2022 Dynasty Fantasy Football Week 2 Trade Targets

by Bob Van Duser
2024 Fantasy Football Early Top 12 Picks

With Week 1 in the books, it's time to look at some 2022 Dynasty Fantasy Football Week 2 Trade Targets!

The following will be players I'm looking to add to my own teams over the course of the next week.

Some may be in that "Buy-Low" vein, while others you're going to have to pay up for.

I'm not going to solely focus on players that are cheap or lesser known, I'm going to focus on players that can ultimately help you win your league one day.

Let's talk about some 2022 Dynasty Fantasy Football Week 2 Trade Targets, why you should acquire them, and how much it should cost to get these guys on your team.

2022 Dynasty Fantasy Football Week 2 Trade Targets

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Kareem Hunt, Running Back, Cleveland Browns

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Who'd have thought? Kareem Hunt is still good at football. Everybody needs another running back, and while Kareem Hunt is putting up numbers he can be had cheaper than most top options.

The drawback here is that his consistency week to week may leave a lot to be desired. He's a somewhat Touchdown dependant option, but he holds additional upside as a beneficiary if Nick Chubb were to miss any time.

His age and long-term upside are the only other things keeping his cost down. He's a great addition to a competitive team in need of an RB3 or Flex play.

He shouldn't cost you much more than a second-round rookie pick. However, if you're buying from another competitor expect to pay a premium. Because it's likely they want him in their lineup too.

James Robinson, Running Back, Jacksonville Jaguars

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James Robinson is about the only thing giving Cam Akers managers hope heading into this week.

While both players suffered Achilles injuries last season, it's James Robinson who has come out on top after Week 1.

Now Akers didn't have much of an opportunity yet, but it's concerning still. That said, back to Robinson.

One of the discussions around this backfield this offseason has been "James Robinson vs Travis Etienne". Head Coach Doug Pederson was quoted as saying, "When James Robinson is healthy, he's our RB1." and he held true to that.

While both running backs were efficient with their touches, Robinson lead the way with thirteen opportunities to Etienne's eight.

Sure that's not a ton of work for either back, but the efficiency is impressive. And if volume follows watch out.

If either of these backs is forced to miss time, the other will be extremely valuable. The reason I happen to list Robinson is that he's the cheaper of the two.

You could argue after a down week, Etienne is the buy here especially if you're looking at the long term. And you wouldn't get much pushback from me.

Robinson shouldn't cost you more than a 2023 second-round pick. Where Etienne you're looking at paying a first-round pick plus for the guy. Neither price is terrible though in my opinion

CeeDee Lamb, Wide Receiver, Dallas Cowboys

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CeeDee Lamb's stock took a massive hit in Week 1. After what was already a miserable performance from the Dallas Cowboy's offense, Dak Prescott left the game with a hand injury. He's set to have surgery and is expected to miss 6-8 weeks.

Now don't get me wrong I know Tampa's defense is nasty. But this offense just seemed so vanilla and out of sync. I can't imagine it's going to look much better over the course of the next 6-8 weeks.

If Lamb isn't cracking a WR1 finish over the next nine weeks (Bye Week 9), he's just lost a TON of value to a competing team.

On top of all that, since it's a hand injury there are exactly ZERO guarantees that Dak is the same quarterback upon his return. I'm sure the long term is of little concern, but this year could be an issue.

This opens up an interesting buy window if you're NOT looking to compete this year. Along with an interesting SELL window if you're competing.

You could use CeeDee Lamb and push for a massive haul from a lesser competitive team that's maybe looking to get younger and get back a wide receiver who still has a ton of value this year and first-round draft capital.

If I'm selling I'd be looking for something like a Mike Evans, a 2023 first-round rookie pick, and an additional first or second-round pick in either of the next two draft classes.

"But we're talking about buying Bob, and that isn't much of a discount!" You're absolutely correct. I don't think you're buying low on CeeDee Lamb. But this situation will force managers to consider the option to sell. Which will make it more likely to get the deal done.

