2022 Fantasy Baseball Second Base Preview

by Dave Eddy
2022 Fantasy Baseball Second Base Preview

Welcome to the 2022 Fantasy Baseball Second Base Preview, where I will be discussing the outlook at the keystone.

While this piece will be redraft-centric please check out my Dynasty Baseball Rankings if you are not already familiar with them.

Second base has gotten a facelift over the past few years. It is no longer a dumpster fire of unappealing options it once was. In fact, Nick, Jason, and I just discussed the position in great detail on our On Deck Circle Podcast that was live on February 1st, 2022. Check that out for even more great information about the Second base position.

This is a position where, as you get deeper into the position, you can find some interesting options with multiple position eligibility. I think that can be an interesting way to attack the position if you miss out on the early targets at the position. I also think as you get later in the draft you can pinpoint guys with dual 2B eligibility to give you some depth at the position.

Just a few things to keep in mind as the draft season approaches to give you a slight edge.

2022 Fantasy Baseball Second Base Preview

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Can anyone overtake Trea Turner as the top option?

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Obtaining Second base eligibility for Trea Turner was a nice bump to his value. I would easily argue that without it he would still be a top 5 redraft option. With it, he is my choice for the top overall pick in redraft for 2022.

If you check out the Steamer projections they have him stealing almost 30 bags while scoring over 100 runs, hitting almost .300, and still giving you nice counting stats in the power departments with 25 home runs and 90 RBI. I am not quite sure what else you want from your top overall pick.

Earlier in his career, there were definitely some injury concerns. I think he has proven over the past few years that he can stay healthy. With everything he offers and my confidence in his ability to stay on the field, he is no doubt in a tier of his own at the Second base position. As I said earlier, he is also my choice to top overall redraft player heading into 2022.

Will anyone separate themselves from the third tier of players?

I think the third tier of players with Second base eligibility provides you with very similar value. If you don't get a guy like Trea Turner or Ozzie Albies early then being successful at this position is going to come down to picking the right guy out of the third tier.

For me, that tier includes Brandon Lowe, Javier Baez, Jazz Chisholm, Whit Merrifield, Whit Merrifield, Jose Altuve, Jonathan India, and Max Muncy. While that is a rather large tier it does present you with a wide variety of players.

In most leagues, you will likely have the firm base of your team built before these guys get their name called in drafts. That can make your decision a little easier. With your team already on the way to being built, you can simply decide which categories you need to obtain and pick the player from the tier that best suits those needs.

If you find yourself in a need of power you would look towards Max Muncy. If speed is a need then Jazz Chisholm would make sense. That is how you should approach drafting Second base in 2022.

Who are some late-round flyers worthy of fantasy managers' attention?

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Kolten Wong, Milwaukee Brewers

Wong is a guy that should hit at the top of a solid Brewers lineup. That means you should be able to expect a good run total to go along with some very valuable steals. He isn't going to wow you anywhere else but with an ADP of around 210, you can fill the position with some stats that become much harder to find in that range.

Cavan Biggio, Toronto Blue Jays

To be quite fair, I think I am still higher on Biggio than most in the industry. I can absolutely still see a path to him being a top 100 player in redraft, even in 2022.

One of the issues with Biggio is, depending on your league settings, he may no longer have Second base eligibility. So I won't spend a lot of time talking about him. But if he qualifies in your league just know that this is a guy I expect to have a bounce-back season after a disappointing 2021.

Jonathan Schoop, Detroit Tigers

Maybe this is me just being a Tigers homer. But, I have felt like Schoop has been one of the more underrated players in Fantasy Baseball for years. This stems from well back before he joined my hometown team.

Schoop consistently gives you solid power numbers from a position and ADP combo you don't typically expect. Coming in around pick 250, Schoop is likely to offer you 20 home runs, 70 RBI to go along with 70 runs, and a respectable .265 average while hitting in the heart of the order.

Players on the Rise

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Jonathan India, Cincinnati Reds

Come for the hair but stay for the counting stats. India had a breakout season in 2021 and is a hot name in Fantasy Baseball circles right now. With an ADP of 89, you are going to have to get him early if you want a piece. For some people, me included, that is a little bit too early for my liking. However, there is no doubt he has every chance to validate where he is going in drafts.

