2022 Dynasty Fantasy Football Week 6 Trade Targets

by Bob Van Duser
2022 Dynasty Fantasy Football Week 3 Trade Targets

Welcome back for a look at my 2022 Dynasty Fantasy Football Week 6 Trade Targets! Bye Weeks are here and the injuries keep rolling in!

The waiver wire is no place to find fixes for your roster, so we have to make trades to better your roster!

Find out what 2022 Dynasty Fantasy Football Week 6 Trade Targets to acquire and how much they'll cost you this week!

2022 Dynasty Fantasy Football Week 6 Trade Targets

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Breece Hall, Running Back, New York Jets

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I've been known to pick low-hanging fruit before, and here I am targeting Breece Hall to lead off my trade targets for this week. But hear me out.

For starters, I'm not a huge advocate of pointing out the "cheap" options unless I truly believe they're going to make a large impact on your team. Though I do believe there's a time and place for that.

However, this will not be a "cheap" addition. Although it's one that I think can change the course of your running back position.

I love Michael Carter, but Breece Hall has been draining away most of if not all of Carter's Fantasy viability. Hall's rushing workload has increased every week since Week 1 and he still hasn't topped 20 carries yet.

Add in the fact he's regularly getting involved in the passing game. He's seen six or more targets in three out of five games so far this season.

He currently sits at RB9 on the season, and his workload is only increasing. All while being a rookie. I'm all in on Breece Hall at this point, and if you're not I don't know what to tell you.

If you're concerned about the Jets' offense, okay. But maybe it's time to rethink that.

Per TeamRankings.com, the New York Jets are 11th in Points Per Game, 12th in Red-Zone Scoring Attempts Per Game, 9th in Offensive Touchdowns Per Game, and 5th in Offensive Plays per game. Maybe this offense isn't as bad as you think.

I've seen some wild trades for Breece Hall. I'll say this he isn't cheap, but not as expensive as you might think.

The going rate seems to be two first-round picks in 2023 or 2024. Another trade I saw featured Treylon Burks and a first for Hall. While another featured Dameon Pierce, a 2024 first, and Rashaad Penny for Hall.

I'd gladly pay any of these costs to acquire. I guess you could say "I'm Hall in". Get it?

Rhamondre Stevenson, Running Back, New England Patriots

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I'm generally hesitant to buy in on Patriots running backs. However, this is a case where I think the value trumps the concern.

Despite coming off a great week there will always be the stigma around Patriots running backs. And to be fair, I think it's less of a stigma and should be looked to as more of a rule.

We really haven't seen a Patriots running back remain viable long-term. These guys run on short leashes and shorter contracts.

In his work this season he's remained highly efficient. And over the course of the season, he's actually seen his workload increase.

Now factor in the possibility of Damien Harris missing multiple weeks with a hamstring injury. What was interesting to me, after Damien Harris left the game it was really just the Stevenson show. No other running backs got into the mix.

I wouldn't be surprised if this was a case where no other running back was as prepared in terms of the game plan as Stevenson was. So they just elected to roll with him.

But you'd think in the routing of the Lions they would've been more willing to shift the workload elsewhere.

Now when you look ahead at the upcoming schedule, now that he's the main option, over the next seven weeks he has six great matchups. (And a Bye Week)

Now acquiring him is the tricky part. You want to make sure that you're baking the uncertainty of his situation into the cost to acquire. But you're going to have to move at least one decent asset.

Do you have an abundance of wide receivers? Or a bunch of second-round picks? Keeping in mind the team you're trying to pry him away from.

I'd open with a second-round pick, paired with a third to start conversations. You shouldn't have to pay a first to acquire him in my opinion. I believe there are other ways to equate similar value through different assets.

Jaylen Warren, Running Back, Pittsburgh Steelers

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This is one of those "just in case" picks.

The injury bug has been biting, and finding a way to acquire handcuffs is becoming all that much more important. Especially when it comes to having your own.

If you have Najee Harris, Warren needs to be a priority for you this week.

On top of being the clear handcuff, it's clear that Najee has not looked great. While this offense is clearly in flux, it's understandable.

But it's noteworthy that Warren has remained efficient with his limited touches while Harris hasn't.

Please note, I'm not insinuating that Warren is coming for Harris' job.

What I am saying is that it's been made clear who Najee's handcuff is, and that he's shown to be efficient when called upon. Which makes him a valuable asset that can be acquired cheaply.

And you never know, Warren likely won't take over. But he could garner more work and siphon off Najee's workload.

