2022 Fantasy Football Denver Broncos Team Preview

by Mike Bonni
2022 Fantasy Football Denver Broncos Team Preview

Welcome everyone to the 2022 Fantasy Football Denver Broncos Team Preview article. Today, I will be focusing on the offseason changes they made, draft selections, and the fantasy outlook.

During the offseason, Denver made a splash, trading for Russell Wilson. In a blockbuster move, Broncos sent Drew Lock, Noah Fant, and five picks (P.9, P.40, 2023 First, 2023 Second, and a 2022 Fifth). In return, Denver got Russell Wilson and a fourth-rounder. This move instantly vaults multiple players into the opportunity to reach fantasy stardom. You will want a piece of this offense.

As for the draft, most of the Broncos' picks were spent on defense. However, they did use a second-round pick on a TE (Greg Dulcich). He has a shot at making a small impact, but that is all I expect from him in 2022.

In 2021, the Broncos were a mediocre offense (real-life and fantasy), averaging 19.7 PPG (23rd). They were also 19th in YPG, 13th in rushing offense, and 19th in pass production. The addition of Russell Wilson will instantly bring these numbers up.

Let's jump into the 2022 Fantasy Football Denver Broncos Team Preview article.

2022 Fantasy Football Denver Broncos Team Preview


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Russell Wilson has a new home with new weapons, and what comes with that is a ton of fantasy value on the Denver Broncos. If you are worried about him staying healthy, don't be. Russell Wilson has only missed three games in his career. Safe to say, the worries can die.

In 2021, Russell Wilson threw for 25 TDs (11th) and only nine interceptions. He also threw for 3,113 yards (22nd) in 14 games played. Wilson averaged 17 F.P.P.G. (13th) and when he returned from injury (W.10), he was QB8. It's obvious that Russell Wilson can still perform. Despite missing three games, he still finished as QB16.

In 2022, Russell Wilson is currently being ranked as QB10 (Fantasy Pros), QB10 (F6P), and QB8 (Me). With his rushing floor, he should be able to finish higher than the likes of Tom Brady, Dak Prescott, and Joe Burrow. Wilson will also be throwing just as much as these guys.

Going into your drafts, don't hesitate to pull the trigger on Russell Wilson. He has just as many weapons as he did in Seattle, where he finished as QB8 or higher in eight of ten seasons.

As for the backups, don't even think about them.

Running Backs

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Everyone wanted to see Melvin Gordon leave Denver, only so we can see Javonte Williams with a full workload. Other than that, there was no solid reason to let him walk. Having Melvin Gordon in Denver isn't great for fantasy, but it is a great (real football) move and it will keep Javonte healthy.

In 2021, this duo was (nearly) identical in every category.

Melvin Gordon
203 Att
918 Yds
8 TD
38 Tgt
28 Rec
213 Yds
2 TD
Total Yards
Snap %
Javonte Williams
203 Att
903 Yds
4 TD
53 Tgt
43 Rec
316 Yds
3 TD
Total Yards
Snap %

In 2022, Melvin Gordon is currently going as RB34 (Fantasy Pros), and RB33 (F6P). I found this to be a little low, he is being ranked behind Kareem Hunt, Devin Singletary, and Chase Edmonds. I would much rather have Melvin Gordon over them, which is why I have him as RB29 (which still might be too low).

It's like we are forgetting that Melvin Gordon was an RB18 in 2021 and the fact that he has been an RB2 or better for SIX straight seasons. He was also pretty efficient, sporting a 32.9% Juke Rate (9th) and evading 76 tackles (7th). Gordon is going to be one of the best draft values in 2022, so draft him as a great depth piece or even a flex spot.

Next up, Javonte Williams. This is the year where he takes over most of the duties, including snaps, carries, receptions, and anything else you can think of. It won't be a complete wash, because Melvin Gordon isn't going anywhere.

*For 2021 basic stats, see the table above*

Like Melvin Gordon, Javonte Williams was very efficient. He was 8th in juke rate (32.9%), and 6th in evaded tackles (81). Williams was also top-20 in most receiving categories.

*Thank you player profiler for that*

Javonte Williams is currently going as RB13 (Fantasy Pros), RB11 (F6P), and RB11 (Me). He is in the same tier as Nick Chubb, Leonard Fournette, Aaron Jones, James Conner, and Saquon Barkley. Don't be surprised if he gets outscored by some of these guys. Nonetheless, Williams will still be a mid RB2 at worst and an RB1 (low end) if everything works out.

