2022 Dynasty Baseball Player of The Week: Jorge Soler

by Nick Zaniboni
2022 Dynasty Baseball Player of The Week

Greetings fellow dynasty players! It is with great excitement that I am back at it again with you 2022 Dynasty Player of the Week! But before we get started I gotta do some housekeeping! First and foremost, don’t forget to check out my guy Dave’s Dynasty Baseball Rankings! Also, be sure to tune into the On Deck Circle Podcast.

I also have something very exciting to announce (it has already been told). We are teaming up with Fantrax to run The Fantasy Six Pack Series. This will be a Fantasy Baseball super league, where you can compete against the writers here at Fantasy Six Pack. There will be multiple divisions, with at least one F6P writer in each, all competing to take down the crown of The Fantasy Six Pack Series champ. To be a part of it, you just have to fill out this Google Sheet to get involved.

That brings us back to January 25th, 2022, a day I'll remember for the rest of my life. That was the day that my favorite baseball player David Ortiz was voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

For this week's Dynasty Player of the Week, I wanted to look for guys who straight-up mash the ball. As many of you know, Nick's dig the long ball.

I present you with the 2022 Dynasty Baseball Player of The Week, free-agent slugger Jorge Soler.

2022 Dynasty Baseball Player of The Week: Jorge Soler

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Is Jorge Soler good?

Let's meet our Dynasty Baseball Player of the week! When googling Jorge Soler, the first thing that pops up is the people also ask a section of google. The first question is: "Is Jorge Soler good?" The answer to that is more complicated than some may think. A guy who hits 27 homers would lead many to assume he is good. However, a guy with a stone-cold OBP of .316 and a negative WAR would lead others to assume he is not good. However, I am here to tell you that Soler is somewhere in the middle.

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Solar does one thing very, very well, and that is hitting a baseball hard. He has been in the top percentile of max EV since 2015 and has seemingly gotten stronger with age. Now, where does this translate when it comes to dynasty. Well, obviously, this helps with HR/RBI/run totals. When it comes to counting stats, Soler is somewhat of an enigma. His profile screams home run hitter; however, you may be surprised when you look at his actual home run count. He has only totaled over 20 homers twice and only 50 RBI twice. One of those seasons was 2019, where he hit 48 homers and drove in 117. There is a bad one with every good stat for that season; he leads the MLB in strikeouts with 178. Luckily it is 2022, and strikeouts and or average do not often come into play, and if they do, move to an OBP league.

A tale of two cities

My favorite Dickens book is 'Great Expectations," and I think I referenced it last year! Anyway, Soler played 92 games for the Kansas City Royals in 2021. Soler slashed .192/.288/.370 and hit 13 home runs; this could be seen as a below-average season. He also struck out 97 times in 360 plate appearances; that is 27% of the time for my math heads out there. The season looked like he was a replaceable player, but he was on a meh team with no other options. Come to the 2021 trade deadline, the Braves outfield was discombobulated for several reasons:

This left Abraham Almond and Guillermo Heredia getting consistent at-bats, which is not a recipe for any type of success for a major league baseball team. That lead to the Braves trading for our guy Soler. And Soler was the best version of himself post-deadline. He played 55 games, slashed .269/.358/.524, and destroyed 14 homer runs. Something seemed to click with Soler in the city where players play (shout out Luda). Soler continued his success in the postseason holding a 145wRC+ (I'm told this is good), hitting three very timely homers, and driving in six! He brought home the world series MVP honors as well!


That brings us to the verdict! Do I want Jorge Soler? I do! Like everything value matters, Dave has him ranked 227 in his rankings after Nate Lowe and Bobby Dalbec. I would take Lowe and Dalbec before Soler in any draft or trade scenario. I realize he is probably better than Bobby, but it is my complete and utter Boston bias. He is a good source of cheap power. You just need to hope he lands in a place that can and will deal with his inefficiencies in some areas. I hope everyone enjoys their week! Until next week I will see you for the next iteration of the 2022 Dynasty Baseball Player of the week.

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