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2021 NFL Draft Javonte Williams Profile


Welcome to the 2021 NFL Draft Javonte Williams Profile!

A former three-star recruit, Williams was a lowly prospect out of Wallace-Rose Hill High School in Wallace, North Carolina, where he won four straight state titles for the program.

Now, one of college football’s elite, Williams was one of the sport’s most productive backs. The young runner transformed his stock each and every year as he ascended to an elite level in his final season at North Carolina.

His high-level ascension only progressed further as his senior season was ridiculous. Even with sharing the backfield with Michael Carter, another high-level prospect, the young star rushed for 1140 yards (7.3 yards per carry), 19 touchdowns, and 25 catches for 305 yards (3 touchdowns) in 11 2020 contests.

This young gun shinned under any circumstance and in any level and field of competition. A true rising star and workhorse. Nowadays, the position is filled with one-year wonders and seems to be forgotten about, but that may change with Williams. He truly has the tools to be the next “guy”.

Now let’s dive into the 2021 NFL Draft Javonte Williams Profile and breakdown his career, highlights, stock, dynasty portfolio, and much more.

2021 NFL Draft Javonte Williams Profile

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  • Height: 5’10”
  • Weight: 220 LBs
  • Year: Junior (20 years old)
  • College: North Carolina, (Wallace, NC)

Measurables Breakdown

Off the jump, you can see that Williams is a load weighing in at 220 pounds, a truly massive human being. The 20-year old has a frame unlike most backs in college. A muscular, thick, compact, and powerful frame helps him break through tackles and run for extra yards.

The measurables of the star runner compare to someone of the likes of Ezekiel Elliott of the Dallas Cowboys. Elliott weighs in at 228 pounds and clocks in at 6′ exactly in height. Very impressive to share the same power, near the same weight, and near the same frame of such an elite level back.

Even with William’s bigger size and frame, don’t let it fool you. This guy can straight out still fly and move with the best of them. He isn’t a burner, but possesses good quickness, acceleration, and burst through the hole. He’s an uber-gifted athlete. For someone of his size, he moves incredibly well and shows great balance and cuts.

His overall athletic traits, along with his measurables translate well to the NFL. He is likely one of the most highly touted and gifted backs in his draft class, NFL teams will be lining up for someone of his stature.

College Production

Rushing & Receiving Table
Rushing Receiving Scrimmage
Year School Conf Class Pos G Att Yds Avg TD Rec Yds Avg TD Plays Yds Avg TD
2018 North Carolina ACC FR RB 10 43 224 5.2 5 8 58 7.3 0 51 282 5.5 5
*2019 North Carolina ACC SO RB 13 166 933 5.6 5 17 176 10.4 1 183 1109 6.1 6
*2020 North Carolina ACC JR RB 11 157 1140 7.3 19 25 305 12.2 3 182 1445 7.9 22
Career North Carolina 366 2297 6.3 29 50 539 10.8 4 416 2836 6.8 33

Production Breakdown

Starting from his freshman season, Williams wasn’t an overall productive back. Rushing for only 224 on 43 attempts, however, he did average 5.2 yards per carry and logged five touchdowns. He showed prowess on the limited carries which vaulted him in his second season.

During his sophomore year, he ran for near 1000 yards. But it got even better when he was handed the keys to the ship during his junior season. After Antonio Williams left and went to the pros with the Buffalo Bills, Michael Carter and Javonte Williams took the reigns of the backfield.
His junior season, even with competition, Williams ran for 1140 yards, averaged 7.3 yards per carry, scored 22 touchdowns, and looked like college football’s top back.
Williams wasn’t a highly decorated back, however, he was the  2020 Doak Walker Award winner, recognizing him as the nation’s best running back. He earned the honor over the likes of Alabama’s Najee Harris, Iowa State’s Breece Hall, Clemson’s Travis Etienne, and even his own backfield running mate, Michael Carter, Jr.


Strength and Contact Balance

With a frame like that, you could imagine strength being a key but contact balance? Not likely. However, what the 20-year-old does with his outstanding frame is phenomenal. His ability to handle contact and stay balance is like no other.

Just look at the balance on the run in the clip above. Fighting for extra yards, staying patience, not going down on week tackles or contact.

His low center of gravity paired with his frame makes it increasingly difficult for him to be taken down by soft tackles. Defenders are easily frustrated by Williams. His ability to keep his feet moving and shred arm tackles by linebackers have defenders second-guessing and asking for help.

Pass Catching Ability

Williams is a smooth and natural pass catcher, it’s scary really how fluent the young man is for a guy out of position. His ability to make wide receiver-level plays is something NFL teams are going to love. It opens up playbooks and keeps him truly unpredictable.

Take a look at this catch from Williams. His impressive footwork, paired with his ability to make adjustments on the fly is impressive. Being able to shift his weight and timing to match up with a floated football is impressive for a running back. He was such a confident receiver that UNC even lined him up at receiver at times.

Williams is truly at his best out of the backfield though. His ability to head fake, make quick moves, and deal defenders into picking bad spots and miss timing his routes are something uber impressive about the 20-year-old. His ability to make 0ver the shoulder catches allows him to catch and run for chunk-yardage.

Williams’s prospects as a receiving back are some of the best I’ve seen out of anyone in the draft class.


We take about patience and vision for runners. Often a concern for rookie backs is the pace of play. It causes them to misread and mistime holes along with shoot wrong gaps and cut through high traffic areas. They lose confidence as time goes on. Not Williams, his vision is second to none.

