2022 Fantasy Football Best Ball: Early Draft Stacking

by Preston White
2022 Fantasy Football Best Ball: Early Draft Stacking

Stacking and Best Ball are as synonymous as Thanksgiving and pumpkin pie. At least, that's what Best Ball Twitter will have you believe.

While stacking can be advantageous in Best Ball, we need to be careful about doing so in early drafts. And when I say "early drafts" I'm referring to drafts that take place prior to the NFL draft.

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2022 Fantasy Football Best Ball: Early Draft Stacking

Taking a Step back

As it stands, we only know who the starting quarterback will be for approximately 18 teams in 2022. And that number could be even smaller depending on your confidence level.

On top of that, there are plenty of question marks heading into free agency, and pre-dating the draft. For instance, will DJ Chark be catching passes from Trevor Lawrence again in 2022?

The same goes for someone like Michael Gallup, as well as Mike Williams. Of the top-45 wide receivers being drafted right now on Underdog, we are only confident on which quarterback to stack them with for 20 of the 45.

The point is, we don't have a lot of great stacks to confidently form in the first place this early on. Even more so, the stacks we are confident in, are coming at a premium.

For instance, if you want to stack the Bengals, you typically need to use your first, third, and fifth pick to achieve this stack. Even receivers from lower perceived volume offenses, such as Baltimore, are coming at a premium.

While stacking can often be an edge, it's more of a tie-breaker for me in early on drafts.

Where is Our Edge?

To me, the edge is with the uncertainty right now. For instance, Jalen Hurts is being drafted as the QB10, despite finishing as the QB6 on a per game basis.

People know Hurts has phenomenal rushing upside, but they are viewing his floor with less certainty because of trade speculations. To me, this is simply a discount on upside. There's such an insignificant chance Hurts does not have a starting job next year.

Even Jameis Winston is maintaining an edge at QB25. Winston is someone I like because his aggressive passing nature can lead to upside as it relates to fantasy.

There are plenty of other means of upside locked into uncertainty among both quarterbacks and receivers. For instance, there are free-agent wide receivers, such as DJ Chark and Will Fuller, being drafted outside of the top-50 wide receivers.

These types of players are sitting at a great value right now, as they have plenty of avenues to outperform their ADPs. More importantly, their ADPs will almost certainly rise once they sign somewhere else.

We are dealing with incredibly loose ADPs, all because of the uncertainty and the inability to stack as many players. Now is a good time to go against the grain, and draft for value.

Stack uncertainty now, and save quarterback stacking for later on.

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