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2021 NFL DFS Week 13 FanDuel Picks


Welcome back readers to my 2021 NFL DFS Week 13 FanDuel Picks.

Happy belated Thanksgiving everyone I hope you enjoyed your families and some Thanksgiving day football.

I missed giving you guys my picks for Week 12, but I am grateful that I work with an amazing team and Keith Lott was able to fill in for me.

We, unfortunately, got some bad news. For the rest of the season, we will not be watching Christian McCaffrey play football. We also lost Deebo Samuel and Dalvin Cook for a couple of weeks. Saying that these players are important for their team would be an understatement.

It is a good thing we are playing DFS and setting new lineups every week. I am back and I am ready to help you win some money so let’s get started. 

2021 NFL DFS Week 13 FanDuel Picks

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Justin Herbert, QB, Los Angeles Chargers – $8,200

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Herbert is a great Fantasy and real-life quarterback. The Charges will live or die on his big arm. The Cincinnati Bengals started off as a good defense but got worse as a season went along. In just 11 games Herbert has put up over 3,000 yards and 24 touchdowns. The Cincinnati Bengals are going to have their hands full trying to stop this offense this coming Sunday. 

FanDuel outlook:

Herbert is projected for over 21 points by Fantasy Six Pack. He is cheaper than Lamar Jackson who has been an INT machine as of late. And only a hundred dollars more expensive than Tom Brady, his game could get so out of hand that they start running the ball. I’m stacking Herbert with Austin Ekeler and Mike Williams in this matchup. This matchup is my favorite of the week. There are players on the other side of the field that could also put up points.

Other QB’s I like: Tom Brady ($8,100), Derek Carr ($7,500), Joe Burrow ($7,400) 

Antonio Gibson, RB,  Washington Football Team – $6,200

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As much as I want to talk about the Chargers offense for the entire article I will refrain from it. Being that I just gave you an expensive stack we need to save money where we can.  Gibson is the player I have in most of my lineups. Gibson is coming off one of his best performances of the season with 29 rush attempts for over 100 yards and seven receptions. He did this while J.D. McKissic got all the touchdowns. Ron Rivera has found the formula to win games and I don’t see why he would go away from it. 

FanDuel outlook:

Gibson is projected for over 13 points by Fantasy Six Pack. I was a little shocked when I saw Gibson’s price tag. He just came off a big game and he’s a plus matchup. With McKissic out due to a concussion, we could see Gibson on the field for more snaps. Also when the WFT gets down into the red zone there will be no one to vulture his touchdowns. 

Other RB’s I like: Joe Mixon ($9,400), Austin Ekeler ($9,400), Leonard Fournette ($7,700) 

Diontae Johnson, WR, Pittsburgh Steelers – $7,200

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I am changing up my strategy a bit on wide receivers as I have not been as accurate as I had hoped this season. I’m usually swinging for the fences and looking for a big play receiver to get me a lot of points but I’m choosing a player that has probably one of the safest floors in the NFL. Johnson is big Ben’s favorite target these days as he cannot go downfield like he used to. Johnson is almost guaranteed 10+ targets a game. It doesn’t matter his matchup he is going to see a lot of balls come his way which makes him a very good play in my lineup. 

FanDuel outlook:

Diontae Johnson is projected for almost 13 points by Fantasy Six Pack. This was a decision I struggled with readers. In the same game, Marquise Brown is $100 cheaper and has a bigger upside. Marquis brown can go for over 20 points, but can also give you under 10 points. If I’m stacking the Chargers with Mike Williams I already have one player in my lineup with the same range of outcomes. So I’m going for the safer play with Johnson. 

Other WR’s I like: Chris Godwin ($7,600), Jaylen Waddle ($6,900), Mike Williams ($6,000)

T.J. Hockenson, TE,  Detroit Lions – $6,100

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This is shaping up to be an expensive lineup so we need to save money where we can and I usually like doing it on the Tight End. I know I have profiled Hockenson before and he burned us. But I still believe in the talent plus with D’Andre Swift out, Hockenson becomes the best player on the team. Hockenson could see an ups tick in targets and that makes him a good play this week. 

FanDuel outlook:

Hockenson is projected for almost 10 points by Fantasy Six Pack. I wanted to go cheap at tight end to justify the rest of my lineup and I just cannot pull the trigger on Mike Gesicki. T.J. Hockenson has big playability and he can get into the end zone. He is a hardcover and is Jared Goff‘s best weapon on this team. If the Lions have a chance to beat the Minnesota Vikings, Hockenson is going to play a role. 

Other TE’s I like: Rob Gronkowski ($7,000), Logan Thomas ($5,600), Pat Freiermuth ($5,400) 

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