2022-23 Fantasy Basketball Week 17 Planner

by Mark B
2022-23 Fantasy Basketball Week 17

Welcome to the 2022-23 Fantasy Basketball Week 17 Planner!

IT IS ALMOST THE TRADE DEADLINE!!!! Thursday, February 9, 2023, marks the trade deadline this season. Many players and teams have been tied to the trade deadline.

Probably the biggest name tied to the deadline is Mr. Sensational himself Mr. Kyrie Irving from the Brooklyn Nets (PG/SG). Stephen A Smith has stated in a bleacher report article that Kyrie is even willing to sit out the rest of the season. Considering Kevin Durant (Brooklyn Nets, SF/PF) has been playing MVP-caliber basketball up until his injury, this will be a big blow to his championship aspirations. Or will it? We'll have to see how this impacts the 2022-23 Fantasy Basketball Week 17 Planner choices you will have to make!

2022-23 Fantasy Basketball Week 17
Eastern Conference Trade Deadline

John Collins (Atlanta Hawks, PF/C)

He has been on the block for a while without a suitor. Underrated in my opinion but can promote change in any team's frontcourt.

Kevin Durant (Brooklyn Nets, SF/PF)

No, there have been no rumors since the summer but one has to believe the Irving request might imply a rebuild for Brooklyn which could package him for picks and young players on a contender. This experiment has been a complete failure so I can see Sean Marks possibly ending this era altogether.

Buddy Hield (Indiana Pacers, SG/SF)

Having a breakout year, Hield has been tied to trade talks for some time. With his very good run on the Pacers, I can see any contender giving what they need to space the floor with the leading 3-point maker.

Kyle Lowry (Miami Heat, PG)

The Heat doesn't look as scary in the East as in the past. After reaching the finals in the bubble, the Heat seems to have lost their footing on defensive dominance. There are interested teams (like the Lakers and Clippers) who can offer some interesting trades (ala Westbrook perhaps?).

Fred VanVleet (Toronto Raptors, PG)
OG Anunoby (Toronto Raptors, SG/SF)
Gary Trent Jr. (Toronto Raptors, PG/SG)

Toronto has an intriguing case to either trade one or all of these individuals for a rebuild or possibly for pieces that can get them to the playoffs. These three names have been floating around the league since the summer. Toronto won't be able to pay these gentlemen the money they will likely request. So Masai Ujiri will have his hands filled this week but the hard decisions he will have to make.

2022-23 Fantasy Basketball Week 17
Western Conference Trade Deadline

Russell Westbrook (Los Angelos Lakers, PG)

Lakerland is in deep trouble. The Lakers are in the worst possible position: They're not in playoffs and they don't have any draft picks this year (in fact New Orleans owns their pick ).  Westbrook has been on the brunt end of blame and hates in LA. I think everyone wants to see this move happen to move on from this tragedy.

Chris Paul (Phoenix Suns, PG)

The Suns are another team that just has not been as dominant. Yes, Devin Booker (Phoenix Suns, SG/SF) has been injured but there also seems to be something off with the chemistry in the desert. Since turning 37, Chris Paul has lost some of his dominance. The Suns might look to push one more time before possibly thinking about moves that will affect them long-term.

Jakob Poeltl (San Antonio Spurs, C)

San Antonio just really wants another card in the Wembanyama sweepstakes and/or future good picks. The Spurs are in full-rebuild mode and teams are looking for a decently good center like Jakob.

Mike Conley (Utah Jazz, PG)

What a surprise the Jazz has been this year. They are still a play-in team as I am writing this article. Conley is getting up there in age and needs to be moved to an environment much more suited for him. Though his prime days are behind him, a team could do worst than Conley if you need a point guard with a veteran presence.

Get the popcorn out Thursday because this trade deadline is going to be interesting!

History Watch

Also on history watch, this week is the King, Lebron James (Los Angeles Lakers, SF/PF), who is within 36 points of Kareem Abdul Jabbar's all-time scoring record. The expectation is within the next 2 games (Tuesday vs OKC and/or deadline day Thursday vs the Bucks) this monstrous feat will be achieved.

Week 17 Planner

# Games Played86941192
Atlanta Hawks3@NOPPHXSAS
Boston Celtics4@DETPHICHAMEM
Charlotte Hornets3@WAS@BOSDEN
Chicago Bulls4SAS@MEM@BRO@CLE
Cleveland Cavaliers4@WASDET@NOPCHI
Dallas Mavericks4@UTA@LAC@SAC@SAC
Denver Nuggets3MIN@ORL@CHA
Detroit Pistons4BOS@CLESAS@TOR
Golden State Warriors3OKL@PORLAL
Houston Rockets3SACSAC@MIA
Indiana Pacers3@MIAPHX@WAS
Los Angeles Clippers3@BRODALMIL
Los Angeles Lakers3OKLMIL@GSW
Memphis Grizzlies3CHIMIN@BOS
Milwaukee Bucks3@POR@LAL@LAC
Minnesota Timberwolves3@DEN@UTA@MEM
New Orleans Pelicans2ATLCLE
New York Knicks3@ORL@PHIUTA
Oklahoma City Thunder3@GSW@LAL@POR
Orlando Magic3NYKDENMIA
Philadelphia 76ers3@BOSNYK@BRO
Phoenix Suns3@BRO@ATL@IND
Portland Trail Blazers3MILGSWOKL
Sacramento Kings4@HOU@HOUDALDAL
San Antonio Spurs4@CHI@TOR@DET@ATL
Toronto Raptors3SASUTADET
Washington Wizards3CLECHAIND

Week 17 Outlook

One Team with 2 Games: NOP


Teams with 4 Games: BOS, BKN, CHI, CLE, DAL, DET, SAC, SAS, UTA

Week 17 back-to-back games

Sun (Week 16)-Mon : CLE, SAC

Mon-Tues: BKN, CHI, OKC

Tues-Weds: MIN

Weds-Thurs: None

Thurs-Fri: MIL, PHO


Sat-Sun: None

Sun-Mon (Week 18): None

Late Start

First Game on Weds: CHA, IND, MIA, PHI, TOR

Early Finish

Last Game on Fri: HOU, LAC, MIL, MIN, NOP, OKC, PHO, POR

Game Schedule

Mon: 8 Games

Tues: 6 Games

Weds: 9 Games

Thurs: 4 Games (Light Game Day)

Fri: 11 Games

Sat: 9 Games

Sun: 2 Games (Light Game Day)

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