2022 Dynasty Fantasy Football Week 5 Trade Targets

by Bob Van Duser
2022 Dynasty Fantasy Football Week 3 Trade Targets

Welcome back for a look at my 2022 Dynasty Fantasy Football Week 5 Trade Targets! As we know in Dynasty the Waiver Wire is usually pretty slim pickings. This means we have to make trades if we want to improve our team or fill holes on our roster.

If I were to name a theme for this week's installment, it would be "The Fill-Ins". I'm not going to be dropping the sexiest names, but rather guys who I think can be acquired cheaply and fill out your roster at least in the short term.

Don't worry, I throw out a couple of players for future consideration as well. But with Bye Weeks incoming, and injuries piling up we have to focus on the now.

With all that said, let's dive into some 2022 Dynasty Fantasy Football Week 5 Trade Targets!

2022 Dynasty Fantasy Football Week 5 Trade Targets

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Rashaad Penny, RB, Seattle Seahawks

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Whether you like it or not Rashaad Penny isn't going away. Ken Walker is healthy (whether he's really 100% is up for debate) now, and Penny is still dominating the workload.

It's pretty clear to me that as long as he's healthy Penny is the clear number one option in this backfield. Now, I'm well aware that relying on Penny to stay healthy is SILLY.

However, the fact of the matter is if you're dealing with injuries anyway you might not have better options if you're balling on a budget.

Seeing that he's a running back who is performing at a reasonable clip, he's not going to be cheap. But he's a player you can throw in your lineup if you're trying to last the storm after Jonathan Taylor or Javonte Williams' injuries. All for a reasonable cost.

I think there's a good chance that anyone who has Rashaad Penny is ready to move on. Between injury concerns, and an uncertain future there's definitely a selling window that's open.

He's currently listed as RB46 on KTC and valued around a late second-round rookie pick.

However, I think it'll take a little more to get that deal done. I'd be willing to throw a 2024 fourth-round pick on top or swap 2024 fourths and 2024 thirds.

I'm only targeting Penny if I'm competing and hurting at running back. If I'm non-competitive I'm not willing to add him as I don't necessarily believe in him as a long-term asset beyond this year.

Miles Sanders, RB, Philadelphia Eagles

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Miles Sanders is another running back who's had a decent start to the season. What's important here though is that he's getting featured in this offense.

Now that isn't to the extent of a Jonathan Taylor or anything like that. But he's healthy, earning a workload, and this offense has proven better than expected heading into the season.

If I'm trying to fill holes or make up for players that aren't producing to start the season Sanders is a cheap and seemingly worthwhile option.

His schedule is pretty favorable as well in the short term. However, after Week 11 he projects to have one of the harder remaining schedules.

So this might be a guy you acquire and flip later after his stock hopefully continues to rise before he hits the rough patch of the schedule.

Miles Sanders is currently RB27 on KTC and valued between a late 2023 first-round pick and an early 2023 second-round pick.

I'm not willing to move a first for him, so similarly to Penny I'd start with a second-round pick, and I think you'll have to add a prospect of note (previous rookie draft 2022 second-round pick) or an additional future second-round pick.

I'm only targeting Sanders if I'm competing and hurting at running back. If I'm non-competitive I'm not willing to add him as I don't necessarily believe in him as a long-term asset beyond this year.

Devin Singletary, RB, Buffalo Bills

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Speaking of another guy who just will not go away. Devin Singletary sees your running back competition and says, "Nah."

After drafting three running backs over several seasons, Singletary still remains the primary option. He's even seen his role grow as the season goes on.

What's even more mind-numbing is he's still valued below James Cook on KTC despite his production and clear lead role in this offense.

Singletary sits at RB38 while James Cook sits at RB37. He's valued around a mid-2023 second-round pick, and I think that's perfect value for him.

As always start a little low, maybe throw out a pair of thirds to get conversations started, and go from there.

