2022 Dynasty Fantasy Football Week 3 Trade Targets

by Bob Van Duser
2022 Dynasty Fantasy Football Week 3 Trade Targets

Welcome back for a look at my 2022 Dynasty Fantasy Football Week 3 Trade Targets!

I'm bringing you a list of players that I'm interested in acquiring over the course of the next week!

It's important to note that none of these options are "Buy-Low" Trade Targets. These are guys I genuinely believe in and am actively trying to acquire myself.

I'll walk you through what situations I'm acquiring these players in, as well as (and possibly most importantly) how much it'll cost to acquire these players.

Check out last week's article if you haven't already (after you read this one), and if you want even more Dynasty Content check me out on YouTube!

Let's dive into some 2022 Dynasty Fantasy Football Week 3 Trade Targets!

2022 Dynasty Fantasy Football Week 3 Trade Targets

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Running Back Buys

I'm stingy about paying up for running backs. But these are options that can be acquired relatively cheaply in my opinion and still be worthwhile for you.

Tony Pollard, Dallas Cowboys

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It seems pretty clear to me that Tony Pollard is set to be the check-down favorite throughout Cooper Rush's stint as a starting Quarterback.

Pollard earned a 23% target share in this game which is insane for a running back. In PPR leagues this is a no-doubter.

If you need an RB3 or flex play with upside on a competitive team Pollard is your guy. I think it's reasonable to expect to pay a second-round rookie pick for him.

There is the question of what his long-term value looks like. He's set to be a free agent after this season and Ezekiel Elliot is a potential cap casualty per Spotrac.com.

Does he end up on a new team as their featured running back? Or does he stay in Dallas as a featured option? Either way, I think he'll hold value as a running back with little wear on the tires.

Travis Etienne, Jacksonville Jaguars

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Etienne has definitely had a disappointing start to the season. However, this has put his Dynasty stock back in check if you ask me.

He was being valued as a top 10 Dynasty running back more often than not depending on where you looked, and often cost multiple first-round rookie picks to acquire. Yikes.

This is a case where I tend to lean on talent over the situation. I believe Etienne has the talent to be a Top 15 RB in this league. However, the opportunity just isn't there right now.

But, if you look ahead to 2023 you'll see that James Robinson is set to be a free agent. Now if the first two weeks of the season are any indication of how the rest of 2022 will go, I think there's a possibility we see Robinson walk in free agency.

However, there is always the possibility they resign him to a large contract OR franchise tag him. But that's the game you're playing with Etienne right now.

Etienne's value still sits around a first-round rookie pick at minimum. But I'm not paying that price.

If I'm a competitive team I'm not all that interested in Etienne unless I already have Robinson. I believe he's a handcuff with league-winning upside.

If I'm a rebuilding team I'm looking to move one of my higher-end aging assets. Someone like Mike Evans, Austin Ekeler, Dalvin Cook, etc. Those are even some players where I think you can get a bit back on top of Etienne from teams that were hoping to make a championship run with Etienne this year.

Ken Walker III, Seattle Seahawks

Embed from Getty Images
This is the type of player I've referred to this offseason as a "Time-Capsule Move". I don't see him helping you much this year.

But similarly to both Etienne and Pollard guess what? The incumbent starter at their position might be on the way out next year.

I think the community as a whole is relatively in the know when it comes to the Ken Walker-Rashaad Penny situation. But that doesn't mean it's impossible to acquire Walker.

Dynasty managers become impatient, a player doesn't meet their expectations, or they need a player who's going to put up points now. There are many avenues for a Walker buy window.

Seeing that he's a young running back his asking price is going to be high. Likely a first-round rookie pick to start the conversation.

But again, I'm holding my 2023 firsts if I can. I'd rather explore moving running backs of higher perceived value in a tier-down move. Starting with guys like David Montgomery, Josh Jacobs, or Miles Sanders.

You might have to kick more into the deal to sweeten the pot, but those guys are putting up low-end RB2 numbers which can help a competitive team more than Walker likely will this season.

For a rebuilding team or non-competitive, it's a bit more tricky. You're likely sending draft capital(first or second), a young wide receiver, like Jameson Williams, or both.

Wide Receiver Buys

Amon-Ra St. Brown, Detroit Lions

Embed from Getty Images
No, this is not a buy-low option. This is a "pay up and build your wide receiver core around this guy" kind of option.

The problem here is going to be the fact that he's still so young and producing like an elite talent already. I dare say, like Justin Jefferson and Ja'Marr Chase.

Well if you're still reading this like I was saying, acquiring will be difficult. And especially not cheap.

The only way you're getting St. Brown on your team is if he's the only good remaining asset on a terrible team. In which case you're likely sending a first and second-round pick over the next two years, and another young promising wide receiver.

The only other avenue I see is if the manager that rosters him doesn't believe this continues. In which case though, they likely already moved him.

If they don't believe and they're just trying to sell high, I think a first-round pick and another promising wide receiver can get the job done.

If you don't believe in him, I don't know what to tell you. This kind of production doesn't just happen. It'd be impressive if he had this eight-game stretch spread out over the course of a season, but he's strung it together consecutively.

Amon-Ra St. Brown is special.

Jaylen Waddle, Miami Dolphins

Embed from Getty Images
Again, this is not a buy-low option. Waddle and St. Brown are guys you can build a team around. They're showing it, so you're going to have to pay up to get them on your team.

