2021 NFL Draft Mac Jones Profile

by Bob Van Duser
2021 NFL Draft Mac Jones

Welcome back for a look at my 2021 NFL Draft Mac Jones Profile! See my thoughts on how he fares as a prospect heading into the NFL and what his Fantasy Production might look like in year one!

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2021 NFL Draft Mac Jones Profile

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Collegiate Career


Mac Jones is seen as a one-year wonder. After taking the reigns with Tua Tagovailoa's departure into the NFL, Mac Jones was thrust into what some would call a perfect situation. The Quarterback at Alabama. One of the country's most prestigious and successful football schools.

He's part of an offense with great proven talent, many of whom are seen as Day One or Day Two Draft Selections. However, I'd argue with this great situation comes quite a bit of pressure. Which looking at his accomplishments and (spoiler) his statistics I'd say he rose to the occasion.

In 2020 he led the Alabama Crimson Tide to a National Championship, while being a Heisman Finalist, and being awarded the Davey O'Brien, Johnny Unitas Golden Arm, and Manning Awards.


Mac Jones is so interesting as a prospect when you look at his statistics. It's tough to project success in the NFL when you only get to look at one season. Look at Dwayne Haskins for example. Similar styles of play, more pocket passers, kind of meh athletes, and both were one-hit wonders.

What they each did in their seasons respectively is super impressive. But how does it look when they're stacked up against each other?

Dwayne HaskinsMac Jones
Yards Passing48314500
Completion %70.0%77.4%
Completion % Diff From Previous Season-.2%+8.6%

Now obviously Dwayne Haskins hasn't panned out yet as an NFL Player but the situations are too similar and too recent to not mention. One stat that sticks out to me right away is the completion percentage, and more particularly the change in completion percentage from being a reserve option the previous year to that of their breakout season.

Mac Jones increased 8.6% and held a much higher completion percentage than Haskins, who actually didn't even increase his completion percentage. One thing I look for in prospects is year over year development.

Then you look at Jones' Y/A(Passing Yards Per Attempt) and AY/A(Adjusted Passing Yards Per Attempt) and both are higher than Haskins and more what you'd expect out of an NFL Prospect.

Tale of the Tape

The narrative everyone will push about Mac Jones is that "every throw he makes is wide open," "he doesn't throw into tight windows," "he's a scheme quarterback." And my response is

  1. You're wrong, and
  2. Who cares if he's a scheme quarterback?

He absolutely had the benefit of having elite college prospects around him. Between DeVonta Smith, Najee Harris, and Jaylen Waddle he had quite the supporting cast. Not to mention a top-tier offensive line. So that all can't be argued.

In today's NFL, players get schemed open. It may be as big as a surprise as when you learned pro wrestling wasn't real. This is a growing trend, and there are still QBs that can't hit the open player. Looking at you Mitch Trubisky. So my defense here is you still gotta hit the guy in stride and/or hit a spot. Which Jones does exceedingly well.

Now fighting the "ONLY throws to open wide receivers" narrative. If you really think this you're just listening to regurgitated garble from analyst Z. There are plenty and I mean PLENTY of throws where he puts in tight windows where only his guy can catch it. So much so where I overheard a commentator on broadcast say, "Whoa, he should not have thrown that ball." after a 20 some yard completion. Miss me with that narrative.


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NFL Draft Projections

He's going to be drafted in the first round for sure. Who decides to draft him is yet to be determined. I do think there's a good chance that he's the fifth QB taken. All four of the other top five QBs all provide solid rushing ability which is becoming a growing trend in the NFL as well.

Personally, I think Denver is the earliest I could see him go. Then you sit and go, "Well, shoot. He's got quite a supporting cast here too". Then people might change their views on him but I doubt it.

Fantasy Projections

Mac Jones is going to be the best value in your Superflex drafts. Unless he gets a primo destination and the hype train starts there's going to be all these inaccurate narratives swirling around and nobody's going to want him. He'll fall and you'll be able to grab him for cheap.


Mac Jones is being slept on. And that's the best time to capitalize on value. He should be the fifth QB taken in the NFL Draft, and probably should be the fifth QB taken in your league depending if you need production sooner rather than later. The value you'll get him at is enough to take a stab wherever I get him.

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