2022 Dynasty Baseball Early Season Trades

by Andrew Spurling
2022 Dynasty Baseball Early Season Trades

Thank you for joining me here in F6P’s 2022 Dynasty Baseball Early Season Trades article!

Checking in around the league it is still a little hard for me to discern where to make some changes. We have Anthony Rizzo on pace for 60 HRs currently. Byron Buxton looks like potentially one of the very best players in the league when he is on the field. The breakout from Taylor Ward while still unheralded looks real to some extent.

2022 Dynasty Baseball Early Season Trades

I am going to check in this week with trades I have made in #D1S30for30 and #D1S3030Club. Information, data collection, and activity are vital components to success when trading and in Dynasty Baseball. I was excited to see that Dave Eddy put out a new update to his Dynasty Baseball Rankings.  I consult as many lists as I can when trying to formulate trades.

Trading in #D1S30for30

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I made a couple of win-now trades for relief pitching help recently in #D1S30for30.  This is a 30-team Rotisserie Dynasty League with OBP and SVH as categories. Each team rosters 60 players plus IL spots for a total of 1800 plus players rostered leaguewide. After many trades last year in a whirlwind season I’m prepared to put some finishing touches on what should be an extremely competitive roster both now and into the future.

The most recent trade involved me sending away Milwaukee Brewers 1B Keston Hiura along with Boston Red Sox 1B Niko Kavadas and a 2028 2nd FYPD pick. In return, I welcome Pittsburgh Pirate shutdown artist RP David Bednar. Being that holds are attributed in this league I’m less concerned about the overall outlook of Pittsburgh’s team and more focused on the elite ability of David Bednar. As Bednar should also help bolster ERA, WHIP, and Ks for my roster this season.

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I also made a smaller move to acquire Houston fireman Rafael Montero who provides another low-cost investment as one of the last pieces of my bullpen. Being the Ryan Pressly manager in this league Montero also provides insurance while he is out. To the rebuilding team in this league I send away Arizona Diamondbacks RP J.B. Bukauskas, a 2026 3rd rd FYPD pick, and a 2023 fifth rd FYPD pick.

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Prior to that, I made a HUGE challenge trade with another contending manager in this league. I send him some pitching reinforcement in Arizona Diamondbacks SP Zac Gallen.  In return, I welcomed the enigmatic and extremely talented Los Angeles Dodgers 1B/OF Cody Bellinger. Since making the trade it has appeared to work out for both of us so far. Gallen has looked healthy and has been performing extremely well. Cody Bellinger appears to be finally working his way out of the early season struggles he had been facing. It is definitely a risky trade but Bellinger provides welcomed depth at 1B and OF.

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Before the start of the season, I made a trade to really set my path of contention for this year in motion. I reluctantly sent away my favorite prospect in Kansas Royals SS/3B Bobby Witt Jr., along with fellow KC prospect 1B Nick Pratto and finally the talented Toronto Blue Jay Pitching prospect Eric Pardinho. This was all in the name of receiving All-Star SS Corey Seager and Chicago White Sox flamethrower Michael Kopech. It was tough to part with Witt but this made my team highly competitive now.

Trading for a STAR in #D1S3030Club

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#D1S3030Club is a 30-team Dynasty Rotisserie League in year one. Each team rosters 60 players plus IL, this league uses OPS instead of Batting Average on offense and Saves+(1/2)Holds instead of Saves as well as Innings Pitched replacing Wins as categories for Pitching. Recently one of the managers in this league put Trea Turner on the trade block. Trea Turner is a star and a categorical fortifier across the board aside from playing slightly down in OPS vs BA, he is elite in both the Stolen Bases and Runs Scored categories.

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I wanted to make a strong offer immediately to avoid the risk of losing this game-changer to another team. I decided to offer all of my best prospects in addition to Baltimore Starting Pitcher John Means in hopes of swapping him with a healthy and elite Dylan Cease. In order to do this, I knew the surrounding offer would have to be strong. In addition to offering Pittsburgh middle infielders Oneil Cruz and Nick Gonzales, I also included Washington Nationals SS/3B Brady House, elite Phillies Pitching Prospect Andrew Painter as well as my 2023 & 2025 first round first-year Player Draft Picks. As I believed the team is looking to diversify that talent into several talented young players.

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Putting a strong offer out there initially is sometimes the only way to ensure you get the trade done. If you try to offer too little it allows someone else to step in. Also even if you offer more later sometimes that initial offer can be off-putting enough to kick you out of the running for any given player or negotiation. This trade puts me in a strong position to finish as a top-five team this year.

Parting Thoughts

Thank you for joining me for 2022 Dynasty Baseball Early Season Trades.

We are still in the early stages of the baseball calendar but after making the aforementioned trades I feel really confident about where I sit with roughly 15% season completed. I am currently in second place in #D1S30for30. The two recently added RP should quickly help me put heat on first place as I currently only have ten out of a possible 30 points in the Saves+Holds category. Stay tuned I have my eyes on first place!

In #D1S3030Club I currently reside in third place quickly closing on second place at the moment. There is still some ground to be made up to catch first but there is still a lot of the season left to see what can happen. Even if I don’t catch first, things are looking very promising for a strong finish in #D1S3030Club. I hope to catch you again soon talking about the game we love! May you also be on the way to winning your leagues as well!

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