2022 Dynasty Baseball Player of the Week: Spencer Strider

by Nick Zaniboni
2022 Dynasty Baseball Player of the Week: Mid-Year Review

Welcome back to another 2022 Dynasty Baseball Player of the Week!

I hope everyone has been enjoying their summer. I have been busy with work and spending time with my lovely fiancée. I have been watching some baseball when I can; unfortunately for the Sox ,they have been disappointing.

Tonight is the HR Derby, and this year they have some real stars in it, and I am excited for sure! I am looking forward to seeing new blood like Julio Rodriguez in the derby. 

Before we get started, you know the deal! Before we start, it's time for my shameless plug for the On Deck Circle Podcast and my guy Dave's Dynasty Baseball Rankings.

Let's get this going, and start talking about Braves starter Spencer Strider

2022 Dynasty Baseball Player of the Week: Spencer Strider

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Hidden Gem

Going into this season, Strider was not on anyone's sleeper lists. However, he is now the betting favorite to be the NL Rookie of the Year. Let's check in on the best stache in baseball, and what Spencer is doing.

He is shaping up to be a league winner and a dynasty piece that many are clamoring for. He sits at 4-3, but that does not tell the story of Strider, he has an era of 3.03 in ten games, starting with 21 appearances. What is so unique about Strider is his strikeout numbers, with 114 on the year and a K% being in the top 99 percentile. The strikeouts have been consistent, and it's something that I don't see stopping. 

Strider heads into the weekend ranked 12th in the league in total strikeouts, and his 14.1 strikeouts per nine innings would lead the league if he was qualified statistically. This is what's so great about strider; even though he is not the flashy name, he is currently pitching his ass off. 14 K/9 for a starter is absolutely unheard of! 

When it is all said and done, I think we see Strider on a lot of league-winning teams this year! 

Only One Small Problem

Consider me old-fashioned, but I believe you need to have four or five pitches to be an elite starting pitcher. Our guy Strider is only throwing three, and 68% of the time, he's just throwing a fastball.

I think Strider needs to add a fourth pitch and then he will be more successful as a starter. I am skeptical that strider can maintain his success as a starter given his current pitch mix. I think he ends up in the pen and will be a viable pen option and elite in dynasty formats. 


As the season goes, I think Strider is a must-add in all season-long leagues. However, in dynasty leagues, I would recommend trading the budding pitcher, I don't see his value going any higher than it is right now. He is young enough that you can get a very good-sized haul for him, and it will help you now and long term!

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