2021 NFL Draft Caleb Farley Profile

by Bob Van Duser
2021 NFL Draft Caleb Farley

Welcome back for a look at my 2021 NFL Draft: Caleb Farley Profile!

Whether you're looking for some insight on his draft projection, IDP projections, or how Farley's career might look, you're in the right place!

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In this article, we'll take a look at Farley's background, college career, and take a look at his film! Along with that we'll look at some projections for his draft stock, look at some team fits, and evaluate his IDP potential.

2021 NFL Draft Caleb Farley Profile

Collegiate Career

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Farley was actually a quarterback in high school oddly enough. He didn't convert to corner until his 1st year actually playing college ball. In his high school career, he managed an impressive 10,425 total yards, and 124 touchdowns.

What was really impressive to me was his Senior year of high school where he threw for 1,776 yards and 21 touchdowns, and rushed for 2,574 yards and 37 touchdowns. As a quarterback.

I get it's high school, but this is incredible and really emphasizes his athletic profile, which I'll address a ton later.

He originally committed to Virginia Tech as a wide receiver but missed what would've been his freshman year of college with a knee injury. Then he made the switch to cornerback as a true sophomore.


After Red-Shirting his Freshman Year he managed 36 tackles (29 solo), a tackle for loss, one sack, two interceptions, and seven passes defensed over 13 games in his Sophomore year of college.

Then, as a true Junior, he put together 20 tackles (14 solo), four interceptions, and 12 passes defensed over 10 games.

I'm not nearly as impressed with his college stats compared to his high school stats. Which is to be expected obviously. I'll say his increase of passes defensed from his Sophomore to Junior Year is impressive considering he played in three less games.

I'll also say it's pretty impressive looking at his solo tackle numbers in comparison to his assisted tackles. Being able to rack up more solos than assists usually shows that you're early to the ball carrier, and you're a fairly sure tackler that doesn't always need help tackling or finishing the tackle.

Tale of the Tape

I saw a lot of good in Farley's tape but it wasn't all good. He's an athletic freak, but he's still very raw. He trusts his instincts and a lot of the time it pays off. However, there are times where he'll bite on and underneath route and then get beat over the top. On a positive note, he seemed very apt to picking up on screen plays and attacking those properly.

Another note is that he's very physical and sometimes too handsy. He'd be a great fit on the Buccaneers defense (a bit of a shot there). His physicality is a big part of his game, but there's a good chance early in his career he'll get flagged for it, but when he doesn't he's probably going to be making a great play.

My biggest take away from his film was his uncanny ability to get between the ball and the receiver. This shows up in his interceptions as well as in his passes defensed stats. His closing speed and ability to be in the right place is impressive. He's one heck of an athlete.


Draft Projection

Cornerbacks are highly coveted assets so he should be drafted Farley (see what I did there?) early. I think the sweet spot for Caleb Farley is the Pick 8-16 range.

My favorite team fits for him would be Carolina, Dallas, San Francisco, and New England. With Arizona being somewhat of a dark horse.

Team Fits

Carolina: I like this spot for several reasons. First off they play in a division with elite wide receivers. With names Michael Thomas, Mike Evans, Julio Jones, Calvin Ridley, and possibly Chris Godwin and Antonio Brown if they are retained after this season, it's clear having someone to go head to head with these WRs is a need.

Matt Rhule is someone that wants players with both physical and athletic attributes and he'll install the mental game. Caleb Farley is just that. Tall, big-bodied, and physical. This is at worst an upgrade to their CB2, but I believe he'll end up a team's top CB before long.

Dallas: This is an easy pick for the Cowboys. While their defense was the 31st ranked against the run, they have the pieces in place to stop the run they just need a scheme fix for that.

However, when it comes to the pass this team struggled as well. While not allowing a ton of passing yards per game, on the passes that were completed the Cowboys ranked 31st in terms of yards per completion. So when passes were completed they were for large gains. I love Farley here at pick 10.

San Francisco and New England: Both of these teams find themselves in similar situations. San Fran needs a new option with Richard Sherman getting older. And New England is rumored to be shopping Stephon Gilmore around. To be honest, I was struggling to find a player comparison for Farley, but Richard Sherman is it for me.

IDP Projection

I'm not wild about his prospects as an IDP asset. As a rookie, I could see him getting some shine, but he's the type of player if he hits his stride he's probably going to lean towards being a shutdown corner.

You'll be relying on pass defenses and interceptions as opposed to a run support/tackle machine.

Career Projection

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I alluded to this a bit already, but I can see him struggling his rookie year some as he gets acclimated to the pro game. But he has elite athleticism and I think he'll develop into a very respectable corner in this league.


Thanks for checking out my 2021 NFL Draft Caleb Farley Profile! All that said, I really enjoyed digging into Caleb Farley. I think whatever team ends up drafting him will be quite pleased with the results!

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