2021 NFL Draft

2021 NFL Draft Jaycee Horn Profile


Welcome back for a look at my 2021 NFL Draft Jaycee Horn Profile! Whether you’re looking for insight into Horn as a draft prospect or as an IDP Asset, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, I’ll be diving into Horn’s college career by taking a look at his statistical production. Afterward, I’ll dive into his tape and into some draft projections, as well as some IDP projections for his rookie year!

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2021 NFL Draft Jaycee Horn Profile

Collegiate Career


Right off the bat what really impressed me was that Horn started right away his Freshman year in the SEC, one of if not the best conferences in college football. Starting against some of the best young players and doing well against them bodes well for him as a prospect.

He started throughout his freshman and sophomore seasons but chose to opt out halfway through the 2020 season to prepare for the NFL Draft.


When it comes to his stats, nothing really pops out at me. Horn plays corner and, as expected, he doesn’t really light up any one category. His numbers for tackling his freshman and sophomore season are actually solid, but there’s a significant drop-off in his senior season.

Tackles and run support really isn’t his game. Horn will make his money in coverage. As it’s reflected in his pass deflections. I wouldn’t really call him a ball hawk since his interception totals are fairly low.

It would’ve been cool if he could’ve been more involved with sacks, tackles for loss, fumble recoveries/forces, but again he’s a corner.

Nothing wows me when it comes to his stats, which means he better have some great tape.

Tale of the Tape

The first thing I notice off the bat is man, is this dude big. Big body, long arms, athletic, and fast. What he lacks in statistical output he sure makes up for on film.

Looking at his strengths, the list is mighty long. From his positioning defending routes, tracking the ball in the air while also keeping the wide receiver under wraps, to defending the ball in the air. It seems more often than not Horn can do no wrong.

He nails all the intangibles and is an athletic specimen on top of it. The only worry I have is that, while being physical, he’s awfully handsy and grabby. So I’m guessing especially early in his career he’ll have his fair share of P.I.’s, but give me the guy who can cover 10/10 over the guy who can’t but isn’t in the play enough to get a P.I. call. *Cough* Kevin King *Cough* Glad we resigned him.

The last thing I really like is that he always seemed to follow the opposing team’s top receiving option. Traveling inside or out, whether it was Seth Williams or Kyle Pitts, he had them covered. This will be a cool tool for defenses if he can bring that to the next level.


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NFL Draft Projections

Horn is an early 1st Round lock for me. I don’t see him escaping the top 15 picks. Corners are seen as a premium in the draft. Especially physical lockdown corners like Horn.

If he were to fall I think it’s less because of talent and more because this is a really deep corner class where a lot of value will be had at the position on Day Two of the Draft. But horn is a superior talent to them.

Teams like Atlanta, Carolina, Denver, and Dallas are all teams with a great need at the position. I doubt the top 3 corners all make it past those teams. Honestly seeing them go Farley to Carolina, Horn to Denver, and Surtain to Dallas wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

IDP Projections

Being a corner it’s always important to temper expectations for IDP output at the position. Given Horn’s skill set I wouldn’t expect him to produce as an IDP asset throughout his career.

If anything maybe he’s still adjusting to covering NFL wideouts for a season, and you get some tackles out of it. But as I mentioned earlier that’s just not his game.


The only knock I have is that he’s a very grabby physical corner. But man do I love his game. His coverage ability seems next level ready to me. The dude can cover anybody, and he’s got some dog in him, which I love. I can’t wait to see where he lands. Congrats to the fans that land this stud.

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