2022 Dynasty Baseball Player of the Week: Shane Baz

by Nick Zaniboni
2022 Dynasty Baseball Player of The Week

It's a cold and wet day here in Boston, but we are back with your 2022 Dynasty Player of the Week, where we'll be breaking down Tampa Bay's Shane Baz! But before we get started, I have to do some housekeeping! So first and foremost, don't forget to check out my guy Dave's Dynasty Baseball Rankings! Also, be sure to tune into the On Deck Circle Podcast.

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Enough about me! It is time for a player who I am absolutely in love with. But, unfortunately, that player was in one of the most lopsided deals I can remember, Shane Baz of the Rays. 

2022 Dynasty Baseball Player of the Week: Shane Baz

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Ray of Sunshine

Baz made his debut late in the 2021 regular season for the Tampa Bay Rays. Leading up to his debut, he made quick work of both Double and Triple-A. Between the two, he pitched 78 2/3 he struck out 113. His opponents had a batting average of .182; you read that correctly batters were hitting sub .200 vs. Baz. What is funny is his AA made his ERA higher. In AAA, his ERA was 1.76, with 64 of his strikeouts in 10 starts. He seemed to be getting stronger with the competition.

Baz-manian Devil

I am going to make this a thing so be ready for it! Baz made his debut and had three starts for the Rays! And you know what? He was good! Here are the lines for his three starts!

9/20 Vs Toronto 5 innings 2 hits 2 runs 5K 0 walks

9/26 Vs Marlins 5 2/3 innings 3 hits 0 runs 9K 1 walk

10/2 Vs Yankees 2 2/3 1 hit 1 run 4K 2 walks

All of these are pretty encouraging! The strikeouts are up, and the walks are down. The one thing I would love to see less of is giving up homers! I know it's a tiny sample of three games, but half of the hits given up (six) were homers in those games. Of course, this is nitpicking or nitpicking at its finest, but it will undoubtedly be something to monitor.

But the Rays

When I hear a player on the Rays, my ears perk up. They are an organization that I target; if the rays are like a player, guess what I like a player. On the other hand, when some are talking about any player on the Rays, it is often brought up that the player is playing for the Rays. What is funny is this is often said in a negative way. Someone will bring up that the Rays use the opener, so Baz will more than likely not get quality starts. One thing that Rays value is how good you are! Weird right! The rays Recognize guys like Shane McClanahan, Tyler Glasnow, and Shane Baz are often starting their games and have little to no restraints.

Dynasty Outlook

I am really hopeful and looking forward to this season for Baz. Another concern for me that is minimal, but still, a concern is the AL East. He will be pitching in a loaded division for the foreseeable future.
Currently, Baz is ranked 102 in Daves rankings, I can see him by season's end cracking the top 75. As of this writing, I have one trade offer out for Shane Baz that I am waiting to hear back from. I offered Triston Mckenzie and George Kirby for Baz. Waiting for a counter coming back and deepening on the added pieces we shall see!

I would advise everyone to target Baz and see this as the last offseason to be able to get Baz a somewhat reasonable price. My prediction is that we will see a Freddy Peralta-like rise this season!

I hope everyone has a great week!

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