2022 Fantasy Baseball Week 6 Hitting Planner

May 16th-May 22nd

by Trent Dickeson
2022 Fantasy Baseball Week 6 Hitting Planner

Welcome to the 2022 Fantasy Baseball Week 6 Hitting Planner!

Offenses are down slightly this season and it appears to be because of a different baseball. There have been plenty of balls that have died at the track this year, so maybe they really are "dead."

It changes things for fantasy, but we must continue to adjust to the new style. Maybe the baseballs will fly more when the weather begins to heat up, but as of now there is not as much power as we have come accustomed to seeing. There are still offenses to target and offenses to avoid like always.

Time for the 2022 Fantasy Baseball Week 6 Hitting Planner.

2022 Fantasy Baseball Week 6 Hitting Planner

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2022 Fantasy Baseball Week 6 Hitting Planner Schedule


Offenses to Target

Houston Astros

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The Houston Astros got off to a slow start, possibly taking time to defrost from the long winter thanks to the lockout. They have won their last eight games at the time of writing and have climbed up to second in the AL West. After winning the AL pennant in 2021, we all expected them to be solid again in 2022.

They will begin their week traveling to Boston for a three-game ALCS rematch. Boston's pitching has gotten off to a slow start, with a 3.72 ERA and 3.94 FIP thus far. Most of that comes from weak bullpen play, which ranks near the bottom of the league.

The Astros will return home for a four-game series with state rivals, the Texas Rangers. The Rangers spent a lot of money this offseason, but most of it was for the offense. Their pitching has been below average, with a 3.86 ERA and 4.38 FIP.

Notable Players

Jeremy Pena had a lot of pressure on him to replace Carlos Correa. He has done an admirable job both offensively and defensively. We care about offense here, and he is hitting .253/.321/.495 with 6 HR, 17 R, 20 RBI, 1 SB with a .357 wOBA, and 143 wRC+. He hit a slight rookie wall, but since May 2nd is hitting .364/.417/.682 with 2 HR, 4 R, 7 RBI, and 1 SB with a .478 wOBA, and 230 wRC+.

Michael Brantley has been an underrated fantasy player for some time, being a strong anchor for batting average leagues. So far, he is hitting .272/.342/.388 2 HR, 11 R, 10 RBI, with a .327 wOBA and 122 wRC+. He will not provide much power, but in deeper leagues, he can anchor the batting average category. In a strong offense, he could surprise with a lot of runs or RBI on any given night.

The Astros offense is filled with fantasy guys that are in lineups regularly. Even with some slow starts, next week could be a great week for the Astros offense.

Toronto Blue Jays

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The Toronto Blue Jays were a trendy pick to make a World Series run. That was partly due to what many believed would be an elite offense. That has not been the case so far. They have not been bad, but they are sitting near the middle with a 103 wRC+ ranking 14th in all of baseball.

They start their week by hosting the Seattle Mariners for three games. The Mariners were considered America's team in 2021 and fans were hoping to see them take that next step in 2022. After a hot start, they have gone 2-8 in their last 10, mostly due to untimely pitching. Their staff currently carries a 3.84 ERA and 4.31 FIP which suggests they have gotten slightly lucky.

The Blue Jays will finish the week with a weekend series with the Cincinnati Reds. The Reds have shown some life recently, but we cannot fool ourselves, they are still a bad team. Their pitching staff has a 6.49 ERA and 5.07 FIP which is easily the worst in the league. Play anyone against the Reds.

Notable Players

Teoscar Hernandez has gotten off to a slow start, hitting .233/.324/.367 with 1 HR, 3 R, 5 RBI, with a .317 wOBA and 108 wRC+. That is not bad, especially considering all offenses are down currently. However, it is not what we expected. He hit 32 HR in 2021 but only has one HR so far. Maybe it is the ball, but I believe he is going to get hot soon.

Matt Chapman is always valued more for his defense, but we hoped he would provide some offense. It is a mixed bag, hitting .194/.275/.380 5 HR, 11 R, 14 RBI with a .295 wOBA and 93 wRC+. The average and OBP are bad, but the power and counting stats are good. Look for a good week next week.

