2022 Fantasy Football Best Ball Overrated Quarterbacks

by Davis Peng
2021 Fantasy Football Week 11 Drop List

Welcome everybody to my 2022 Fantasy Football Best Ball Overrated Quarterbacks article!

With the NFL 2022 season rolling around the corner and Best Ball at peak popularity, I believe this is the best time to talk about the overrated players at their current ADP. 

I am a big proponent of Fantasy Football Best Ball tournaments. Currently, I do all my championship drafts/tournaments on Underdog Fantasy and RTSports.

Let's get started on what you are here for. I will give you some 2022 Fantasy Football Best Ball Overrated Quarterbacks that I feel are over-drafted.

These players aren't bad, but I believe they are being taken higher than they should be. There are better QB values to choose from.

2022 Fantasy Football Best Ball Overrated Quarterbacks

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Russell Wilson, Denver Broncos 

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Underdog ADP - 77.8 (QB8)
RTSports ADP - 70 (QB11)

This is a Deja Vu moment for me here. I wrote about Russell Wilson being an overrated fantasy quarterback in 2021, and not including his injury, the article was dead-on correct. Unfortunately, it looks as if people have forgotten this and are hoping that "Let Russ Cook" 2.0 occurs. So I will double down and say that Wilson falls short of his ADP this year and that the scenery change to the Denver Broncos hampers his fantasy upside.

Why I'm Hesitant On Buying Wilson

Russell Wilson is moving into an offense under new offensive-minded Head Coach Nathaniel Hackett. This is excellent news on paper as Hackett has produced two fantasy quarterbacks with his offensive schemes. However, you find it's Aaron Rodgers with a more profound look. He is a future hall of fame quarterback who has been fantasy relevant for nearly his entire career.

The second quarterback is 2017 Blake Bortles, who was atrocious for most of the season. He played catch-up in nearly all his games and only had five top 12 finishes that season. Hackett is primarily known for producing fantasy relevancy in the running backs as he has provided numerous fantasy-relevant running backs across different franchises.

The Denver Broncos have built a young defensive roster that, at its worst, still allowed the 3rd lowest points scored against them, while in a division that faced Justin Herbert and Patrick Mahomes twice last season. With the combination of a West Coast scheme and Hackett's running back history, expect the Broncos to keep games low scoring and chew the clock effectively.

With the Broncos roster balanced across the board, Wilson will likely not be asked to air out the ball or scramble for 400+ yards a season. Wilson will instead be asked to manage the game and keep turnovers minimum. This has always been his strong suit, the ability to elevate an offense, make the throws when it matters, and run the offensive scheme effectively.

Taking Wilson this early also means you're missing on-skill position players such as Russell Gage, Drake London, AJ Dillion, Brandon Aiyuk, TJ Hockenson, etc. 

Matt Ryan, Indianapolis Colts (ADP 153.6 - QB20)

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Underdog ADP - 153.6 (QB20)
RTSports ADP - 138.2 (QB19)

"Another man's trash is another man's treasure" has been the motto for the Indianapolis Colts for the past two years, and now they're going on three. This time, it is former Atlanta Falcon's franchise quarterback Matt Ryan. This is one of those moves that is better for real football versus fantasy football. 

Why I'm Hesitant On Buying Ryan

My issue with Ryan is that he is unlikely to provide an upside on a weekly basis. If you look at Ryan's track record, he has always been a high-yardage player with low touchdowns. This is on a franchise with some of the best offensive weapons over the past 14 years. You're talking about players like Julio Jones, Roddy White, Calvin Ridley, Tony Gonzalez, etc.

Out of Ryan's 14-year career, he has had three seasons where he breached 30 touchdowns on a season. If you're looking at Ryan's recent seasons, he only did this once in the past five seasons. Now Ryan is on a Colts' offense where Michael Pittman Jr. is the only wide receiver to have broken 1,000 yards in a season.

Next, the Colts are defensively stout. According to PFF, the Colts are a top nine defense, and they have a great running back committee with RB1 Jonathan Taylor and pass-catching back Nyheim Hines. This isn't a team built to pass a ton. This team, like the Broncos, is going to run the ball. They will beat teams with short passing yardage while controlling the clock. 

Ryan has been a solid quarterback over the past 14 years. He has always been a high-yardage guy who has remained fantasy-relevant, but without the touchdowns, he has had a limited upside. Of course, now you factor in that he might not be a high-yardage guy due to lackluster receiving options. So what is there to look forward to in rostering Ryan?

Alternatives to Matt Ryan

If you draft any or most QB1s, Ryan is unlikely to contribute points to your team. That makes him a roster clogger. Almost all the quarterbacks going after Ryan have either rushing upside or touchdown upside; with the ability to match his passing yardage. Those players include options such as Daniel Jones, Ryan Tannehill, Carson Wentz, and Jared Goff. Ryan is a floor play this year, and that's not what I want as my QB2.

Questionable QB situations - QB28+

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This season has been questionable in comparison to the past season. Last year as an example, the bottom quarterbacks were plentiful with players such as Ben Roethlisberger, Derek Carr, Jared Goff, and Daniel Jones. If you drafted them last year, you had confidence that they had job security and a track record of fantasy relevancy.

In the 2022 season, you got a ton of unknown situations:

These options are absolutely terrible. Outside of Deshaun Watson, the above players aren't fantasy relevant even if they played 17 games. The other half of the players listed are complete unknowns because they are rookies.

Then you factor in that the players in trade standoffs will likely end up on teams with worse rosters than their previous teams. So none of these guys are worth drafting at this point. You're unlikely to get an entire season out of them, the rosters aren't great, and outside of Watson, they're not good fantasy options. 

I would rather draft any of the quarterbacks currently ahead or take a pop-shot on skill position players such as Nico Collins, Devin Duvernay, Brevin Jordan, or Zay Jones amongst others.

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