Look at the vision, his ability to read that the hole closed and bounce it to the outside for a big gain is impressive. His quick hectic run style paired with elite-level vision makes him increasingly difficult to defend.

List Of Strengths

  • Vision
  • Strength
  • Frame
  • Power
  • Patience
  • Run blocking
  • Quickness
  • Fluent pass-catching
  • Contact balance
  • Athletic
  • Burst
  • Difficult to tackle
  • Shreds first contact
  • Fights for extra yards
  • Elusive
  • Reads angles well
  • Very technical
  • Playmaking ability


Straight Line Speed

It’s no secret that bigger runners like Williams aren’t the fastest. Just look at guys like Derrick Henry, Ezekiel Elliott, runners like those guys. Not the fastest, but are still game-changers, which is what Williams is.

Williams often gets run down in the open field by faster defenders, however, even with his slower speed he still is able to break tackles and create extra yards. His other abilities help his slower top-end speed. It’s rumored that the UNC product is to be able to run around a 4.58 forty-yard dash time, but it’s unseen as of now.

Weaknesses List:

  • Top-end speed
  • Scheme fit
  • Workload concerns


Williams is an elite-level runner. His quick feet mixed with his elite vision and patient run style help him break off high-end runs. He has the ability to break week arm tackles with his big bulky bruising frame helps him extended plays and churn extra yardage.

His play stands out for someone who is on the smaller size in stature. His bruising run style makes it super fun to watch on tape as he rumbles and cuts through holes in the field.

Watching the tape on Williams there’s just so much that pops out to me. For a college player, he has very few weaknesses which is extremely rare. Judging from what I’ve seen I truly believe this kid can elevate quickly to the next level, his rookie year I can envision him having the impact of someone like Antonio Gibson.

At the next level this kid is going to be a star, he will likely be a day-two draft pick but with day-one impact.


  • Motor: A
  • Vision: A+
  • Strength: A
  • Speed: B-
  • Elusiveness: A-
  • Game changer: A-
  • Acceleration: B+
  • Patience: A
  • Footwork: A-
  • Height: C+
  • Weight: A-
  • Balance: A

NFL Comparison

Nick Chubb, RB, Cleveland Browns

Nick Chubb is one of the NFL’s brightest stars in the game. After rising to a new level in 2020, he has now been enlisted as a formidable back that ranks top-five in the league by most. His mashup of elite-level skills and talent has the NFL drooling about him, he’s ascended to NFL greatness in a short amount of time.

Williams, just like Chubb, both run with extreme bruising style. That style makes them both incredibly hard to take down on first contact. Arm tackles are almost useless against Chubb. Take a look at the clip below and you can see how difficult it is for defenders to corral him in.

Chubb also runs with extreme patience and high-level field awareness. His quick processing paired with elite-level field vision is exactly how Williams ran at UNC. The elite running back out of Cleveland is a handful for defenders, he mashes up quick electric feet and pairs in with fast-moving cutting skills.

Williams reminds me of Chubb in so many ways. Fast footwork, elite vision, frame, body, mind, the whole package. If the UNC product can even be 8/10ths of what Chubb is, then he should have no problem being a thousand-yard runner in the NFL.

Ideal NFL Fit

Pittsburgh Steelers

It’s no secret the Steelers have been hurting at the position since they lost Le’Veon Bell way back in 2018. Replacements like James Conner, Benny Snell, Anthony McFarland and others have tried and failed to fill the void left by the former superstar runner.

The hole is so wide in fact, the Steelers ranked dead last in terms of rushing yards per game at the position. The pitiful run game racked up only 84.4 yards per game, 7.2 yards per game below every team. The situation and running back room in Pittsburgh is bleak.

Williams is a fresh breathe of air that the Steelers could be lacking. His explosive playmaking paired with elite hands out of the backfield makes him a dual-threat. The Steelers could use a runner with his level of talent, his impact from day one can help rebuild a struggling running back room.

His contact balance, receiving ability, and immediate impact could help ease the pressure off Big Ben and company. The UNC product makes for a clear fit in Pittsburgh.

Draft Projection

Seattle Seahawks

There is a list of teams that could use the services of Williams. Teams have been rumored to have Travis Etienne and Najee Harris above Williams on their draft boards. With a few teams like the Dolphins and Jets needing running back help and picking high up in the draft, I could see them taking the pair instead of Williams.

That opens up more teams for Williams to be potentially selected by. My guess is a few teams will have an interest in Williams. The Patriots, Dolphins, Jets, and Bills are all teams that could be bidding for the running backs services as all are lacking in that department.

The Texans are stuck with lowly David Johnson, an aging often injured back. The Jaguars have been rumored to be in the mix for a back as well. But above all, the team I see most likely to grab Williams is the Seattle Seahawks.

Reports say that Chris Carson is likely gone, bringing in a replacement that’s near-identical in stature and frame to Carson would be an ideal fit.

It’s no secret that the Seahawks love to run the football, Williams has fresh legs and major upside. Keeping Russell Wilson happy and surrounded by playmakers is something the Seahawks will stress this offseason. My prediction is the Seahawks will draft the UNC native.

NFL Draft position

Mid Second-rounder


Future elite level running back, RB1 on any team, multiple time pro-bowler

Dynasty Draft position

Rising draft candidate, I’ve seen Williams go as high as top-6 and low as top-15. My personal feeling is he is more in the range of 6-10 in terms of dynasty rankings.

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