2022 Fantasy Football Blind Resumes: From A to Z

by Michael Tomlin
2022 Fantasy Football Blind Resumes

Everyone likes to think they know what exactly happened in the previous Fantasy Football season. The problem is we all have blind spots. That is why I like to do Fantasy Football blind resumes each offseason before we really ramp up preparation for the new year.

Fantasy Football blind resumes help with the blind spots that we subconsciously have due to a few factors.

Maybe we did not have a certain player on any of our rosters so we did not pay attention to him. Or maybe our team(s) were so far out of it that we did not see a late-season surge.

These Fantasy Football blind resumes remove our bias and preconceived notions of how players actually performed.

Did Player A actually have a better year than Player B even though B is getting drafted much higher?

2022 Fantasy Football Blind Resumes: From A to Z

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Quarterback A Still Peaking?

Quarterback A is riding a high. He just enjoyed the most team success of his professional or college career. He also had his best year efficiency-wise with a career-high in quarterback rating and yards per attempt.

However, even though Quarterback A was the QB5 in Fantasy Football last year, his current Average Draft Position (ADP) is QB12. The culprit is that he lost two of his top three receivers. However, both were aging veterans who are coming off massive injuries. His team gained a younger, arguably just as talented Wide Receiver B as well.

The last time Quarterback A had a second consecutive full season with the same head coach was 2017. That year, Quarterback A produced the highest quarterback rating and yards per attempt of his career…. Until last year.

Quarterback A is Matthew Stafford and Wide Receiver B is Allen Robinson. Why would Stafford regress all the way down to QB12 in his second season in Sean McVay’s scheme along with having the most productive receiver on the planet? The answer is he shouldn't.

Can This Quarterback Bounce Back From Injury?

Quarterback C is coming off of an injury, but recent reports say that he will be a full-go at training camp. His offensive guru head coach is also gone with the defensive coordinator taking over. Both are usually pretty big red flags for a quarterback.

Last season, Quarterback C averaged 23.5 Fantasy Points per game in games that he finished and was on pace for 40 total touchdowns. His top receiver comes back healthy after barely playing last year and the team drafted a receiver in the first round. The team also recently signed another solid slot receiver, who has two seasons of over 100 catches.

Quarterback C is still being drafted as the QB23. Quarterback C is Jameis Winston.

Two-QB Late-Round Gem

Quarterback D is a Fantasy Football afterthought. His current ADP is QB30, so basically undrafted in the majority of single-quarterback leagues.

Quarterback D is on a terrible team that will always be playing from behind. He did not get to start until the middle of the season but will have all of the first-team reps this off-season.

In the games Quarterback D started and finished, he averaged 250 yards and 1.56 touchdowns per game. That would be 16.25 Fantasy Points per game, which would have been the QB13 last season.

Quarterback D is Davis Mills.
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A Career Year in Store for Quarterback E?

Quarterback E is a guy that most people have rostered for a bye week or two throughout the past eight years he has been in the league. He has never been seen as a high-value target to draft, but he is always right around replacement level.

Quarterback E had a career-high in passing yards and the second-most Fantasy Points in his career last season. He did this with arguably the worst group of wide receivers in the league, arguably the worst coach, and easily the most toxic situation.

Well, Quarterback E’s team added Wide Receiver F and Head Coach G. Wide Receiver F has double-digit touchdowns in five of his last six seasons and set a career-high in receiving yards last year. Head Coach G has long been seen as the best young offensive mind in football. Yet, Quarterback E is still going as QB17 in drafts.

Quarterback E is Derek Carr, Wide Receiver F is Davante Adams and Head Coach G is Josh McDaniels.

Is This Running Back Still Under-Valued?

Running Back H had quite a surprising 2021, finishing with the fifth most half-PPR points at the position after being drafted outside of the Top 100 overall. The team let the other backfield option leave in free agency.

So, Running Back H is in line for even more of the workload in 2022 after dominating goal line touches and getting the majority of the work overall. Yet, his current ADP is RB23 in half-PPR.

Um, what?

Running Back H is James Conner. Look, I have never been a fan of Conner but volume is volume. Once you are past the top five or six backs, give me guaranteed volume over ability.

The Non-Pass-Catching Back That Catches Tons of Passes

Running Back I caught 69 passes last season despite missing three games. That total was the third most among all running backs and he had the best per game average. He is not just a pass catcher (even though this was the second time in three seasons he hit that mark in receptions) however. Running Back I still rushed 13 times a game at a 4.5 yards-per-carry clip.

Of the returning backs, he has an 80% Red Zone workload share. The team may have drafted a back in the third round, but it is quite common knowledge that Quarterback J loves to lock in on one back as his pass catcher.

Running Back I was the RB7 in half-PPR last season but is being drafted as RB18. Running Back I is Leonard Fournette and Quarterback J is Tom Brady.
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He's Still My RB1

Running Back K has averaged 25 half-PPR points per game over the past three seasons in games he did not leave early with an injury. Over his last 22 full games, he has scored at least 12.6 half-PPR Fantasy Points in every single one of them, and less than 19 just three times.

I get it, he has had back-to-back injury-plagued seasons. I counter that as soon as he comes back and is playing, he immediately vaults back to RB1 status.

Running Back K is obviously Christian McCaffrey who is inexplicably available at the end of Round One in drafts. I get it, he has missed 23 games in the past two seasons. I will then just let you know that Dalvin Cook has missed 25 games in his career, two more than McCaffrey has missed.

