2022 Fantasy Baseball Week 12 Prospect Report

by Daniel Johnson
2022 Fantasy Baseball Week 12 Prospect Report

The MLB All-Star break is quickly approaching, and here at F6P's 2022 Fantasy Baseball Week 12 Prospect Report, all eyes are on the sexiest names who've got a shot to be called up between now and then. And if not then, hopefully soon after.

A quick bit on a high-profile prospect injury: Triston Casas is still rehabbing his ankle at the Red Sox's facility in Fort Meyers. We're still excited about him, as the power appears to be real. But, seeing as this injury has lingered, we need to temper our expectations now, both regarding the timeline of his MLB debut and the quality of his performance the rest of the season.

On top of the two impact bats we're willing to the majors (one of whom was called up virtually at the same time as I was writing this article), let's take a look at a rookie pitcher who appears to be gaining momentum over his last couple starts.

2022 Fantasy Baseball Week 12 Prospect Report

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Nick Pratto, 1B, Kansas City Royals

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There were only a handful of players who tantalized fantasy managers more than Pratto going into 2022, seeing as he bludgeoned 21 home runs at Triple-A Omaha last season. He showed excellent defensive promise at first base, as well as impressive maturity at the plate. All that and a bag of chips, this guy.

This season? Not so impressive. He's consistently floating around a 30% K-rate, and only has 11 home runs to date. In fact, his imminent invitation to the big dance was usurped by his fellow teammate, about whom we'll talk next.

Regardless, Pratto should remain on your radar. Even considering his middling performance this season, the Royals can only silo him in Omaha for so long. He will be a big league star, and will certainly hit for a better average than Carlos Santana did, with many of those hits sure to be moonshots.

I mention him first, here, because his pedigree is a bit more decorated than his teammate's. And, hey, you just never know. He's having the comparatively less-impressive season, sure, but, given his experience, he could still be called up even despite Pasquantino's presence.

Vinnie Pasquantino, 1B, Kansas City Royals

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So, yeah. Bit of a log-jam here, with two left-handed power-hitting first basemen for the Storm Chasers. Between he and Pratto, however, Pasquantino had the indisputable edge this season, and the Royals knew it. They called him up to the bigs just yesterday.

He was absolutely shelling Triple-A pitching, to the tune of a .997 OPS (most impressively, a .911 OPS against left-handed pitching), 17 home runs, and a 14% K-rate. That's more than twice as good as Pratto's this year, and is, in general, remarkable. He was also named the International Player of the Week at the end of May.

The power probably won't immediately translate, but the contact and plate discipline surely will. And, given that Hunter Dozier can play all around the diamond, I don't think we need to fret over a possible platoon situation, even though the Royals opted to sit him last night versus lefty Martin Perez. That felt more like a he-won't-get-to-the-ballpark-in-time thing.

Should Pratto be called up, we really need not be worried about the positional log-jam between them both. The Royals will find a way to fit both these guys into their lineup eventually, likely rotating them between first base and DH. Carlos Santana was so far below replacement level these days that he couldn't even see the light of mediocrity, and was subsequently traded away to the Mariners. There's room.

Fantasy managers, however, will need to choose one over the other (unless, in UTIL leagues, the both are performing so well as to occupy that slot). For now, we're all in on Pasquantino. I'm adding him, and so should you.

Jackson Tetreault, SP, Washington Nationals

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By now, we all know that Tetreault was absolutely buried by the Braves in his debut on June 14th. He gave up seven runs, three home runs, nine total hits, and a walk in just four innings of work. It was ugly.

Seemingly, however, he's put it behind him. In his last 13.0 innings of work, he's only given up one run, ten hits, and has a just-okay 6:4 K:BB ratio.

What we like about him is that, despite having a not-exactly-stellar 4.19 ERA across 58 innings at Triple-A this year, he can pitch long into games. He threw 99 pitches on Sunday versus the Rangers, so it's clear the Nationals aren't worried about monitoring his workload.

In a year when quality starts are, like, virtually impossible to come by, there's potential value here. Is he going to light up the stat sheet every time he goes out there? Definitely not; there's very little sex appeal here, unless you're into low strikeout totals.

But, let's be honest, he's looked better than half the league's starters in his last two outings, so I'd say he's worth a flier. Just pinch your nose when you throw in a claim for him.

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