2022 Fantasy Baseball Week 13 Stock Up/Stock Down

by Mike Sollicito
2022 Fantasy Baseball Week 13 Stock Up/Stock Down

Welcome to the 2022 Fantasy Baseball Week 13 Stock Up/Stock Down article!

With the All-Star Break on the horizon, it is essential to understand that this is a fairly big sample size. It could be time to move on from some of the players who have been brutal so far in the first half of the season.

It's also important to remember that some players tend to have a better second half than the first. Be sure to keep an eye out for anyone who comes out of the break hot - it could be the start of something new.

On top of that, this is the best time to try and acquire, stash, or add any injured players. The All-Star Break gives the athletes a nice break and sometimes comes at the best time.

For those recently hurt, the break could be their chance to get healthy while avoiding the IL. This could be the case for players like Kevin Gausman and Frankie Montas who were recently banged up in their starts but it is not expected to be anything serious.

This week, we will take a look at some new names who have been fairly productive during the first half and could be prime adds as we get set for the second half.

We also take a look at players who have been able to help in past years but have not looked the same thus far. While they could bounce back in the second half, sometimes they just aren't worth the risk.

Enough rambling by me - let's get right into the 2022 Fantasy Baseball Week 13 Stock Up/Stock Down!

And as always, if you ever have any fantasy baseball questions, feel free to reach out to me on Twitter at @MikeSollicito1.

2022 Fantasy Baseball Week 13 Stock Up/Stock Down

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Stock Up

Alex Kirilloff, OF, Minnesota Twins

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After hurting his wrist earlier in the season, Kirilloff was called up somewhat recently by the Twins. The Twins, by the way, have had one of the better rotations in baseball and their lineup is beginning to come around.

With players like Carlos Correa and Jorge Polanco, the Twins have some solid guys within the lineup that should continue to do their thing.

While Miguel Sano is on track to return at some point, if Kirilloff continues to play as he has been he should remain an everyday starter. Kirilloff has hit .306 with three home runs and 17 RBI since being recalled from Triple-A. I fully expect him to maintain an everyday role.

He was a top-end prospect known for his bat and now that he is finally healthy after dealing with wrist and other injuries the last two years, the Kirilloff we expected could be coming into his own.

Snag Kirilloff now and enjoy, this is someone I expect to be a big part of the Twins and their future for quite some time.

Tyler Wells, SP, Baltimore Orioles

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A Baltimore Orioles' pitcher on the stock-up report? What world is this?

The Orioles have actually not really been as bad as you would expect this year, and they have some exciting future pieces to look forward to.

As of late, however, the story has been Tyler Wells. Wells has three quality starts over his last five games. He has under a 2.00 ERA during that timeframe, and while he does not strikeout many guys he pairs his elite control with soft contact. While he does not force a bunch of grounders, he keeps the ball out of the air.

Wells is someone who can be a consistent starter in fantasy. While he is not flashy by any means, his consistency as of late and elite control give him a better floor than some of the other starters out there.

He does pitch in a hitter-friendly AL East division, but that has not stopped him from posting a 3.09 ERA on the year. If you are in need of any sort of pitching, Wells could definitely be your guy.

Although he does have a FIP over 4.00, that is still better than anyone would have expected him to perform this year. Snag Wells and ride out the streak he is currently on. For all we know, the Orioles could be figuring something out.

Harold Ramirez, 1B/OF, Tampa Bay Rays

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One of my favorite players last year who never seemed to get playing time, Ramirez was acquired by the Rays earlier in the offseason. While he was a platoon player earlier in the year, Ramirez's bat has caught fire and with it he has solidied a spot in Tampa's lineup.

Rocking an xBA of .317, Ramirez is a pure hitter. All the dude does is hit and he has a great eye at the plate. While the walk rate leaves much to be desired, his 14.5 strikeout rate is his lowest over the last few years. It could be a product of him finally getting playing time.

Over his last 30 days, Ramirez is hitting .364 with 11 runs and 13 RBI. Ramirez's biggest issue was playing time. Now that he is getting it, he is showing why he is one of the better hitters in the game. The best comparison may honestly be Luis Arraez with a bit more power (although Arraez has shown some solid power this year.)

Neither will hit more than 10-15 home runs, but both should be productive in terms of batting average and counting stats. Snag Ramirez while you can and be sure to keep an eye on the Rays during this trade deadline. I am sure whoever they acquire will have some kind of fantasy relevance at one point or another.

Stock Down

Aroldis Chapman, RP, New York Yankees

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Aroldis Chapman has not been the same this season. He started out the year rather rough, and shortly after landed on the IL. During his time on the IL, Clay Holmes took over and excelled in the closer role. I expect the role to be Holmes' for the foreseeable future unless Chapman becomes unhittable.

While I still think Chapman will eventually see high leverage situations making him viable in saves+holds leagues, I think he is a safe drop in saves only leagues. No longer the closer, it is obvious that Chapman just is not totally right this year and the hope is that his stint on the IL helped reset him.

His strikeout and walk rates are nearly identical which is pretty crazy considering what we have known Chapman to be. I am genuinely worried about him and while I think he eventually figures it out, I am not sure he ever gets the closer role back.

Chapman is a drop in any league that only counts saves. Sometimes new faces take over and run with the role, and that's the case here.

Kyle Gibson, SP, Philadelphia Phillies

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Kyle Gibson was a revelation last year and he got off on the same foot this year. However, the wheels have really fallen off as of late. Gibson gets hit pretty hard and just does not strike out many batters. While he is able to limit the walks and get the ball on the ground, he does not really do much else.

The Phillies are in dire need of pitching and that is probably also the case if you roster Gibson in fantasy. His 4.56 FIP backs up his recent struggles. He has had three quality starts in his last six starts, but none have been quite dominant other than an eight inning, one-run game against the Marlins back on June 15th.

For me, Gibson is not an outright drop as he has his starts, but rather he is someone I may only start based on matchups. If you have someone like Tyler Wells available, I would not mind swapping the two. Gibson is someone who should continue to pitch consistently and he has shown signs of fantasy relevance over the years and earlier this year.

His stock is nonetheless heading down after his strong start to the season, and it seems the sell-high period is over.

Josh Donaldson, 3B/DH, New York Yankees

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Josh Donaldson is a better real-life player than fantasy player at this point. The power is still there as evident by his well above average hard-hit rate and exit velocity, However, the strikeout rate is a bit disappointing. He still plays elite defense and takes his walks so he will continue to play every day.

However, he just has not been producing, For me, he has become someone I am comfortable with as a bench bat, but not much more than that. Donaldson has the ability to go on hot streaks due to his power, but it just has not happened yet. While he could be a candidate for a second-half breakthrough, I would not bet on it.

Look for Donaldson to continue putting up his mediocre fantasy production despite being a great real-life player. It would be crazy to drop Donaldson years ago, but when players are not producing you have no choice. An xBA of .252 gives a glimpse of better days ahead, but that's about it.

For me, Donaldson is someone I would be fine with as a bench player or utility guy. I would not want him in my lineup every day. Go snag another infielder like Harold Ramirez and let someone else worry about the shell of Josh Donaldson.

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