Now, if you're a team that's in the running for 1.01 in next year's rookie draft I'm not looking to make this move. But if you have another first that isn't yours or you're kind of in the middle this is a move I'd consider.

Diontae Johnson, Wide Receiver Pittsburgh Steelers

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A large concern for Diontae Johnson over the offseason was, "Is he still going to be as much of a focal point in the offense without Big Ben?" and thankfully we got our answer in Week 1.

While he only corraled 7 of 12 targets it's clear he's still a focal point of that offense. It turns out players who are really good just demand targets regardless. Who knew?

The question becomes, "Will this offense produce Touchdowns?" and that's a good question. If Najee Harris is forced to miss any time I think this offense will be forced to pass the ball and score through the air.

Now it won't be cheap to acquire him. You're looking at a first-round pick to start the conversation. But it's a price I'm willing to pay as I believe in the talent, and that this offense is heading in the right direction.

Stefon Diggs, Wide Receiver, Buffalo Bills

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If you're contending, just pay up and go get the elite players to help you win the championship. Don't be stingy about adding great players.

Injuries are obviously a concern but they are for everyone. You can't play scared. If you're looking for a wideout here's your pick.

As I said, this Diggs is elite. This is someone you go get if you're already confident that you're in the hunt for a championship.

It's likely he costs you multiple first-round picks to acquire. But the peace of mind of having another and forget option at wide receiver makes me happy to oblige.

Good luck prying him away from competing teams though.

Pat Freiermuth, Tight End, Pittsburgh Steelers

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Similar to Diontae Johnson this was a case where we were concerned with the type of volume he would receive in this new offense.

Yet again, we were lucky enough to receive our answer in Week 1. He received 10 targets on the week, and while it seems early to cement him as a "safe" option, it's clear he has a role in this offense.

Tight Ends are hard to come by, especially in Tight End premium leagues, pay up for the good ones who are involved in their offense.

I'm opening my offers with a first-round pick in Tight End premium leagues, or a pair of second-round picks in Non-Tight End premium.

Or let's say you have Gerald Everett. I'd happily send him and a second or third-round pick to get Freiermuth.

Buy On The Cheap

Whether you're balling on a budget or just looking for some upside to flush out your lineup, here is a cheaper option for you.

Kyle Phillips, Wide Receiver, Tennessee Titans

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Kyle Phillips was targeted nine times in his rookie debut on Ryan Tannehill's 33 pass attempts.

Now it didn't amount to a whole lot, but volume usually leads to points, especially in PPR leagues.

He's garnered high praise from this coaching staff and teammates over the course of the offseason, and after his debut, I'd say those reports have weight to them.

You can still get him fairly cheaply. Seeing that he ranged from a fourth-round rookie pick all the way to undrafted, there's a good chance the most he'll cost you is a third-round rookie pick.

There's also the possibility he's sitting out on the wire. In which case it'll just cost you some FAAB or a waiver claim.

Sell Of The Week

Sell, sell, sell before it's too late.

Michael Thomas, Wide Receiver, New Orleans Saints

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If you were hoping to sell Michael Thomas after a boom week, congratulations! Here's your chance to move on from this guy!

After Week 1 I really struggle with anyone in this offense being overly reliant on a weekly basis. I struggle even more with the fact that Thomas is back for good.

Ultimately I'm not a fan of a player's value dying on my roster. He's one more injury, slump, or quarterback downgrade from that happening.

You can start by chasing a rookie first-round pick from a competitive team. If I can get a couple of rookie second-round picks, or a Kyle Phillips plus a second for him I'd be happy to move on.

If you're on the competitive side of things and need a sure-fire starter, I'd be willing to package him with a rookie second-round pick or even a first-round pick in an attempt to go get a Stefon Diggs or Diontae Johnson.

Thanks for checking out my 2022 Dynasty Fantasy Football Week 2 Trade Targets article, be sure to check out Week 1's targets and trade for those players while you still can!

If you want more Dynasty content from me check out the Dynasty Rewind YouTube channel!

Thanks again, I will see y'all next time. But until then, y'all have a good one.

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