2022 Fantasy Football Best Ball Underrated Quarterbacks

by Davis Peng
2021 Week 5 Fantasy Football Quarterback Streamers

Welcome everybody to my 2022 Fantasy Football Best Ball Underrated Quarterbacks article!

With the NFL 2022 season rolling around the corner and Best Ball at peak popularity, I believe this is the best time to talk about the overrated players at their current ADP. 

I am a big proponent of Fantasy Football Best Ball tournaments. I do all my championship drafts/tournaments on Underdog Fantasy and RTSports.

Let's get started on what you are here for. I will give you some 2022 Fantasy Football Best Ball Overrated Quarterbacks that I feel are under-drafted. 

I believe the players listed are underestimated and will outperform their ADP/draft position.

2022 Fantasy Football Best Ball Underrated Quarterbacks

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Daniel Jones, New York Giants

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Underdog ADP - 156.8 (QB21)
RTSports ADP - 157(QB21)

Let's start with one of my favorite QB2/QB3 values, Daniel Jones, AKA Danny Dimes. I understand that he may not be anybody's favorite player in real-life football. We've seen the play of him tripping and falling face-first on a would-be touchdown. But if you look at that play or any of Daniel Jones's rushing play, he's putting in work and is a legit dual-threat QB going as a borderline QB3.

Why I'm Buying Daniel Jones

The New York Giants haven't been good these past few years, at least from an offensive standpoint. According to PFF, the offense ranked 31st out of the entire NFL. Well, how much better can one team get after one off-season. You would be surprised, but I believe this offense will move up a few notches.

The team has added Bills Offensive Coordinator Brian Daboll, who has worked with another dual-threat QB since 2018 in Josh Allen. Now I won't say these two players are the same, but if I had to get a coach that would be able to cater to Jones' strengths, I want the one who worked with Allen. That move was followed by two stabilizing additions to the weak offensive line in right tackle Evan Neal and left guard Joshua Ezeudu.

The offensive weapons themselves have potential. Kadarius Toney is in his second year, and Kenny Golladay is looking to finally be healthy and live up to the big contract, with new addition second-round draft pick Wandale Robinson to fill in for injured Sterling Shepard. In addition, Saquon Barkley's off-season news has been tremendous, with Barkley admitting he's finally at peak conditioning.

Why is this all such a big deal? This is legitimately the best offense from coaching, offensive line, and weapons Jones has had since his rookie year. The Giants were in dumpster fire territory in all categories the past three years, and Jones has been the one who paid the price.

Now that we have factored this in, the Giants will not be the 31st-ranked offense. Let's talk about how Jones projects with his rushing upside. Tripping aside, Jones' on-pace average is 400+ rushing yards a season and two touchdowns. Suppose you include this with his career average passing yardage of 220. You're at least 4,140 yards from scrimmage over a 17-game season. This is not someone who should be in QB2/QB3 territory category.

Carson Wentz, Washington Commanders

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Underdog ADP - 195.1 (QB26)
RTSports ADP - 172.29 (QB25)

Last year's underrated quarterback article featured Carson Wentz as one of the biggest Fantasy Football steals of the season. I even said I would be surprised if he finished worse than QB16. Well, my prediction held up, Wentz finished QB14 in the 2021 season, but I will admit it was a bit lackluster. So let's double down on Wentz again because he's now in the QB3 tier.

Why I'm Buying Carson Wentz

Let's make this clear. The Indianapolis Colts offense overall didn't live up to expectation. They finished middle of the pack as the 16th overall offense. This is with having the season leader in rushing yards in 2021. In addition, the offensive line took a significant step back due to injuries, and the overall receiving options were below average.

Michael Pittman Jr. was the only receiver who had breached 1,000 receiving yards for the Colts in the 2021 season. Outside of Pittman, no other receiving option even got to 400 yards. That is abysmally bad, and no other NFL team had only one player that broke 400 receiving yards.

Some will place blame on Wentz, saying that he was an overall terrible passer. Wentz wasn't outstanding by any means, but he was about average for a starting quarterback. In addition, Wentz's receiving options such as Zach Pascal, Ashton Dulin, Mo Alie-Cox, etc. graded below every other team. That's worse than the Carolina Panthers, New Orleans Saints, and Jacksonville Jaguars.

Wentz is now on the Washington Commanders, with Terry Mclaurin, Curtis Samuel, rookie Jahan Dotson, and second-year TE John Bates. This doesn't even include the three running backs that are viable pass catchers. This lineup is on-par, if not the best receiving corps Wentz has had since his early Philadelphia Eagles days.

I again expect Wentz to finish as a mid-QB2 and nowhere near the QB3 mark where he is currently being drafted.

Davis Mills, Houston Texans

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Underdog ADP - 202 (QB28)
RTSports ADP - 183.13 (QB29)

Time to scrape the bottom of the barrel and talk about one of the last quarterbacks with a guaranteed starting job, Houston Texans quarterback Davis Mills. 2021's dark horse quarterback came into a busted roster, making them somewhat exciting to watch. I like what I saw last year, and I believe the Texans will take a step forward this year now that the Deshaun Watson drama is one year removed.

Why I'm Buying Davis Mills

I'll keep this as simple as I can. The Texans were one of the worst teams in the league offensively and defensively in 2021. However, they have been rebuilding these past two seasons and are building a very young team with crucial capital spent in the right spots. One of the bright spots on this team is having three offensive linemen drafted in the first round. All three players are in the key positions, left tackle, right tackle, and left guard.

Then you look at the offensive weapons, and you got veteran Brandin Cooks, second-year Nico Collins, and rookie John Metchie. Those three receiving options have the pedigree to be one of the best trios in the league. Time will tell where these guys rank out. I doubt that they will repeat to be a bottom 30 ranked offense again. This alone means Mills will likely have a better year and outpace a QB28 season.

Let's look at the numbers and growth of Mills in his rookie year. Last season Mills took over for Tyrod Taylor, and I'll admit he was pretty bad. That was to be expected, though. He was a third-round rookie taking over in Week 2. Mills then went on to face seven formidable defenses in a row. Mills terribly threw for seven touchdowns and eight interceptions over these games. Those are terrible stats, but in Mills' final four games of the season, he threw for eight touchdowns and two interceptions. This is exceedingly better than how it started. Now, it is a small sample size, but I will take the more recent stats on a groomed product versus a brand new rookie thrown into the fire.

Do not draft Mills thinking he's going to be this trailblazer QB3 but take him because he has the talent, the weapons, and is possibly going to be shootouts through all his games due to the overall defense still being the bottom end.

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