. It is the only edition of the FSGA Fantasy Football drafts to feature all of the previous champions.

The participants of the league are, in draft order: Steve Pastorino and Austin Luck (US Integrity); Raphael Rabe and Josh Hayes (RotoBaller); Steve Gardner and Howard Kamen (USA Today Sports); Digger Turnbull (Forecaster Game); Chris Liss (RotoWire); Tim Jensen (RTSports); Ray Flowers (SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio); Scott Atkins (FullTime Fantasy); Cory and Ryan Bonini (The Huddle); Chase Payne and Jason Gold (Champions Round); Mike Clay (ESPN); Corey March and Rob Dougherty (Sports Info Solutions); Glenn Colton, Rick Wolf and Stacie Stern (Colton and the Wolfman); and Marc Zwillinger and Zach Lerner (ZwillGen).

The league is a pretty normal setup: the starting lineup consists of 2RB/3WR with a Flex, and one each of QB, TE, K, and Team Defense/Special Teams. It is a full Points Per Reception scoring format, with four points per passing touchdown.

The Expert Consensus Rankings (ECR) and ADP used for the 2021 FSGA Fantasy Football drafts recap are per Fantasy Pros as of July 7th.

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2021 FSGA Fantasy Football Drafts: Champions League Recap

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  • The obvious first highlight was Christian McCaffrey NOT going 1.01. Heck, he did not even go 1.02. I do not understand this logic. When he is on the field, he is the best player in Fantasy Football. Period. It kind of seems like some live-action clickbait to me.
  • As you will see with the majority of “expert” drafts this year, running backs FLEW off the board early. The first ten picks were all running backs, as well as 12 of the first 13. There were 17 running backs selected in the first two rounds, and 20 in the first 34 overall picks.
  • Only one team (Zwillgen) did not draft a back in the first two rounds. Only three other teams (Mike Clay, Champions Round, and US Integrity) only selected one back in the first four rounds.
  • Go great or wait at the tight end position seems to be the prevalent strategy early in draft season. There were three tight ends in the first two rounds and then just five over the next 93 picks. Of course, there were subsequently 11 tight ends drafted over a two-round span from Round Nine to Round Eleven.
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Risers: Players Drafted Earlier Than Expected

  • The first 40 picks were relatively standard for this year, but James Robinson went off the board at pick 41, 29 spots earlier than his current ECR. This is partly due to the fact that running backs went so quickly in the first couple of rounds, but he was still the RB22 when he is ranked as the RB30.
  • Robinson had the fourth-highest difference in draft position in reference to ECR (early that is). Two of the three ahead of him were both Dolphins’ receivers: Jaylen Waddle and DeVante Parker. They were picked at the start of Round Seven, 45 and 31 spots respectively higher than their current ECR. Ironically with the high faith in the Dolphins’ passing game, Tua Tagovailoa was not selected.
  • The other player drafted much earlier than expected was Laviska Shenault Jr. The Jaguar went just before the Dolphins’ WR duo, at the end of Round Six. He is currently ranked to go in Round Eleven by ECR.
  • As far as draft position compared to ADP, Darnell Mooney blew the field away with a 61.7 pick difference. US Integrity was behind both the Mooney and Waddle picks. In fact, with taking Kamara over CMC, all but three of the US Integrity picks were “reaches” by current ECR and ADP.
  • The Huddle are big believers in Trey Sermon. They took him as the RB29 when he is currently ranked as RB39.
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Fallers: Players Drafted Later Than Expected

  • Of the first ten rounds, no one had quite the board fall like Noah Fant. Fant had both the biggest difference in ECR and ADP compared to where he was picked. Ranked as the TE6 and normally going around pick 81, Fant fell all the way to the 122nd pick.
  • As is the common strategy in these drafts, waiting on quarterback and tight end showed up. Six of the nine biggest fallers were either quarterbacks or tight ends.
  • There were 20 quarterbacks drafted but Ryan Fitzpatrick was not one of them. I am honestly shocked to see Daniel Jones, Carson Wentz, and Baker Mayfield all selected but not Fitzy.
  • Myles Gaskin at the end of the fifth round seems pretty solid too. He is currently ranked as the RB22, but because of the way the board fell with a heavy receiver run he slid down.
  • If you have read my Running Back Busts for this year, then you know I really like the Marlon Mack pick with the third to last pick of the draft.
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My Pick to Win

While there is not a single team that completely blew me away with every pick, I do like Mike Clay’s team the best. We all know my affinity for drafting Travis Kelce highly, but to get him at the eleventh pick in a 14-team league is a ludicrous value. Kelce scored 171 more PPR Fantasy Points than the TE14 last season.

I am okay with getting Antonio Gibson in Round Two, and I guess Mike Evans in the third is solid as well. But I love the trio of Robert Woods, Tee Higgins, and Kareem Hunt in the next few rounds. He backed that up with PPR machines Darrell Henderson and James White later.

He has two lottery tickets at quarterback in Joe Burrow and Deshaun Watson. If Watson ends up playing, Clay could run away with the league.

Honorable Mention: Scott Atkins with FullTime Fantasy. If he would have gone Kelce instead of Jonathan Taylor, he would have been my pick. He crushed rounds two through five as well as getting my favorite late quarterback (Matthew Stafford) and lottery ticket running back (Javian Hawkins).

That’s it for the recap of the 2021 FSGA Fantasy Football drafts! Check out the rest of our 2021 Fantasy Football content from our great team of writers!

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