But if Najee starts losing volume, on top of being inefficient still, there will be a real cause for concern.

This is a guy where you check your waiver wire first. But if he's rostered, shouldn't cost you more than a fourth or fifth-round rookie pick.

If you're not the Najee Harris manager, and can't get him at that cost I wouldn't bother. The same is the case if he's already cuffed with Najee. Or in that case, target the package if you feel the need to do so.

Marquise Brown, Wide Receiver, Arizona Cardinals

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With the impending return of DeAndre Hopkins next week, a lot and I mean A LOT of players are going to be trying to sell Marquise Brown high. But will sell lower than they should out of desperation of missing out on value.

And that's not everyone, plenty will still chase proper value.

But here's why you shouldn't sell out on Marquise Brown yet. In fact, you should be acquiring him.

For starters, it's clear that Hollywood and Kyler Murray have a strong connection.

Now, this could be due to the fact that Brown has been one of the only options in this offense outside of Zach Ertz due to injuries. Or this could be because Hollywood is really good, and he and Kyler just have a strong bond dating back to their college days.

If you want to make the point he was the only option worth throwing to, you also have to make the argument that he's also the only option worth covering. In this case, he's still done a stellar job.

When you look at NextGenStats you can see that Hollywood has garnered 41.96% of the teams' total air yards. Which is insane. And good for fourth in the league currently.

If you look over the past two weeks as healthy pass catchers have returned to Arizona's offense Hollywood has still boasted 35% and 49% of the teams' total air yards.

When you look back to 2020, which was DeAndre Hopkins' last healthy season, his season-long average of the team's total air yards was 33.21%.

I think too many people are assuming that Hopkins is still going to be that elite wide receiver. Which I just don't believe to be the case after an injury-plagued 2021.

And even if he is great, does it really make sense for Hollywood to be faded so heavily that you want to trade him away?

Isn't there a case to be made for Hollywood to be better with Hopkins in the lineup? You know, that fun narrative conversation of taking away coverage and opening things up for Brown?

And seeing that it's Dynasty, the clock is ultimately ticking on Hopkins. This just makes me want to buy in on Hollywood at this value that much more.

The going rate is a late 2023 first-round pick at the minimum. I'm happy to pay that cost to acquire, and willing to discuss additional assets if needed.

Tyler Lockett, Wide Receiver, Seattle Seahawks

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Tyler Lockett has managed to have a surprisingly relevant yet quiet start to the season. After a pretty miserable Week 1, he's managed to turn things around.

Since Week 1 he's averaged eight targets per game and has hit at least 76 yards in each game while surpassing 100 yards in two of those games.

Part of the problem is he hasn't been racking up Touchdowns until this past weekend. And while he's a solid option when he's not scoring, the Touchdowns put him over the top.

Honestly, this has been the issue over the better part of Lockett's career, and it was expected to be amplified with Geno Smith taking up the helm of starting Quarterback.

However, Smith has performed far better than expected, keeping both DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett relevant.

I'm only looking to add Lockett if I consider myself to be a contender. At age 30 he's clearly a short-term asset that I'm looking to utilize to flush out my starting lineup or bolster my flex.

A late second-round rookie pick should be plenty to get the deal done.

Amari Cooper, Wide Receiver, Cleveland Browns

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Speaking of pleasant surprises. Amari Cooper has been having a quietly reputable start to the season.

I've never been a fan of Cooper's, but I am a fan of values.  Right now I think he's a solid value for competing teams.

We've seen the boom or bust narrative uphold with Cooper now in Cleveland. But we do need to keep in mind what this offense might look like when Deshaun Watson is back under center.

Cooper thrives off of targets. When he's targeted he's proven he can do something with those targets.

Watson throughout his career has been known to lock on to one wide receiver. Granted that one wide receiver was DeAndre Hopkins, and duh that dude in his prime is going to demand targets.

My point is there's not really another wide receiver for Watson to lock on to in this offense.

This is of course assuming that Watson is still the same quarterback now more than two years removed from regular season NFL play.

Either way, Cooper should be a focal point of this passing attack going forward, and likely even more so once Watson returns.

The going rate is around a mid-second-round rookie pick. Given his age and lack of hype around the player, he's definitely someone I'm considering to fill the gap at my wide receiver position.

Well that's it for my 2022 Dynasty Fantasy Football Week 6 Trade Targets. If you want more Dynasty Content check out the Dynasty Rewind YouTube Channel. Until next time, y'all have a good one.

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