2022-23 Fantasy Basketball Week 20 Planner

by Mark B
2022-23 Fantasy Basketball Weekly Planner

Welcome to the 2022-23 Fantasy Basketball Week 20 Planner!

It is finally here! For most of us, the last week of the NBA fantasy regular season is almost upon us! The almighty week 20 could be disastrous to many. Just ask Ja "pistol Pete" Morant (MEM - PG), who will be out for the next two games, per the Memphis Grizzlies, after seeming to wave around a gun in an early-morning Saturday Instagram live video. Ja was also of focus earlier this week and accused of being involved in three violent off-court confrontations.

To make matters worst Brandon Clarke (Mem - SF/PF) seemed to suffer a non-contact left leg injury, necessitating assistance to leave the court Friday @ Denver. It was later diagnosed as a season-ending Achilles tear, according to his agent, who spoke to ESPN on Saturday.

To add to the misery of the Grizzlies, Friday night's game in Denver saw Dillon Brooks (Mem - SG/SF) receive a technical foul. Brooks picked up his 16th technical foul of the year as a result of the argument with Nikola Jokic (Den - C), which immediately results in a one-game suspension (@ LAC). Every second technical, after a player receives 16, will result in an additional one-game ban. Can anyone say next man up to the new bad boys Memphis Grizzlies!

Next Man Up

Ja Morant down and Tyus Jones (Mem - PG) up.
There is a possibility that Morant will miss more time than the "at least two games" stated in the press release. Tyus Jones should start at point guard for Memphis, where he has shined this season, for at least their next two games.

Dillon Brooks down and John Konchar (Mem - SG/SF) up.
Konchar had a warm start to the season but slowed offensively. Memphis will heavily rely on his defense going forward even when Brooks returns since Ja could be out longer than expected.

Brandon Clarke down Xavier Tillman (Mem - PF/C) and Santi Aldama (Mem - PF/C) up.
Even after Steven Adams (Mem - C) returns to the lineup, these two should still be very important. Given how long Achilles injuries take to heal, this injury may affect Clarke's availability to begin the upcoming season.

If desperation mode has hit and you need streamers, do not hesitate to take a look at our Waiver Wire article written by our very own Brian Dailisan!

2022-23 Fantasy Basketball Week 20 Planner

# Games Played68766106
Atlanta Hawks4@MIA@WAS@WASBOS
Boston Celtics3@CLEPOR@ATL
Brooklyn Nets4@HOU@MIL@MIN@DEN
Charlotte Hornets4@NYK@DETUTACLE
Chicago Bulls2@DEN@HOU
Cleveland Cavaliers4BOS@MIA@MIA@CHA
Dallas Mavericks3UTA@NOP@MEM
Denver Nuggets4TORCHI@SASBRO
Detroit Pistons4PORWASCHAIND
Golden State Warriors3@OKL@MEMMIL
Houston Rockets3BRO@INDCHI
Indiana Pacers3PHIHOU@DET
Los Angeles Clippers2TORNYK
Los Angeles Lakers3MEMTORNYK
Memphis Grizzlies3@LALGSWDAL
Milwaukee Bucks3@ORLBRO@GSW
Minnesota Timberwolves2PHIBRO
New Orleans Pelicans4@SACDALOKLPOR
New York Knicks4CHA@SAC@LAC@LAL
Oklahoma City Thunder4GSW@PHX@NOP@SAS
Orlando Magic3MILUTAMIA
Philadelphia 76ers4@IND@MINPORWAS
Phoenix Suns2OKLSAC
Portland Trail Blazers4@DET@BOS@PHI@NOP
Sacramento Kings3NOPNYK@PHX
San Antonio Spurs2DENOKL
Toronto Raptors3@DEN@LAC@LAL
Utah Jazz3@DAL@ORL@CHA
Washington Wizards4@DETATLATL@PHI

2022-23 Fantasy Basketball Week 20 Outlook

5 Teams with 2 Games: CHI, LAC, MIN, PHO, SAS
Teams with 3 Games: BOS, DAL, GSW, HOU, IND, LAL, MEM, MIL, ORL, SAC, TOR, UTA
Teams with 4 Games: ATL, BKN, CHA, CLE, DEN, DET, MIA, NOP, NYK, OKC, PHI, POR, WAS

Week 20 Back-to-Back Games

Sun (Week 19)-Mon: BOS, IND, POR
Mon-Tues: DET, PHI
Tues-Weds: DAL, OKC, WAS
Weds-Thurs: None
Thurs-Fri: BKN
Fri-Sat: ATL, MIA
Sun-Mon (Week 21): None

Late Start

First Game on Weds: CHI, LAC, PHO
First Game on Fri: SAS

Early Finish

Last Game on Fri: MIN, TOR

Game Schedule

Mon: 6 Games
Tues: 8 Games
Weds: 7 Games
Thurs: 6 Games
Fri: 6 Games
Sat: 10 Games
Sun: 6 Games

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