There's no buying low anymore, and similarly to before I think the conversation starts at multiple firsts or a player of similar perceived value plus additional assets.

I'm likely in the minority here, but over the offseason on the Dynasty Rewind YouTube Channel, I repeatedly touted Jaylen Waddle over Tee Higgins.

I know you can't fairly compare the starts of their seasons, but I would easily take Jaylen Waddle over Tee Higgins. This is good because general consensus has Tee Higgins over Jaylen Waddle. This, in theory, means I can trade my Tee Higgins for Jaylen Waddle plus additional assets.

I'm going to make that move 100% of the time. If you disagree with me, I'll trade you Tee Higgins for Jaylen Waddle plus. Thank you.

DK Metcalf, Seattle Seahawks

Embed from Getty Images
Okay, I'm done breaking your bank. This is the lowest DK Metcalf's value will likely be over the remainder of his career. This is a great opportunity for rebuilding teams or teams that see themselves being competitive as early as next year.

It's still not going to be cheap, but if you're a team that was looking to unload an aging veteran who still has value to a competing team, here's your chance.

Whoever has DK Metcalf was likely looking to compete this season, and could be looking for a competent replacement. This is kind of a watered-down version of last week's CeeDee Lamb pick.

If you bring someone like Tyreek Hill, Mike Williams, or Amari Cooper to the table I think you'll make a strong case for the DK manager to pivot.

He's going to be hard to pry away from a rebuilding team because the incentive to move him just isn't there like it is for a competitive team. It's also going to be harder to find the pieces to make the deal work.

You're likely sending first-round draft capital, which if you're rebuilding isn't ideal. If he's already on a rebuilding team I'm probably going to avoid the conversation.

Chris Olave, New Orleans Saints

Embed from Getty Images
This might be my favorite buy this week. While he wasn't ranked as my #1 rookie wide receiver, he was probably my favorite.

If you know me, you know I'm as much a fan of values as I am of players. Chris Olave was slept on routinely throughout the entire draft process, and was projected by some as a second-round NFL Draft Pick "at best". Obviously, we know how the story goes though.

This is another case of buying in on the talent despite his situation. Can we agree that Jameis Winston isn't that great of a quarterback? I know we like him for the memes and as a player, but let's be honest. He's not the future in New Orleans. At least not long-term.

Per NextGenStats Chris Olave broke 300 Air Yards this past week. Only four others have completed this feat in a single game since 2016. That being Marquise Brown, Julio Jones, Mike Evans, and AJ Green. Now let's digest this a bit.

Air Yards are defined as the yards the ball travels through the air over all the targets whichever receiver had. These count whether the passes were caught or not.

Air Yards highlight opportunity and talent. The idea is that “Hey this person is good enough to demand high volume in yardage attempts and eventually, they’ll connect on these opportunities”.

Now he's joining some pretty great company, and I'm not saying he's going to be the next Mike Evans or Julio Jones. But it's just not something that happens every day and it should be taken seriously.

On top of that, commentators continue to sell him as “just a deep threat” but he’s so much more than that and I think they’ll unlock that part of his game sooner rather than later.

I’m starting with a 2023 second-round rookie pick and going from there. Some people will see the potential and hold strong on the value. But I’ve said it before that I’d pay a late 23 1st for Olave.

I believe that big things are coming for this dude.

One Lonely Tight End

There's always a plethora of Tight End options to choose from. I'd rather invest in someone that I think can be an elite asset now or later.

George Kittle, San Francisco 49ers

Embed from Getty Images
Are you as frustrated as I am with George Kittle to start this season? Yeah, I know his injury history is something we signed up for but c'mon man, it's Weeks 1 and 2.

Trey Lance's injury is for sure terrible. He was expected to have a big year, and possibly unlock a new level of this 49ers offensive attack.

Instead, we're left with Jimmy Garrapolo. Which, despite having Lance in several spots, I'm okay with.

George Kittle is likely the biggest benefactor of Jimmy G's return to the starting lineup. Of course, once Kittle can make his own return to said lineup.

When they're both healthy, this duo is nasty. I expect that to continue. Kittle was almost a go this week so I have to imagine he's on his way back.

Now, I'm not interested in Kittle unless I'm making a championship run this season. If I'm struggling at the position, I'm willing to sink what looks to be a late 2023 first-round pick into George Kittle.

You might have to spend a little more, but there's definitely frustration for the Kittle manager at this point or if they're a rebuilding team looking to move him anyway.

And if you already have a headache at your tight end spot, what's one more right? But this one has Top 3 Tight End upside over the course of the season, and weekly TE1 upside.

Sell Of The Week

Clyde Edwards-Helaire, Running Back, Kansas City Chiefs

Embed from Getty Images
I'm just not buying it. We're seeing efficiency with CEH that we just haven't seen before, and I don't see it lasting.

What happens when the efficiency does go down or when he faces a tough matchup?

Because the volume doesn't seem to be going up anytime soon. If you look ahead at the rest of his schedule the matchups are not favorable.

You might finally have a window to move on from him, if I were you I'd take it.

If I can get a first-round pick it's an instant smash accept. I'll also consider two second-round picks if one is early.

You could also try to utilize him to make a move for Pollard, Etienne, or Walker.

Thanks for checking out my 2022 Dynasty Fantasy Football Week 3 Trade Targets! If you want more Dynasty Content be sure to check me out on the Dynasty Rewind YouTube Channel!

That's all for me today! Until next time, y'all have a good one.

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