Steamer projects India's 2022 season to be one where he hits .257 with an OBP of .354 while scoring 96 runs, stealing 12 bags, and knocking in 71 guys on 23 home runs. A pretty solid set of projections, which are very much in his probable outcomes as they nearly mirror his 2021 season.

Jazz Chisholm, Miami Marlins

This is a guy that really turned heads in 2021. I will admit, he is more of a Dynasty target for me than redraft but his profile is enticing either way. Going slightly later than India you will need to get Jazz right around pick 100 with his current ADP of 98.

You need to know that he comes with a lot of risk. He struggles to make contact with the ball. I don't have to explain to you all the issues that can cause. For him to realize his stolen base potential he will need to improve on his .303 OBP from last season.

Even if he can get that up to around .320 you could see him put together a 30-steal season in the midst of a 20/30 campaign. He offers a nice power and speed option. However, it is a risky one that probably isn't worth a top 100 pick quite yet.

Players on the Horizon

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Vidal Brujan, Tampa Bay Rays

Now we are getting into my bread and butter.......prospects. But, let me disappoint you by saying that the Second base position in regards to prospects does leave a lot to be desired. With that being said, Brujan is the cream of the crop at the position for me.

He saw a 26 at-bat run with the Rays last season in which is struggled mightily. He managed only 2 hits while striking out 8 times. Extremely small sample size to be fair. A lot of us thought he was going to come up and show out much more than that. There is also the chance that he ends up in the Outfield. In a perfect world, he plays enough between Second base and the Outfield to get some of that dual eligibility I discussed earlier.

HOT TAKE ALERT: I think the Tampa Bay Rays are going to end up trading Brujan. This is a team that is loaded. They really don't have a place in the lineup for him. I think he deserves a shot at a full-time role.

Knowing how the Rays operate, it makes perfect sense to me that they turn around and trade Brujan to likely upgrade their rotation. Time will tell but where Brujan gets moved to and how much they allow him to run could have a significant impact on a player of his type. So stay tuned.

Nick Gonzales, Pittsburgh Pirates

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Some people will argue that Gonzales is actually the top Second base prospect in Baseball.

They would have a strong argument.

After being drafted 7th overall in the 2020 MLB draft he has done well in his short time in pro ball. There was no 2020 MiLB season so he didn't debut until 2021. Boy oh boy! What a debut it was. In High A he slashed .302/.385/.565 while hitting 18 home runs and swiping 7 bags in 324 at-bats.

He is more of a contact hitter versus a power guy so that deflates some of his Fantasy value while giving his real-life value a slight boost. That being said, do not doubt his ability to produce quality numbers at the big league level. I think we will see Gonzales in a Pirates uniform late in 2022 but barring injury most definitely in 2023. If your Dynasty team is uncertain at Second base in 2023 and beyond you might want to consider looking into acquiring him now. Do so before the reasonable buying window potentially closes.

Players to Avoid

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Max Muncy, Los Angeles Dodgers

It really hurts me to list Muncy here. He is a player that I really like but he is here because of a happening of circumstance.

My concern with him comes down to simply health. He has a torn UCL and dislocated left elbow which cost him time in the playoffs.

When healthy I would argue that he is every bit a top-five Second base option because of the immense power and OBP skills he offers. With the injury, however, I will be staying away from him and his 107 ADP. I have made mention of other guys at the position that I would feel much more comfortable having a piece of in 2022 at that cost.

Javier Baez, Detroit Tigers

Yet again, another player that pains me to put in this spot. However, this time it is for a much different reason. Baez pains me because he is the big splash free-agent signing of my Detroit Tigers. I am just not sure he is going to succeed to the level in Fantasy Baseball that his 86 ADP will necessitate.

Baez heads to a ballpark that is going to take a chunk of his power away. He heads to a team that at least to start off 2022 doesn't have much to protect him in the lineup.

My fear is that teams will have no reason to throw him quality pitches. His aggressive nature will lead him to an even higher chase rate and even worst contact. I could be right or I could be wrong. The beauty of Baseball is we are going to find out.

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