2022 Dynasty Overlooked Vets That Can Help You Win Now

by Mark Strausberg
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I get our love for the "new and shiny things". And we can argue how valuable those really are, but there are also a limited number of them. To win your league, you are going to have some complimentary pieces and that means some overlooked vets. Maybe it's because I'm one of the older folks on F6P staff, but I was quite happy when I was assigned to do the 2022 Dynasty Overlooked Vets that can help you win now article.

The cover model for this feature for years was Franke Gore. I don't think we will ever see a running back again whose record against Father Time was as impressive as Gore's. But as we know, Father Time might lose battle after battle, but he remains undefeated. And so it goes, Frank Gore finally retired this past offseason.

But one of the amazing things about Gore was despite his impressive record, you could easily get him for cheap during the last six to eight years of his career. The next thing you knew, he was putting up over 1200 yards from scrimmage.

I'll be honest, I don't think any of the players below will put up those kinds of numbers. They are all overlooked, in my humble opinion, for one reason or another. But the good news is that means you can likely secure them in your dynasty league. And due to their affordability, they should return a profit rather easily.

You might have your own 2022 dynasty overlooked vets. And I know I have more than this, but for now, I'll give you my favorite at each position.

2022 Dynasty Overlooked Vets That Can Help You Win Now

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TE Logan Thomas, Washington Redskins

Will Logan Thomas match the 72 catches for 670 yards and six touchdowns he had in 2020? Probably not. But I do think he can hit about 80% of that mark. And that makes him very streamable in a dynasty league where the top 20 tight ends are all likely off the board, plus a few of the other young "up and comers".

Thomas played just five games in 2021 due to injury, but he scored fewer than seven fantasy points just once. Furthermore, it is worth pointing out that Thomas is 6'6" and therefore dwarfs the Commanders' top three receiving options--Terry McLaurin, Jahan Dotson, and Curtis Samuel. If Thomas is healthy, I suspect Wentz will be looking his way in the Red Zone often. And remember, Wentz has a record of making tight ends viable starters as he did with Zach Ertz.

If he's healthy to start the season, I could easily see Thomas hauling in eight scores. That kind of touchdown production from a tight end, that is often ignored this preseason, is fantasy gold.

WR Corey Davis, New York Jets

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With all the hype around Garret Wilson and Breece Hall, lost in the shuffle has been that Corey Davis has been pretty good. Yes, he finished outside of the top 60 WRs last year, but that's because he lost seven games to injury. If we look at .5 PPR fantasy points-per-game, he immediately pops into WR3 territory, meaning he was quite useable in the weeks he played. In fact his points-per-game was better than other notable receivers including Tyler Boyd, Christian Kirk, and Terry McLaurin.

In the 2020 season (the "Mike White at QB" year), he did manage WR3 numbers when he was targeted 92 times and caught 65 balls for 984 yards. That's an average of 15.1 yards per catch. Had he done that last year, that would have put him in the top dozen. That is in the Mike Williams and Kyle Pitts region. To be clear, that's pretty good.

Given that his ADP is around 178, he likely can be added to your dynasty team at a limited cost and could be the extra lift that puts you in your league's championship game.

RB Nyheim Hines, Indianapolis Colts

Jonathan Taylor is good. But I can promise you that last year was the perfect storm for Taylor and he's never going to be the consensus top fantasy pick again after this year. Part of the reason is Nyheim Hines. Every time I think about going hard after Taylor, I remember this tweet:

I don't think that is Coach Reich blowing smoke either. Before Carson Wentz was in Indy (and now no longer), Hines was targeted 76 times in 2020! He also was handed the rock nearly 90 times that year too. Yes, that was before Taylor's huge breakout, but Hines has standalone value. In Week Nine last year, for example, Hines only had six carries, but he turned that into 74 yards and a touchdown. That's in addition to the four catches for 34 yards. And if something happens to Taylor? I'd expect Hines to be a RB2 at worst, possibly a RB1.

QB Jacoby Brissett, Cleveland Browns

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We know Deshaun Watson will be out at least six weeks, possibly more. Baker Mayfield is gone. That makes Jacoby Brissett the starter for at least six weeks by default. Those in Superflex dynasty leagues know how important starting quarterbacks can be. But don't let that "by default" scare you off. Brissett is a better quarterback than most would believe.

When starting, Brisset's numbers are better than you might think and even better than his overall numbers. Because of his arm strength, Brissett was often called in to make Hail Mary throws the last couple of years. We know unfortunately how unsuccessful those typically are.

But his 2019 season in Indy when he had double-digit attempts in 14 games is pretty indicative of what he can do. He completed over 60% of his passes, including 18 for touchdowns. Kind of "meh", but he also is a pretty good runner as he ran 56 times for 228 yards and four touchdowns. That's not too shabby.

Don't misunderstand me. Brissett is not elite. But if you are looking for a back-up QB or SF option for your team, you could do far worse than Brissett.

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