2022 Fantasy Football Best Ball: Superflex Strategy

by Preston White
Underdog Fantasy Superflex

Superflex and Best Ball are quickly becoming two of the most popular Fantasy Football formats. Thankfully, the folks over at Underdog Fantasy decided to combine these two beauties into one.  So now let's talk about some 2022 Fantasy Football Best Ball: Superflex Strategy!

With the new Superflex tournament underway, it's important to dive into some strategies for this new format.

Before we get started though, if you're new over at Underdog, be sure to use our sign-up link for a deposit bonus.

2022 Fantasy Football Best Ball: Superflex Strategy

The Breakdown

For those still new to the subject, Underdog currently has a new Best Ball tournament, which is a Superflex version of The Big Board. This tournament utilizes a starting lineup consisting of 1QB/2RB/2WR/1TE/1SF/1FLEX.

Essentially, one of the wide receiver positions from the previous one quarterback format has been replaced with a Superflex position. And as you would expect, ADPs have shifted to reflect the traditional Superflex ADPs. As in, Josh Allen is now the 1.01.

But really how valuable are quarterbacks in this format? And how should we be treating the Superflex position?

The Value of Quarterbacks

Quarterbacks hold both a unique floor and ceiling combination unlike any other position in Fantasy. There's plenty of week-to-week volatility at the position as well. Even for the elite quarterbacks.

In 2021, the QB30 on a points per game basis (PPG) averaged 13.1 points per game. Which clearly doesn't sound like a lot. But there were only 18 running backs and 9 wide receivers who averaged more than 13.1 half-PPR points.

In a minimum seven-game sample, there were more quarterbacks who averaged over 13.1 PPG, than all other positions combined. The ceiling for quarterbacks is equally as crazy.

Last year, nine quarterbacks averaged 20 PPG or better. Only three non-quarterback players averaged 20 PPG or better. For those familiar with Superflex, you were most likely familiar with the importance of quarterbacks as well.

Quarterbacks in Best Ball

As I had mentioned previously, quarterbacks are volatile week to week. Yet we are always more inclined to fill the Superflex position with a quarterback in a managed league.

At the same time, we don't have to decide who to start in Best Ball. So would a quarterback really be the most likely position to automatically fill the Superflex position in Best Ball?

Last year, on average, the QB24 on the week scored 11.1 points. Meanwhile, the RB24 on the week only averaged 10.4 half-PPR points.

For the WR36, the average was at 10.4. And for the average TE12 weekly score, it was right at 9.4 points. These arbitrary cutoffs are intended to relatively model what the average team may have able for filling the Superflex position.

As for quarterbacks' weekly ceilings, 43% of the weekly games exceeding 30 points came from quarterbacks in 2021. Based on positional scarcity and roster allocations, quarterback seems to be the most likely route in terms of filling the Superflex.


Based on the floor/ceiling combination for quarterbacks, I'm more inclined to load up on quarterbacks in this new Superflex Best Ball format. In fact, I'm taking quarterbacks early and often.

I believe the optimal number of quarterbacks per team should be in the four to five range. Ideally, at least two of those quarterbacks should be taken within the first four rounds.

It's also important to remember that things can get crazy in Best Ball, and quarterbacks can constantly fly off the board. Even more importantly, there's no trading or waiver wire.

Because of this, it's critical to ensure you leave each draft with an ample quarterback group. And it makes for even more reason to take quarterbacks early and often.

Looking for more ways to find edges in these new Best Ball tournaments? Check out my dive into discovering Best Ball edges.

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