2022 Fantasy Baseball Week 6 Prospect Report

by Daniel Johnson
2022 Fantasy Baseball Week 6 Prospect Report

It's the 2022 Fantasy Baseball Week 6 Prospect Report here at F6P, and things have been a bit quieter after last week's bevy of rookies making their debuts.

Summer, however, is fast approaching. We should start to get ready to see some of the exciting names we've already covered this year get promoted to the big league club (think Max Meyer, maybe Nolan Gorman, Triston Casas, etc.).

With that in mind, we're going to talk about only one blue-chip prospect already in the bigs who might be turning it around for good. Otherwise, we'll take a look at two deeper names for you to flag on your watchlist.

2022 Fantasy Baseball Week 6 Prospect Report

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Bobby Witt, Jr., 3B/SS, Kansas City Royals

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Finally! I mean, I want to qualify this by saying he hasn't totally turned it around, and that his chase metrics are still concerning. But followers of this article know I've been looking for any opportunity at all to double-down on Witt since I talked about him during the Opening Day Prospect Impact Report. And since he hit two home runs two games in a row this past weekend, now's as good a time as any.

Over his past 15 games, he's got a .713 OPS with three home runs and five total XBH. Again, these aren't mind-blowing numbers, but considering how many other established hitters are struggling to post an OPS over .800, this should grab our attention. His average is still paltry over that same span (.204). But he's been dropped to the middle of the batting order, and he's driven in nine runs, scored nine himself, and stolen a base.

We need not belabor this point, especially since his ownership in ESPN league remains at 89.4%. But if there's a disgruntled Witt, Jr., owner who's looking for more immediate offensive impact in your dynasty/redraft leagues, I'd say now would be a good opportunity to float them an offer. Sure seems like the kid is figuring it out, and the buy-low window might be closing.

Jonathan Aranda, INF, Tampa Bay Rays

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The Rays' offense is scuffling. Their defense hasn't been up to their usually-lofty standards, either. They could use the help of a guy like Jonathan Aranda, who not only is an average-to-plus defender anywhere in the infield but has also been positively raking for his Double-A squad.

Dating back to 2021 and into this year, he's slashing .332/.404/.538 with 14 homers, 80 RBI, 75 runs, and five steals. Certainly, this won't translate directly to the majors, but it's a bat that can do some damage.

His hit tool is graded at 55; there should be some hope that he can post a decent average with respectable pop when he gets called up later this summer. And mark my words, he will get called up.

The Rays have generally been protective of their young talents, but they've had the benefit of being able to do that because of their winning ways over the past few years. Right now, the team is in need of help, and Aranda should be the guy they look to first for aid.

Bubba Thompson, OF, Texas Rangers

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Speaking of offenses that are bottoming out, let's set our sights on Arlington, Texas, where the Rangers have been hardcore struggling at the plate. And no position group on the squad has been struggling more than their outfield, with Eli White, Kole Calhoun, and Adolis Garcia performing notably below-average offensively.

Enter 23-year-old Bubba Thompson, a first-round pick from 2017, who's climbed the minor league ranks since then and began the 2022 season at Triple-A. He's known for power and speed (55-grade and 65-grade, respectively), and has 35 home runs in his last 129 games dating to last year. In that same span, he has 90 (!!) steals, with 16 of them coming in his first 25 games at Triple-A this year.

He's got issues with chasing pitches, an bugaboo which we've seen absolutely brutalize better prospects than Thompson so far this year. But there's legit power and plus speed, here, and the Rangers need a spark. Thompson's possibility for a call-up is a case of both situation and performance, which is the perfect combination for urgency.

Watch-list him, and let's just hope he doesn't turn into the next (albeit speedier) Willie Calhoun.

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