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2021 Super Wild Card Round DFS H2H Thunderdome


Welcome to the 2021 Super Wild Card Round DFS H2H Thunderdome!

Each week Scott Simpson (@NimblewNumbers) and Bo McBrayer (@Bo_McBigTime), the DFS writing team over at NimblewNumbers.com, will be facing off in a DraftKings (DK) Head-to-Head (H2H) contest.

Two men enter and one man leaves…richer!

2021 Super Wild Card Round DFS H2H Thunderdome

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Scott’s Build

The NFL Super Wild Card Weekend is, get this, wilder than ever….that was terrible. I apologize. But seriously, the addition of one more Super Wild Card team for each conference does mean we get to enjoy two more games this weekend.

I for one will be glued to my couch (also standing up frequently to pace and/or scream obscenities at my TV screen) from 1 p.m. – 11:30 p.m. on both Saturday and Sunday! The only thing better than watching playoff football all weekend is playing DFS while watching playoff football all weekend. Hmm…now how to break the news to the wife?  Maybe slip this article under her door…perfect!

The only blemish on an otherwise perfect weekend of football is that Bo McBigTime has defeated me four straight weeks in the Thunderdome. I’m hungry for a win this week and Bo knows it. I’m paying up for the big guns this week! Lamar Jackson, Derrick Henry, Stefon Diggs and Diontae Johnson are all on my squad.

We are in the “Playoffs” as Jim Mora would say and it’s time to win or go home! Jim went home. I’m not going anywhere.

Lamar Jackson, QB, Baltimore Ravens:  $7,800

Over his last four games, Lamar Jackson is averaging 28.75 DraftKings points per game. The Tennessee Titans defense ranks 28th against the quarterback position this season, and Vegas set Baltimore’s implied team total at 29 points, which is the highest on the slate. 

Frankly, the Tennessee Titans’ defense has not effective down the stretch of the season, giving up a passer rating of 115.5 over the last three weeks of the season. Sure Jackson struggled in the Ravens’ Week 11 loss to the Titans, only scoring 17.5 points. But, it was the last time the Ravens lost a game, thanks to Jackson’s stellar play down the stretch. I’m looking for a game-breaking performance from him this week in a closely contested win over the Titans. 

Derrick Henry, RB, Tennesssee Titans:  $9,200

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Speaking of the Titans, their offense, and particularly Derrick Henry, have been close to unstoppable with the season. Henry rushed for over 2,000 yards and his back-to-back rushing title. In the Week 11 matchup against the Ravens, he averaged over 5 yards per carry and rushed for a touchdown. 

I realize that Henry is overpriced, but the floor is solid and if this game shouts out, Bo will be bowing down to King Henry as he crowns me the Thunderdome winner of the Wild Card weekend!   

Nyheim Hines, RB, Indianapolis Colts:  $4,700

Jonathan Taylor has been electric during the second half of his 2020 rookie campaign, averaging 27 DraftKings points per game. I would love to have rostered him for this build, but Nyheim Hines is $3,200 cheaper this week and in a games script that should produce opportunities for PPR points. 

Stefon Diggs, WR, Buffalo Bills:  $7,700

Stefon Diggs finished the 2020 NFL regular season as the WR2 in DraftKings scoring, behind only Davante Adams. Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills average over 288 passing yards per game this season which ranks 3rd in the NFL. 

The Vegas line is currently 51 total points, 28.5 of those allocated to the Bills. Someone is going to score all those touchdowns and my money is on Diggs for at least one, if not two. 

Diontae Johnson, WR, Pittsburgh Steelers: $6,200

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Diontae Johnson was a revelation in 2020, leading the Pittsburgh Steelers in targets with 144, receiving yards with 923, and DraftKings points per game with 15.3. Big Ben is no stranger to the post-season and will be making his 22nd start this week against a Browns team that gave up four receiving touchdowns to rookie Chase Claypool earlier in the season. 

I’m banking on Diontae Johnson so for at least 20 points this week in a favorable matchup against a Cleveland Browns defense that ranked 25th against the wide receiver position, giving up 20 touchdowns in 16 games. The Steelers wide receivers will be getting into the end zone this week and my money is on Johnson.  


Marquise “Hollywood” Brown, WR, Baltimore Ravens: $5,400

Marquise Brown finished the season on fire, scoring six touchdowns over the last six weeks of the regular season. The Tennessee Titans boast one of the worst secondaries out of all the playoff contenders and “Hollywood” as the kids are calling him has an opportunity to exploit this matchup weakness. 

Look for Hollywood to flash in this game and take a long one to the house! All but securing my victory over Bo!   

Jonnu Smith, TE, Tennessee Titans: $3,700

Embed from Getty ImagesJonnu Smith scored nine touchdowns this season. I know right! I get that Smith has been hit or miss this season, more miss some weeks than hit. But I am confident that he will be a part of their game plan against the Baltimore Ravens this week. He’s scored touchdowns in his last two games against the flying fowls. I’m hoping he makes it three in a row!  

Tyler Higbee, FLEX, Los Angeles Rams: $3,400

Tyler Higbee won me 5K in week two when he hauled in three touchdowns and in my FLEX spot. I don’t need 20+ points from Higbee this week. I just need 10 to break even, which is definitely in the realm of probabilities. See what I did there? 

