2022 Fantasy Baseball Week 12 Stock Up/Stock Down

by Mike Sollicito
2022 Fantasy Baseball Week 12 Stock Up/Stock Down

Welcome to the 2022 Fantasy Baseball Week 12 Stock Up/Stock Down article!

It is important to watch for streaks throughout the season, especially with the summer in full effect. Sometimes, players may get off to cold starts due to the colder weather affecting either the player or the ball.

The summer often has a reputation of having balls fly off the bat during games, and perhaps that is the case with some of these players. This week, we take a look at a couple of players who have really turned it on over the past few weeks and should be looked at a bit closer.

On the other hand, injuries and slumps throughout the season can often hurt a player's overall fantasy stats. Sometimes the player is able to snap out of the slump. But for these bats, it doesn't seem like they can snap out of their slump anytime soon.

As always, if you ever have any fantasy baseball-related questions, feel free to reach out to me on Twitter at @MikeSollicito1.

Now let's get into the 2022 Fantasy Baseball Week 12 Stock Up/Stock Down!

2022 Fantasy Baseball Week 12 Stock Up/Stock Down

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Stock Up

Andrew McCutchen, OF, Milwaukee Brewers

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Andrew McCutchen struggled to open the season, probably finding the waiver wire in most leagues. However, in his last 30 days, he has hit .280 with four home runs, 14 runs, and 15 RBI.

He hits in a solid lineup surrounded by Christian Yelich, Rowdy Tellez, and Willy Adames so the counting stats should continue.

McCutchen has always been a reliable player and he is still doing that this season at age 35. His hard-hit and exit velocities are on par with where they have been in recent years.

His strikeout rate is also currently the lowest it has been since 2017. McCutchen is someone I am buying as I would not be surprised to see him put up a very solid season that is helpful for fantasy. A great bench target, he seems to be one of the few who age like fine wine.

Take advantage of the recent hot stretch with the warm weather and snag McCutchen up.

Amed Rosario, SS/OF, Cleveland Guardians

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Amed Rosario is such a hard player to predict, but that is why he finds himself on these types of lists multiple times throughout a season. Currently in the midst of his best month so far this season, Rosario has delivered a .377 average over his last 30 days.

While the counting stats leave something to be desired, Rosario has been a hitting machine in the month of June. Once a top prospect, we know that he has the upside. He just has not been able to do it consistently while moving from position to position ever since joining the Guardians.

Rosario has delivered some speed, stealing six bases in that span. While the Guardians' lineup is not anything crazy, hitting in a lineup with MVP candidate Jose Ramirez and slugger Franmil Reyes can't be all that bad.

If you are in need of someone who can be a consistent source of production in your lineup, look no further than Amed Rosario.

Isaac Paredes, 2B/3B, Tampa Bay Rays

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New rule: if the Rays trade for a player, immediately keep a close eye on them. Acquired from the Tigers in the Austin Meadows trade, Paredes has been up and down for the Rays so far. However, Paredes recently picked up a starting role.

Paredes has delivered seven home runs, 10 runs, and 13 RBI in only 59 at-bats. He has some serious power, and while the average in that span is .260, you will always take that from someone who can smash as he does.

Seemingly locked into the lineup even upon the return of Wander Franco, Paredes is someone I am jumping to add immediately. The power is legit, and he has maintained a very solid plate approach thus far. Striking out less than 15% while walking 8% of the time, it looks like the Rays have aced another trade.

Add in Paredes' instant impact with the fact that Meadows has been on and off the IL this year, and maybe teams should stop trading with the Rays.

In the meantime, grab Paredes wherever you can and enjoy the ride. It seems the Rays knew something about this kid that we did not.

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Stock Down

Jack Flaherty, SP, St. Louis Cardinals

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Jack Flaherty was on top of the world at one point, showcasing the ace that he could be. But man, it has been a dim past few years. Dealing with injuries, a shoulder injury is Flaherty's latest issue. This isn't great because Flaherty just came back from the IL due to a shoulder issue.

Shoulder problems can derail a pitcher's career, and while Flaherty is still young enough to rest and rehab and get through it, you can see the early issues with shoulder problems.

For me, Flaherty is someone who is droppable as even when he does come back it remains to be seen if he can be effective. He struggled early on in the few times he pitched this year. Unless you have a deep IL roster, I'd drop him where you can as there is no timetable for his return just yet.

Joey Gallo, OF, New York Yankees

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Joey Gallo is droppable. That's it, that's the tweet. He has been a major letdown during his time in pinstripes and I for one am over him. The risk is not worth the reward, especially when the reward is a home run maybe every 50 at-bats. He is in the midst of a massive slump and just looks lost at the plate.

Whether it's the big lights of New York or him just pressing too much to try and get something done, there is no reason to be rostering this player right now.

He has his moments and while he could easily go on a power streak as he has done in the past, it is not worth holding onto him. He is simply weighing down your team and only hurting your lineup the few times you may play him.

Yes, the Yankees lineup is great and if he starts producing his fantasy stats could take a massive jump. However, at this point in the season, it is time to let him go. Grab Andrew McCutchen or Amed Rosario for your outfield spot and be happy with anything they give you because it certainly is more than Gallo has.

Chris Taylor, 2B/SS/3B/OF, Los Angeles Dodgers

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After signing a very nice contract this offseason, Taylor looked primed to play a major role for a Dodgers team who was losing Corey Seager to the Rangers. Taylor has not been able to replicate his past success thus far and this is largely due to his recent increase in strikeouts.

Taylor is striking out nearly 34% of the time which is way too much to be a productive hitter. Striking out that much caps your average and can explain why Taylor has not been that great.

His walk rate is right on par with his career rate, but the strikeout rate has been increasing year after year. After jumping from 25.7% in 2020 to 28.7% last year, he has seen his strikeout rate jump another 5%.

While the quality of contact remains normal until Taylor cuts down his strikeout rate he may not be totally productive as one may have hoped. Taylor is a hold for me, as I expect is strikeout rate to normalize but I would advise against starting him on a daily basis.

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