2022 Fantasy Football: Backyard Best Ball

by Davis Peng

The 2022 Football offseason has begun, and Underdog Fantasy has already pushed out a new tournament along with a new format.

If you haven't seen the new tournament, I wholeheartedly recommend checking it out.

It's got a great theme, quick to fill, and you generally leave a draft feeling like you did well.

One of the best parts about this specific tournament is that the rake is only 0.8%, which means that Underdog Fantasy is barely taking a cut. The contestants are getting 99.2% of the money accumulated.

With that being said, welcome to my 2022 Fantasy Football: Backyard Best Ball article.

2022 Fantasy Football: Backyard Best Ball

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The Rules

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The maximum amount of teams allowed to enter this contest is 5,040. We are battling it out for a total of $50,000 in prizes, with $9,000 going to the first-place team.

The scoring for the tournament is half-ppr. Each draft consists of six players, ten rounds, and the only positions that can be drafted are quarterbacks and wide receivers.

Your weekly point makeup will come from your highest scoring quarterback and three highest-scoring wide receivers.

Round Advancement Rules

  • At the end of Round 1, each group's top two (2) performing entries will advance to Round 2. Round 2 will consist of 1,680 entries in 140 12-person Groups.
  • At the end of Round 2, each group's top two (2) performing entries will advance to Round 3. Round 3 will consist of 280 entries in 28 10-person Groups.
  • At the end of Round 3, each group's top one (1) performing entry will advance to Round 4. Round 4 will consist of 28 entries in a single 28-person Group.
  • At the end of Round 4, the group's top (1) performing entry will be the Grand Prize winner, and prizes will be awarded to all entries in Round 4.

Drafting Tips

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With Backyard Best Ball being a new tournament format, there isn't specific data catered to this type of format. However, I have done numerous drafts of this format, and here are my tips to help you win.

Ignore ADP

As stated before, this is a brand new format with an entire off-season to go. There isn't a standard roster construction for this format. Therefore ADP is nearly pointless in this tournament.

I have had drafts where wide receivers have been the first 12 picks and other drafts where quarterbacks are drafted in the first round. This means being fluid and adaptive. Draft the players you want and construct the roster you wish to.

There are also many fantasy players who do not get drafted due to only 60 players being drafted per draft. Undrafted players such as Tyler Boyd, Courtland Sutton, Gabriel Davis, Kirk Cousins, and many more.

Do Not Punt The Quarterback Position

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From my experience drafting in this format, I have seen fantasy managers go late with their quarterback picks, minimal quarterbacks, or a combination of both.

At first glance, people assume that quarterback is 25% of your scoring. That alone should tell you that they will significantly impact whether your team progresses or not.

When you delve deeper into the numbers, you'll notice that a quarterback's points will end up being 30% of the total points, with the wide receivers being 70% or lower.

In 2021, the average weekly top 12 quarterbacks averaged approximately 20+ points a week. With quarterbacks outside the top 12 averaging 17 points or less.

Even Josh Allen, who was the top-scoring quarterback last season, had five games outside the top 12 average. With two games being 11 points or less.

I recommend doing your best to try and average 20 points or more per week from the quarterback position.

The top 12 wide receivers' median points are approximately 15 points per player. So, for example, if you managed to get three top 12 wide receivers, you would have a total of 45 points on average.

This would make the average of 20 points from the quarterback position weigh 30% of the total points. Assuming you averaged 45 points from your three wide receivers. and if they average even less, the quarterback only weighs more.

Be Creative And Have Fun

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As stated before, this tournament is different in format; therefore, feel free to be different. If you want to go "bully quarterback" and use your early picks on a quarterback, go for it.

Nine wide receivers and a long-shot quarterback, once again, go for it. Stacking teams or don't stack a group, once again, go for it.

As the tournament name suggests, this format is meant to be fun and relaxing. Therefore treat it as such, and I will see you all in the draft lobbies.

Thank you for reading my 2022: Fantasy Football: Backyard Best Ball article.

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