I'm only targeting Singletary if I'm competing and hurting at running back. If I'm non-competitive I'm not willing to add him as I don't necessarily believe in him as a long-term asset beyond this year.

Josh Jacobs, RB, Las Vegas Raiders

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For someone who had so many question marks coming into the season, the answer is pretty clear now.

Josh Jacobs is still the number one in this offense and as long as he's healthy it's not particularly close.

Looking at his rest-of-season schedule he has some tough matchups, BUT there are a lot more matchups where you can throw him in at RB2 with confidence.

Jacobs is valued just above Miles Sanders on KTC at RB26, which puts him right around a late 2023 first-round pick as the cost to acquire.

I don't see much for ways around this one. Easily has the best track record among these options and the least "competition" for workload.

This is not a buy for the faint of heart. You could try equating the value of a first-round pick with a couple of second-round picks or by throwing a rookie wide receiver prospect like Christian Watson into the mix.

But you're going to have to pay first-round value to acquire him.

There's definitely an open sell window for him. He's a player that non-competitive or rebuilding teams will be eager to move, especially at this value.

Something To Note

All of the running back options listed above are set to be free agents after this season. Crazy right?

What this means is you're cashing in on some uncertainty for players that can help you now.

But you're also acquiring a lottery ticket for next year.

It's foolish to think that each of these players will land in a better or similar situation next year.

However, I think it's just as foolish to say that NONE of them will.

Zamir White, RB, Las Vegas Raiders

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See? I told you I'd help out those teams who are looking to next year.

While he hasn't shown much yet, he's currently the only running back on the roster who's worth looking at for next year.

The fact that he hasn't done anything yet, makes him a great target to acquire BEFORE he does anything.

He's currently valued as RB49 on KTC and valued around a 2023 third-round rookie pick.

Now I think this is pretty decent value, but this is a case where I'd rather send a player who I've lost a little faith in but who's still valued higher so I can actually get additional assets in return.

Something to the tune of Skyy Moore for Zamir White and a third or fourth-round rookie pick.

Courtland Sutton, WR, Denver Broncos

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Finally some wide receivers right?

It's pretty clear to me that Russell Wilson has made his choice when it comes to his favorite receiving option. Through four games Sutton leads Jerry Jeudy in total targets 35 to 21.

Now I could see the targets for Jerry Jeudy increase with Javonte Williams set to miss significant time, and they gotta work the ball somewhere.

But I think the odds are the same or more likely that we see Sutton get even more work.

When you look ahead at Courtland Sutton's remaining schedule, this acquisition becomes even more appealing. Outside of a couple of tough matchups, he holds one of the easiest rest-of-season schedules for wide receivers.

He's currently valued as a low-end WR2 on KTC sitting at WR24. Yet he's currently WR11 on the year, prior to Monday Night's game.

He's currently valued between a late 2023 first-round pick and an early 2023 second-round pick.

Sutton is an option where I think he's worth the cost you have to pay to get him on your team.

If you have to throw an additional future second or third on top of that early second, I believe that's fair.

George Pickens, WR, Pittsburgh Steelers

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Call it low-hanging fruit after a blow-up game if you want, but trying to get in on Pickens before he gets really expensive just makes sense.

Obviously, it would've been cheaper to snag him last week, but after Mitch Trubisky got benched we all saw the dramatic increase of attention given to Pickens after Pickett got in the game.

Better late than never I always say. It's going to cost you a first-round pick to acquire Pickens. He's still very young and has already shown signs of progression showing that he could be a high-end wide receiver in this league.

While currently listed as WR29 on KTC, I expect that to change quite a bit over the next week.

If you're competing, it's a great time to send that late first.

If you're rebuilding, it's a great time to send that higher-end asset like Stefon Diggs or Mike Evans for George Pickens plus additional assets.

That's all the 2022 Dynasty Fantasy Football Week 5 Trade Targets I have for y'all today! If you want more Dynasty Content check me out on the Dynasty Rewind YouTube Channel.

But hey, that's it for me today. Until next time, y'all have a good one.

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