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2021 NFL Draft Chazz Surratt Profile


Welcome back for a look at my 2021 NFL Draft Chazz Surratt Profile! Today I’ll be diving into one of my favorite NFL Draft Prospects! I’ll take a look at his collegiate career by diving into his production and getting into his tape.

After that, we’ll talk NFL Draft and take a shot at some projections on when his name will be called and what we can expect in his rookie season in terms of production.

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2021 NFL Draft Chazz Surratt Profile

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Collegiate Career


I know I said in my article last week that Jaelan Phillips might be the most interesting prospect in this class, but Chazz Surratt definitely belongs in that conversation as well.

He originally declared to the University of North Carolina to play quarterback. However, after inconsistent play and eventually losing most of a season to an injury he was replaced. Instead of leaving the team or electing to be a backup, he changed positions and switched to the defensive side of the ball.

Ironically he switched sides and became what many refer to as the quarterback of the defense. He went on to start for two successful seasons at the position, and in my opinion, rose to the occasion in a big way, in a new role.


When I look at Chazz Surratt’s statistical profile I’m downright impressed. This dude was a quarterback. To show up and light up the stat column with tackles, tackles for loss, and sacks right off the rip is an impressive feat to say the least.

It would’ve been cool if he could’ve produced in the other statistical categories, sure. But it’s not like he didn’t produce at all in those categories. Not every IDP is going to light up the stat sheet as a college athlete.

Keep in mind, this dude went from quarterback to linebacker, practically overnight. And he produced at a higher level as a tackler than most in this class with far more experience.

Tale of the Tape

Right away my knock on Surratt is that there are times where he looks stiff and unathletic. However, I’d never call him slow.

His pursuit is top-notch, his tackling is excellent, and the angles he takes in route to making a tackle is superb. He’s a real heady player and his football IQ just really shines through. Never when I look at his film do I sit and go, “What the heck is this guy doing?”.

He just never seems to be caught out of position or making the wrong decision. I rarely saw issues in coverage. More often than not he had no issues covering running backs in the flat or tight ends over the middle. He’s not the quickest or most agile player, but his football IQ keeps him in the play.

He seems to have fully transitioned from quarterbacking an offense, to being able to lead a defense in a similar manner. The way he plays with heart, attitude, and grit are those intangibles you love to see.


NFL Draft Projections

I don’t see Surratt warranting Day One draft capital. Being that he’s only played two full years at the position will raise questions Day One and will more than likely be a large reason he falls to late Day Two or early Day Three.

Linebacker isn’t a widely sought-after position, and outside of the top-tier elite players you kind of have to fall in love with one to draft one on Day Two, and Day Three you’re likely addressing depth as opposed to starters.

Another knock on him is that he’s already 24 years old. Which at linebacker isn’t as concerning if he were a running back or wide receiver. But it’s likely something that will be taken into consideration by NFL teams.

IDP Projection

Now, where he gets drafted will likely determine what his IDP Production year one will look like. Day Two I’d say there’s a chance to start depending on where he lands. If it’s a somewhat ambiguous situation with no real competition, there’s a good chance he could earn a starting role.

However, I’d think Day Three relegates him to the bench more than likely unless it’s early Round 4. Even then he needs to be drafted to a weak linebacker room to have a good shot.

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Listen, I love Chazz Surratt. But I do think there’s a chance he doesn’t pan out. He’s been one of my favorite linebacker prospects throughout my entire evaluation process leading up to the draft.

If he doesn’t pan out I think it’ll be largely in part due to him not getting an opportunity and being drafted for depth/upside. But if he gets drafted somewhere that loves him the way I do, I think it could be wheels up for the former Tar Heel. And you’ll wish you’d have known him sooner.

Thanks again as always, check out the rest of my offseason content if you enjoyed this piece, until next time. Much Love, -BV

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