2022 Dynasty Baseball Buy or Sell 5-13-22

by Jason Beckner
2023 Dynasty Baseball Buy or Sell

Welcome the 2022 Dynasty Baseball Buy or Sell 5-13-22 here at F6P!

Don't look now but it is Friday the 13th. A feared among many as a highly superstitious day. I am not exactly sure when or why the fear of the Friday the 13th became a pop-culture phenomenon. I know that is a very real fear of the number 13 which is called triskaidekaphobia. However, I am not sure why the fear of the number 13 combined with the fact that the date lands on a Friday makes it intensely scarier.

Perhaps it is because of the classic 1980 American horror movie titled Friday the 13th. Friday the 13th is a movie that follows a group of teenage camp counselors that are in the process of reopening Camp Crystal Lake. When they suddenly begin to be hunted by a middle-aged woman named Mrs. Voorhees who is the mother of Jason Voorhees, the young boy who drowned at the camp many years prior. In other words, it is your cult classic slasher horror flick that I am sure most of you are familiar with.

However, according to Wikipedia, Friday the 13th is considered an unlucky day. It happens at least once a year but can also occur up to three times a year. The unluckiness of the number 13 stems from an ancient Norse myth about 12 gods having a dinner party.

I am one of the many people that not only do not fear the number 13 but I like the number 13. All growing up in sports I would always claim number 13 on my sports teams. My love for the number 13 came from my favorite NFL quarterback Dan Marino.

There are quite a few famous athletes that have donned the number 13 in their professional careers. Dan Marino, Roberto Clemente, Steve Nash, Kurt Warner, and Alex Rodriguez to name a few. Let me know down in the comments who your favorite athlete that wore number 13 is.

2022 Dynasty Baseball Buy or Sell 5-13-22

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Eury Perez, RHP, Miami Marlins

This week's buy target is a lanky and towering right-handed pitcher in Miami's farm system. Eury stands 6'8" and uses his size to generate high-end velocity that has topped out in the upper 90s. Eury was an international signee in 2019 as a sixteen-year-old out of the Dominican Republic.

After the minor league season was canceled in 2020 Eury made an impressionable appearance in the instructional league.  Followed that up with a solid professional debut in 2021, where he made 20 starts across both Low and High A. In 78IP he had a 1.96 ERA, 0.88 WHIP, and 108 K (12.5 K/9).

Eury features a three-pitch mix. The aforementioned fastball pairs that with an above-average change and a curveball. Both his secondary pitches are still in development and have room for improvement. Which can be expected from a 19-year-old. Perez has elite strikeout capabilities, displayed by his 30+K% rate.

Eury's 2022 got off a slow start as he gave up ten earned runs combined in his first three starts. However, since then he has only given up two earned in his next two starts. A lot of his earned run troubles can be explained by his unfortunately inflated BABIP. His current 354 BABIP ranks as the seventh-worst among all Double-A South pitchers with at least 20IP. Therefore there is reason to believe there are better times ahead.

Eury should continue to mature and progress quickly. With the possibility of adding even more velocity and combined with strong control, he can be an impact starting pitcher at the major league level. Perez is ranked as a top 100 prospect by many different analysts so the price tag may be a bit high but he will be worth the cost.


 Eric Hosmer, 1B, San Diego Padres

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If I told you before the 2022 season that on May 1st Eric Hosmer would be leading baseball in batting average you wouldn't believe me. Now on May 12th, Hosmer is currently hitting 367 which ranks second behind only his San Diego teammate Manny Machado.

The time to sell high on Hosmer is now. Hosmer is currently slashing 367/434/550 with four home runs, 13 runs scored, and 21 runs batted in. Not only is he hitting for a high average but he is also not striking out. He currently holds a 13% K rate. His strikeout rate ranks 19th best (90th percentile) amongst all qualified hitters.

While it's a small sample size (133) he is handling breaking balls exceptionally well. He is currently hitting an even 400 and has two home runs on all breaking pitches. He is also only getting put away at a 7% rate on breaking pitches.

There are reasons to believe that the high average won't last, as he currently has a BABIP a tick over 400. His BABIP ranks as the fifth-best among all qualified hitters and he is only one of six hitters with a BABIP above 400. His BABIP is surely due for a regression to the mean.

Another area that has given me cause for concern is the quality of contact. Hosmer currently ranks in the bottom half of the league in average exit velocity and barrel rate. There are also concerns about his approach at the plate. He is currently chasing at a 31% rate, which ranks in the bottom third of the league.

Hosmer's value is at a great high right now and you should be looking to capitalize on his hot start. It is almost certain that his batting average will begin to drop, and the power numbers and counting stats are not that of a fantasy difference-maker. Sell now!

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