Santiago Espinal has been a pleasant surprise, hitting .268/.345/.443 with 2 HR, 10 R, 14 RBI, and 3 SB with a .348 wOBA and 130 wRC+. He has 12 doubles, which is near the league lead. The value has been there, and it should continue into next week.

Offenses to Avoid

Philadelphia Phillies

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The Phillies are built to score runs and excite on offense. Exactly what we need for Fantasy Baseball. It may be a down week for the Phillies offense.

That is due to the schedule. They will host the San Diego Padres for three games. The Padres' pitching has a 3.57 ERA and 3.70 FIP which is about the middle of the pack. The belief is their staff is better than that.

The Phillies then will host the Los Angeles Dodgers for a weekend series. The Dodgers pitching staff has been historically good to begin the 2022 season. Their 2.14 ERA is nearly a half run better than 2nd in baseball.

Notable Players

Bryson Stott is a top prospect in Philly but has gotten off to a slow start. He is hitting .111/.149/.133 1 R, 4 RBI with a .134 wOBA and -19 wRC+. I love Stott's long-term potential, but there is no reason to roster him in redraft leagues currently. Especially considering the depth at shortstop.

Is it time to be worried about JT Realmuto? He is not playing badly, but it is not Realmuto-like. Hitting .255/.321/.353 is not bad, but the power has not been there with only 2 R. He has scored 18 times but only has 7 RBI as well. Catcher is thin, so it is not bad for the position, but Realmuto was drafted much higher and has not been as fantasy players would hope.

Odubel Herrera has been a nice surprise, hitting .262/.273/.548 2 HR, 4 R, 7 RBI with a .350 wOBA and 125 wRC+. He may not walk, but he has hit for a decent average so far. However, since May 1st he has hit .200/.200/.250 with just 1 RBI. Tough pitching matchups means he should not be played even in deeper leagues.

Baltimore Orioles

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The Baltimore Orioles are still rebuilding but have actually featured a league average offense to this point in the season. There are reinforcements coming, so it is nice to see the current guys play well. It looks like a tough week though.

The Orioles will begin the week with four games against the New York Yankees. The Yankees currently carry a 2.59 ERA and 3.10 FIP, making them the 2nd best staff in baseball. They are also playing good ball, going 8-2 in their last 10 at the time of writing.

They will then finish with a weekend set with the Tampa Bay Rays. The Rays are not off to a typical hot start and their pitching is near the middle. Even with a 3.82 ERA and 3.92 FIP, they still have a decent pitching staff that can give other teams issues. They also typically play the Orioles well.

Notable Players

Trey Mancini will always be one of the best stories in baseball, but he has not performed well early in the season. He is hitting .278/.322/.343 1 HR, 9 R, 11 RBI with a .300 wOBA and 98 wRC+. I will always love Mancini, but he is not providing enough value to play in redraft leagues.

Jorge Mateo has been a fun player for all fantasy formats. Mostly due to his 9 stolen bases, which is near the league lead. He is hitting .243/.278/.359 with a .284 wOBA and 87 wRC+. The speed is always valuable, but he does not provide much else. With tougher pitching, it may be tough to chase the steals next week.

Ryan Mountcastle looks to be struggling with the dead balls and a pushed-back left-field wall. He is not playing bad, hitting .268/.299/.402 4 HR, 10 R, 16 RBI, 2 SB with a .378 wOBA and 105 wRC+. Outside of the 4 home runs, he only has three doubles, which is not a lot of power. If he continues to hit home runs, it will not be as big of an issue, but it is something to keep an eye on for now. The tough pitching matchups will give us a better idea on Mountcastle.

2022 Fantasy Baseball Week 6 Hitting Planner Waiver Pickup

Luke Voit, 1B, San Diego Padres

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Luke Voit was a popular name after being traded to the San Diego Padres from the New York Yankees. Yet a slow start and an injury caused Voit to be dropped in recent days.

That might prove to be a mistake. Yes, he is hitting under .200 and had 0 HR before sustaining the injury. However, he hit two HR in his first game back and showed the potential that made him a trendy draft candidate.

If he is available in your leagues, pick him up if there is space. He has the power and is in a good enough lineup that could see him take off. If he does, the value could push Fantasy teams up the standings.

Be sure to check out the rest of Fantasy Six Pack's Fantasy Baseball content all season long!

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