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2021 NFL Draft Gregory Rousseau Profile


Welcome back for a look at my 2021 NFL Draft Gregory Rousseau Profile! Whether you’re just looking for some insight on what to expect from Rousseau as a draft prospect, or what I think his fantasy impact might be in his rookie year you’re in the right place!

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Let’s dive right in to my 2021 NFL Draft Gregory Rousseau Profile!

2021 NFL Draft Gregory Rousseau Profile

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Collegiate Production


Rousseau is going to be a pretty polarizing option for most in the football community. After one full season as a starter, he chose to opt-out of the 2020 CFB Season due to COVID concerns, and to prepare for the NFL Draft.

It’s always nice to see multiple years of solid production out of prospects, which is why many were shocked to see Rousseau opt-out to prepare for the NFL Draft after only one season.

While many believe he’s still worthy of a high draft pick, there are some in the industry who don’t believe that Rousseau is a 1st Round talent. We’ll get into where I see him going a little later.


In 14 Games as a true Sophomore Rousseau amassed 59 Tackles (35 Solo), 19.5 Tackles for Loss, 15.5 Sacks, 1 Pass Defensed, 1 Fumble Recovery, and 2 Forced Fumbles.

Needless to say, this is impressive output as a 19-year-old. From a purely statistical standpoint, Rousseau is an absolute stud. Something I’ve been doing lately is taking college players production, converting it to IDP123 scoring, and coming up with a points per game average. So far Rousseau comes in at 17 PPG, which is tied for the second-highest PPG average out of players whose stats I’ve pulled.

I usually have some concern in this area. Usually “well I wish he had more production outside of just tackles” but Rousseau checks that box and puts up excellent numbers.

Tale of the Tape

Now the tale of the tape paints a very different picture of Rousseau for me. When you apply context to his statistics you’ll see he’s doing most of his damage against guards and tackles that likely won’t play in the NFL. And it seems he “lucks his way” into sack opportunities.

While there were definitely plays where he gets a great jump off the line and disrupts the backfield with a sack or tackle for loss, I felt as though there were many more plays where he gets locked up by halfway decent tackles.

One thing you can’t teach is size. The dude is 6’7″ 265 lbs. And when he’s at his best he’s using his size to keep blockers off of him as he works around the outside or through the interior. While he has size he’s not a bull rush guy. Though he’s tall he’s not real thick.

Part of me believes this disparity between his production and the film is what sets people apart in their opinion of Rousseau. Those who are looking at the stats and production probably think very highly of him. I happened upon his film first, and when I got to see his stats I was surprised he had produced the way he had.

This made me go back and watch his film, several times, which still left me unimpressed.
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Draft Projections

This is tough. When I’m doing NFL Mock Drafts I’m always trying to be predictive. So when do I think Rousseau will be drafted? Personally, I’ve continued to Mock him to the Las Vegas Raiders at 17. Why do I think this? Easy.

Raiders have been searching for a great pass rusher since Khalil Mack got traded. And quite frankly they’ve failed miserably to replace him (not that it’s an easy feat). I also believe there’s no better team to draft a player I view as a boom or bust prospect earlier than he should be drafted.

Honestly, I’ve seen Rousseau as early as Number 2 Overall to the Jets, and not even in the 1st Round. Personally, I like him towards the end of the 1st Round. If he could go to a defensive mind like Robert Saleh at 23 instead of 2 Overall, I could get behind that. Or maybe he finds a home in Tampa Bay.

The earliest I like him personally is Minnesota at 14. But I definitely believe there’s a possibility he cracks the top 10 or even the top 5.

IDP Projections

His IDP impact is heavily going to rely on his landing spot. There are so many teams in the league he wouldn’t even start on day one. And honestly, I think most teams will see him as a sit-and-develop type player. For at least part of the season.

I may draft him at a decent price in Dynasty, but count me out for now in Redraft leagues.
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The sky is the limit for Gregory Rousseau. Landing spot will play a huge role in his development. As will how he’s been preparing in his opt-out season.

I will say that I tuned into an interview he had with PFF’s Austin Gayle (Find that here, fast forward to 54:45) and was impressed with how he had mentioned he had been training. Even specifically mentioning things that he’s been widely criticized for.

Not only has he been training extensively it’s a matter of who he’s been training with. He’s had the opportunity to train under Chuck Smith, former NFL Player now known as “Dr. Rush”. He’s been quite involved in training rookies as well as pros as they acclimate to the pro game and work on their craft.

I’ll be tuning in closely on March 29th, which is when Miami will be hosting its pro day. I’ll be curious to see how he fares in his athletic testing as well as any drills he takes part in.

Thanks for checking out my 2021 NFL Draft Gregory Rousseau Profile, hope you enjoyed it! Much Love, and have a great one! -BV

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