Contract Year for Running Back L

Running Back L was quite the disappointment last season. He only missed four games and finished as RB32 with a dismal 3.7 yards-per-carry. Because of this, his ADP is currently RB18 after being a Round One pick last year.

I will argue he is well worth the risk. First off, he is now two years removed from a serious knee injury and will actually have an offseason instead of just rehabbing. He also gets Head Coach M as his new coach. Head Coach M has spent 14 years as an assistant under Bill Belichick and Nick Saban.

Head Coach M also spent some time under Andy Reid and turned the Bills into one of the best offenses in the league. He drafted the best tackle in the draft hopefully giving Running Back L more lanes.

Running Back L is Saquon Barkley and Head Coach M is Brian Daboll.

Young Ascendance or Two-Headed Monster?

Running Back N and Running Back O are teammates.


Running Back N in ’21: 203 carries, 4.5 YPC, 918 yards rushing, 28 catches, 213 yards receiving, 7.6 yards per reception, 10 total touchdowns, 11.3 Fantasy Points per game

Running Back O in ’21: 203 carries, 4.4 YPC, 903 yards rushing, 43 catches, 316 yards receiving, 7.3 yards per reception, 7 total touchdowns, 10.8 Fantasy Points per game

One of these two has the current ADP of RB7 while the other is RB36. Running Back N is going as RB36. Does that make any sense? The team brought back Running Back N in free agency for a reason.

Running Back N is Melvin Gordon and Running Back O is Javonte Williams.
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Inflated ADP for Wide Receiver P

Wide Receiver P just joined a new team this offseason. Wide Receiver P has an ADP of WR8 currently. However, even in his best season, he never had more than 70 catches or more than 1,075 yards.

The average of the top seven wide receivers in half-PPR scoring last season was 107 catches for 1,491 yards. The WR7 had 103 catches for 1,225 yards.

Wide Receiver Q is also on this team. Wide Receiver Q is a former Heisman Trophy-winning, first-round draft pick that had a solid season last year. He is exponentially better than anyone Wide Receiver P has played with before.

To top it all off, the quarterback for this team is not exactly a gunslinger.

Wide Receiver P is A.J. Brown and Wide Receiver Q is DeVonta Smith. Brown would have to blow his career highs in catches and yards away to live up to his ADP in a worse offense with more competition.

Why Does Everyone Hate This Guy?

Wide Receiver R has cleared 1,000 yards receiving in six of the last eight years. In the two seasons that he did not, he missed a combined nine games. Even though he was in arguably the worst offense in the league last season, Wide Receiver R hauled in 90 balls for 1,037 yards and six touchdowns, finishing as WR20.

Should he stay healthy, this will be the first time that Wide Receiver R will have back-to-back seasons with the same quarterback since 2016. In 2016, Wide Receiver R finished as the WR9.

The only notable receiving option added by the team is coming off a late-season ACL tear. Yet, Wide Receiver R is being drafted as the WR29 even though he is still just 28 years old.

Wide Receiver R is the perennially under-valued Brandin Cooks.

Stability Everywhere Around Wide Receiver S

Wide Receiver S set career highs in both receptions and yards last season. He also had 44 more targets than the previous last year with a catch percentage and yards per reception right in line with his career averages, making his production replicable.

Wide Receiver S will have the same head coach, offensive coordinator, quarterback, and fellow top wide receiver as last year. He finished as the WR15 last year. His current ADP is WR 29.

Wide Receiver S is Mike Williams.
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A Massive Receiving Vacuum on Team V

Wide Receiver T and Wide Receiver U play for Team V. Wide Receiver T returns for his fifth season with Team V while Wide Receiver U was just drafted.

Team V lost 245 targets, 160 receptions, 2,115 yards, and 14 touchdowns to receivers no longer on the team. The long-time quarterback for Team V notoriously avoids using rookie wide receivers.

On only 60 targets last year, Wide Receiver T had 40 receptions. 513 yards, and eight touchdowns.

Wide Receiver T has a current ADP of WR60 and Wide Receiver U has a current ADP of WR 61.

Wide Receiver T is Allen Lazard, Wide Receiver U is Christian Watson, and Team V is the Green Bay Packers.

Why Are We So Sure That Tight End W's Production Goes Down?

Tight End W finished as the TE4 in half-PPR last season, yet his current ADP is TE11.

Tight End W received just 16% more targets in 2021 than 2020 but caught 24% more passes for 25% more yards and 100% more touchdowns.

The team Tight End W plays for lost Wide Receiver X. Wide Receiver X had 104 targets, 68 catches, 865 yards and eight touchdowns despite missing a few games last year. The team did not replace Wide Receiver X with anyone of significance.

Tight End W is Dalton Schultz and Wide Receiver X is Amari Cooper.

Beware Of Defenses And Kickers

Team Defense Y was drafted as the top defense last season. Team Defense Z was undrafted in almost every single-defense league. However, Team Defense Y finished with the 18th most Fantasy Points while Team Defense Z finished with the most Fantasy Points, nearly 100 points higher.

Team Defense Y is the Pittsburgh Steelers and Team Defense Z is the Dallas Cowboys.

Kicker AA was the K1, Kicker BB was the K3, and Kicker CC was the K18 in 2021 ADP, respectively. However, Kicker AA finished as K13, Kicker BB finished as K19, and Kicker CC finished as K1.

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Kicker AA is Harrison Butker, Kicker BB is Younghoe Koo, and Kicker CC is Nick Folk.

That’s it for the 2022 Fantasy Football blind resumes! Stay tuned for a massive amount of Fantasy Football draft content coming your way!

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