2022 Dynasty Baseball Player of the Week: Adley Rutschman

by Nick Zaniboni
2022 Dynasty Baseball Player of the Week: Mid-Year Review

Welcome to the 2022 Dynasty Baseball Player of the Week: Adley Rutschman article!

I hope everyone is enjoying their summers and the baseball season!

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2022 Dynasty Baseball Player of the Week: Adley Rutschman

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Fly like an Oriole

One of the best stories going on in baseball is just how good the Baltimore Orioles have been. The backstop to this team, Adley Rutschman, is a huge reason for that.

Adley was a highly-touted number-one overall pick in the 2019 MLB draft. He was a catcher who could not only play the position correctly and well, but also Adley could hit.

This season Adley has been an absolute force at the plate. He's slashing .253/.366/.433 in just over 200 at-bats. On the season, Adley has five homers; recently, he has not been hitting many homers. However, have no fear; Adley is still hitting!

Walk this way

Young players tend to swing the bat; discipline comes later in their development. However, Adley is a very patient hitter. He boasts a 99th-percentile BB%. Check out the rest of his percentile rankings below!

Adley is elite at walking and getting on base, but he is also elite at getting contact on the ball; a top-75 percentile in K% for such a young player is very promising moving forward. He is getting extra bases, 28 of his 54 hits going for extra bases.



I am not someone who gets excited about catchers; I've probably said some really mean things about catchers. Adley is not just a catcher; he is the complete package and a great baseball player. He is on his way to getting the AL Rookie of the Year award.

I am comfortable saying I can dub him my number-one Dynasty catcher. He should be the first catcher off the board in any startup drafts. I would also move mountains to try and acquire him next season.

I hope everyone enjoys the weekend!

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