2022 Fantasy Baseball Week 2 Stock Up/Stock Down

by Mike Sollicito
2022 Fantasy Baseball Week 2 Stock Up/Stock Down

Welcome to the 2022 Fantasy Baseball Week 2 Stock Up/Stock Down article!

It is important to remember it has only been roughly 11 games so far. However, being too patient can lead to you missing out on shares of certain players. While not all of these early players may make a season-long impact, they can certainly help now.

Patience certainly can pay off, and it is important to have it with a good amount of your draft picks, but being standstill can also hurt you.

This week, we take a look at a few players who have been thrust into important roles for their teams and have been flourishing early on. On the other side, we also take a look at some players who just have not had the start they had wanted which has resulted in them possibly finding the waiver wire.

Now, without further ado, let's hop into the 2022 Fantasy Baseball Week 2 Stock Up/Stock Down list!

And, as always - if you ever have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to hit me up on Twitter @MikeSollicito1!

2022 Fantasy Baseball Week 2 Stock Up/Stock Down

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Stock Up

Taylor Ward, OF, Los Angeles Angels

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After missing the first few games with an oblique injury, Joe Madden thrust Taylor Ward into the top of the lineup. Madden seems to be high on Ward, as he mentioned that when fully healthy he should be the everyday right-field. In the four games that he has been healthy, that has been the case.

Ward has also been hitting within the top three of the lineup, namely the two and three spots. He hit three in the one game where both Trout and Ward were healthy and has hit second while Trout has been out.

So far in his four games, Ward is hitting .333 with one home run, one stolen base, and three runs. It has been a solid start for Ward so far, and although it is only four games, he did well in Spring Training as well. He hit .286 with three home runs and 11 RBI in the short span.

While the sample size is small, the fact that Joe Madden is invested in this kid and that he will be rewarded every day playing time makes me optimistic. If you're in a deeper league and need an outfielder, don't hesitate to grab Ward.

While he is not a must-add, he is someone I would definitely keep my eye on over the next few games.

Paul Blackburn, SP, Oakland Athletics

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A surprise story so far has been Paul Blackburn. Blackburn was never an overpowering pitcher, but he has always been someone who generates groundouts. This year, he added roughly two mph to all of his pitches in Spring Training and that has carried over thus far into the season.

Add that in with his ridiculous curveball, and Blackburn makes for a really intriguing pitcher. While the strikeout upside will never be there, he is someone who could be a nice floor type of pitcher who should help stabilize ERA and WHIP due to his high groundball tendencies.

With Blackburn being on the Athletics, his leash should also be fairly long. If he struggles, he will most likely be given time to work it all out due to the lack of pitching depth in Oakland.

On top of that, Blackburn also has a very juicy matchup on Thursday, April 21st against the Baltimore Orioles. If you are able to grab him for this start, I think he could be a solid streamer.

Much like Ward, I am not rushing out to grab Blackburn just yet, but he is someone who is on my watch list. His stock is trending up and after two five-inning starts in which he allowed just two total runs, I may want to grab now before it gets too late.

That being said, he is definitely a deeper league guy to add and someone to take the chance on in any league if you are in need of pitching.

Josh Staumont, RP, Kansas City Royals

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Josh Staumont is finally closing! That's it, that's the tweet.

In all seriousness, Staumont seems to have the first crack at the closer role after many thought it would be Scott Barlow's. Staumont has been able to convert two straight save chances, striking out three over two innings while walking just one.

Staumont is a rock-solid reliever - someone who can touch 100 mph with his fastball while also showcasing a devastating sinker and curveball combination.

He is a must-add in any league that showcases saves+holds or just saves. He should be a steady source of strikeouts and should see a solid amount of save chances should he hold onto the gig for the foreseeable future.

But with closers being so volatile, when there seems to be a lockdown and go-to reliever for a team, he becomes a must-add.

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Stock Down

Eddie Rosario, OF, Atlanta Braves

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Eddie Rosario has definitely not had the start to the year that he imagined. So far, he has just three hits in 35 at-bats. On the bright side, he continues to play daily and has come to life over the last two games with a hit in each.

However, we cannot ignore how poorly he has been so far. It seems as though he is a victim of BABIP, as he is sitting currently at .100. He is not striking much and is walking higher than his career norms. Hits should start to fall for him soon, but until that happens his stock is clearly going down.

In shallow leagues, he is a definite drop for me as the outfield is usually fairly deep. However, in 12 or 14-team leagues, I am simply just benching him. Rosario did not have the greatest 2021 season but reclaimed himself with a very solid postseason performance for Atlanta.

He's got an everyday role locked up and things should start to click sooner than later, but do not hesitate to bench or drop him if you have better options.

Brendan Rodgers, 2B/SS, Colorado Rockies

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A post-hype sleeper, Brendan Rodgers was thought to finally put everything together this year for a Rockies team committed to playing him. That has not been the case for him so far, as he is hitting just .105 with only three runs and one RBI.

He seems to be pressing at the plate, which could be a big reason for his poor start. With 2B not being the deepest position, I am hesitant to drop him in deeper leagues.

With just four hits on the season so far and his spot in the lineup seemingly dropping, there is reason to be concerned. He has been striking out nearly 33% of the time. On top of that, he is on a Rockies team that wants to win it seems, so do not be surprised if he possibly loses out on playing time.

The Rockies are known for wanting to move guys around and are not afraid of sticking guys on the bench. With Rodgers having some off-season hype, I ultimately think he is worth holding onto for a bit longer. See where he is at after this week, and based on your team and the waiver wire make a decision.

Sometimes, the hype players receive during the off-season is not always warranted. That being said, Rodgers can go on a tear like last year in the blink of an eye.

Jonathan Schoop, 1B/2B, Detroit Tigers

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A player I have been staying away from for quite some time, Jonathan Schoop is who he is at this point. Someone who has a decent amount of pop but won't have the greatest average at times.

While from a fantasy perspective he is a fine player, he is not one I typically have on my roster. That being said, he has started the year off fairly poorly.  In the midst of an 0-15 streak, better days are most likely ahead for Schoop.

However, when he is not doing what you drafted him for, it is tough to hang onto him. You drafted him for some pop out of the 1B/2B position, but he's only hit one home run. If there is someone like Owen Miller or Ji-Man Choi available, I may drop Schoop for one of them.

The underlying metrics are right there with last year's numbers implying positive regression. However, as someone who likely isn't a crazy significant piece for your team, I would not lose sleep over dropping him. He is an interesting player to monitor in the coming weeks.

His playing time is safe, but will he get back on track?

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