Washington Football Team, DST: $2,400

The Washington Football Team has been one of the top defenses, averaging 11.5 DraftKings points the last month of the regular season. Look for Tom Brady and the Bucs to win this match-up, but not before the WFT defense gives him hell and turns “Old Man Brady” over multiple times. A pick-six is definitely a possibility with this ball-hawking bunch of defenders.

Bo’s Build

I still remember the last time I lost to Scott Simpson here in the Thunderdome, even though it seems to be back in a bygone era, weeks before we put the year 2020 in the rearview. Week 13 was also the last moment of the 2020 season where I doubted my ability to dominate in DFS. It was a poor week for me, with my confidence shaken and bankroll rattled. I didn’t go all Kerouac like Scott after a midseason shellacking, but I did look internally to fire myself up again. I haven’t lost a cash game since. 

The playoffs give me butterflies. Win or go home. The athletes who will actually participate in the tournament will need to bring their collective best under the brightest lights and debilitating scrutiny. Legacies are written on playoff acumen. Where this may be just another clash with my east coast homie, I can’t approach it with any less passion than a must-win. Six game slate: advantage Scott. Determination to win: advantage Scott. The inevitable and fragile bubble of hubris after a dynastic run of success: advantage Scott. I have Captain Mo on my side, but it will require my utmost level of analytical skill to win again in Wild Card Weekend: where literally anything is possible.

I originally built three Thunderdome lineups, narrowing it down to two yesterday, then keeping most of the first one for the final product. With the narrow slate, I think it’s inevitable that we match some players. With that in mind, I did throw in a little twist to hopefully swing the match in my favor.

Josh Allen, QB, Buffalo Bills: $7,500

Embed from Getty Images
Is there a more potent offense going right now than the Bills? Maybe the Chiefs, but they won’t get a rebuttal until next week. The Colts do match up well with the Bills in that they can run the ball against a bad Buffalo run defense to control the clock, but there is simply no scenario where I see Allen struggling to put points on the board. His price could easily be over $8,000, but DK has depressed pricing for this weekend, making tournaments a free-for-all. In cash, I’m all about the big fella.

J.K. Dobbins, RB, Baltimore Ravens:  $6,600

The Titans have the worst defense of all the playoff teams. Whether it’s versus the run or pass, they are giving up yards and touchdowns at a torrid pace. The Ravens started the second half of the season against Tennessee by finally giving Dobbins a full-time workload, and he hasn’t finished a game in single-digit fantasy points since. In this high-total game, look for Dobbins to have a floor of 15 and a ceiling of 25 points.

Nyheim Hines, RB, Indianapolis: $4,700

Jonathan Taylor has been the best running back not named Derrick Henry since week 12, but his DK salary has more than reflected that. I see the game script more in the favor of Hines here, with Buffalo forcing Indy to throw at least 40 times. Taylor is a fine option, but I believe the better value is investing in the receiving back who will likely be playing from behind.

 Stefon Diggs, WR, Buffalo Bills: $7,700

Embed from Getty Images

Very simply put, Diggs was the leading receiver in the entire league this season and faces a secondary that has struggled to prevent big plays for two months. The volume is staggering and the ceiling is limitless. Fade him in tournaments if you please, but for cash games, This is a dream stack.

Chris Godwin, WR, Tampa Bay Buccaneers: $7,000:

Last week’s breakout reminded me of how much of an absolute stud Godwin is from the slot. Tom Brady loves throwing to the slot. The outside corners for Washington, combined with their hellacious pass rush, make for a funnel to the slot. I’m down on Tampa Bay this week, as a whole, but Godwin’s volume should continue to be an incredibly safe investment.

Diontae Johnson, WR, Pittsburgh: $6,200

I have some builds with Diontae as my WR1. He’s the best value on the board, in my opinion. With Big Ben back in the fold, facing an extremely vulnerable pass defense, look for the volume monster to command his normal share and upwards. I do expect this to be a match with Scott, which I’m fine with because I’d hate to miss on such an easy pick.

Adam Trautman, TE, New Orleans Saints: $2,500

Here is my punt. I absolutely felt it compulsory to load up at WR, leaving me with no more salary than for a min-priced TE. Jared Cook is the man here, but the Bears have shown a glaring weakness to all tight ends this season. Even a zero here gives me the cap space to fit all my building block players in, which will be enough to defeat the mighty Scott once again.

Cam Akers, FLEX, Los Angeles Rams: $5,100

Embed from Getty ImagesThis is purely a volume play, but also one that carries some hope of good upside. Akers was clearly not operating at 100 percent last week, but still commanded 25 touches. If Akers can be a week healthier, maybe he can crack 100 yards and eke out a touchdown. I love his price, especially for his immense role in the Rams offense.

Seattle Seahawks, DST: $2,700

Speaking of the Rams offense, it was average-at-best last week against the Cardinals in a must-win. Whether it’s a thumbless Goff or an AAF Hot Shot Wolford that they face, the Seattle defense has made leaps and bounds down the stretch. I love the value here, especially with the sack rate they possess, and the turnover rate we have seen from LA this season.

Click here for updated NFL DFS Projections. You can download them and use the optimizer for free!

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