2022 Fantasy Baseball: Look out for these players

by Andy Stitzer
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With all baseball fans eagerly looking to see what the new season will bring, it is an exciting time to be a fan of this sport. A full 162-game season is on the cards again and the opening set of games will tell supporters how well their team might fare as the season unfolds. Of course, it is not just watching games in the new season which MLB fans will be looking forward to.

Many supporters will also be excited to bet on how games involving teams such as the Dodgers, the Astros and the Knicks might pan out. While this is naturally true in the USA, other places where this sport is popular will also do the same. Online sports betting in Canada is now very popular and MLB fans there will be quite interested in betting on games and making future bets on who could win the next World Series.

In addition to traditional sports betting, many baseball fans also like to test their coaching mettle and challenge others by competing in fantasy baseball leagues. With the season just getting underway, now is a great time to fine-tune your roster or work out which players to keep track of. But who should you look out for when you take current 2022 Fantasy Baseball rankings into account?

Corbin Burnes

When it comes to Fantasy MLB predictions for 2022, Corbin Burnes is a name you have to keep an eye on. There is just no doubt that he has all the talent to become one of the sport’s top starting pitchers in 2022 and push on from the Cy Young award he got last season. His stat projections for Fantasy Baseball in 2022 look strong and he has SP1 capability written all over him. If you are needing a top-class starting pitcher for your fantasy team, then he is a really good choice. In terms of the season moving ahead, he will certainly be one to keep track of.

Pete Alonso

Although a lot of attention in 2022 will be on Freddie Freeman, fantasy coaches might do well to remember Pete Alonso also. As his 53 home runs in 2019 showed as a rookie, he has the natural talent to stand out in the coming year. Although the last few seasons after this have been more steady progress, he ended posting .921 On-base plus slugging (OPS) figures after last summer’s All-Star break. Many expect Alonso to have a much more consistent 2022 and his performances to be given a boost by new players such as Starling Marte joining the team.

Trea Turner

Any keen fantasy baseball coach will not only know what a great player Trea Turner is but also that he has pretty much been picked across the board to look out for this year. A speedy infielder, Turner usually returns decent rewards for what he costs and is surely an addition which most fantasy coaches will ponder. The only concern is an injury record which has led to him failing to go past 148 games in a season. If he can stay healthy in LA during 2022 though, his sterling second base work plus his ability to hit the ball powerfully could make him one player to really keep tabs on. A fit Trea Turner who plays most of the season and is in good form could bring a lot of points to fantasy teams!

Juan Soto

One player to look out for as well for 2022’s Fantasy Baseball season is top-class hitter Juan Soto. As with Turner, this is a player who could bring a lot of points home if he stays fit and firing. As one of the best hitters in baseball and only 23 years old, you could see him returning a decent number of home runs. The only fly in the ointment is that he plays for the Washington Nationals, a team who might not do so well overall this year. This could lead to his Runs Batted In (RBI) stats taking a hit, but the huge number of homers he will probably hit could still make him one watch.

2022 Fantasy Baseball – Keep an eye out for these players

 If you like to play Fantasy Baseball and have set a team up for this new season, it goes without saying that who you put in there is key. With so many players to choose from though and so many variables, making the right call or knowing who should be on your radar moving forward is not always easy. If you need a hand, then the players we have looked at are worth keeping a close eye on in 2022.

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