You will have to pay a hefty price for him, but it could be worth it.

As for the other RBs (Mike Boone), don't look to draft them.

Stay here as we continue the 2022 Fantasy Football Denver Broncos Team Preview article.

Wide Receivers

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This group has the most to gain with the acquisition of Russell Wilson. Russ-Man has been churning out WR1s and WR2s like it's his job (Doug Baldwin, Tyler Lockett, and D.K. Metcalf). I mention this because I expect more of the same in 2022.

Courtland Sutton/Jerry Jeudy will be bonafide WR2s (maybe a WR1?), while Tim Patrick will be a great depth piece. As for K.J. Hamler, he has the opportunity to turn some heads as well. You will want to draft a piece of this receiving core. The question is, who will benefit the most? Keep reading below to get an idea of how it might shake out.

The Star's

Up first, is the number one option in my eyes, Courtland Sutton. Although he didn't impress in 2021, I still believe he will have a bounce-back season in 2022. In 2021, Sutton caught 58 of 95 targets for 776 yards and only two touchdowns (this will go up).

With Jerry Jeudy active (10 games), Courtland Sutton averaged 3.4 F.P.P.G. Yes! You read that right, he only averaged 3.4 a game. This is a gigantic warning sign and something you should be thinking about when drafting.

Nonetheless, I'm still rolling with Courtland Sutton over Jerry Jeudy, and let me tell you why.

Did you know Courtland Sutton was fifth in unrealized air yards? He was also 6th in deep targets (29), 2nd in ADOT (15.7), and 8th in air yards. With Russell Wilson coming into town, this is a recipe for success. Wilson is one of the best deep-ball throwers in the league.

Courtland Sutton is being drafted as WR21 (Fantasy Pros), WR25 (F6P), and WR18 (Me). I'm higher than most on Sutton, as I have mentioned in this section. Don't be afraid to take him before Chris Godwin (who can miss time), Michael Thomas (who is still not healthy), Amari Cooper (who has a terrible passing offense), and even Jerry Jeudy. I highly suggest taking a shot at Courtland Sutton in 2022.

Next in line is Jerry Jeudy. He had a little trouble in the offseason, but it was all sorted out and he will be ready to play.

In my eyes, Jerry Jeudy is going to be the number two option in this offense. He has all the talent in the world, we just have yet to see it and it can rear its ugly head if he doesn't produce with Wilson. In 2021, Jeudy was only able to play in ten games. In those ten games, he averaged 8.5 F.P.P.G (4/10 games over 10 fantasy points) and on the season, Jeudy caught 38 of 56 targets for 467 yards and zero touchdowns (that will go up).

There is some good news that might catch Wilson's eye. Jerry Jeudy was 1st in the league in target separation, which is always good to see. This should be no surprise as his route running is impeccable.

In 2022, Jerry Jeudy is being ranked as WR23 (Fantasy Pros), WR24 (F6P), and WR27 (Me). As you can tell from this whole section, I am down on Jerry Jeudy in 2022. Although I believe he will have a good season, Courtland Sutton will be the guy you will want.

The Depth

Tim "The Accountant" Patrick is going way too low (WR62), especially with Russell Wilson as QB. Let's not forget that in 2021 Tim Patrick outscored a "healthy" Courtland Sutton. He finished as WR40, catching 53 of 85 targets for 734 yards and five touchdowns. Tim Patrick also was able to score 10 or more points in 50% of his games played while dealing with mediocre QB play.

Tim Patrick has been nothing but consistent (two straight WR40 or better seasons) while dealing with an assortment of problems at Denver. I believe he is an excellent late-round draft pick, that will bring much-needed depth to your teams. Draft him whenever you can.

As for K.J. Hamler, it is best you leave him undrafted in shallow leagues. In deeper leagues though, take a shot on him. He has a chance at being a solid deep threat for the Broncos. He has to stay healthy though, Hamler has only been able to play in 16 of a possible 33 games.

Tight Ends

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Albert Okwuegbunam is the new starter in town and will have all the opportunity in the world to produce. Will he though? In 2021, he caught 33 of 40 targets for 330 yards and two touchdowns. Albert O finished as the TE30, despite not scoring 8 or more fantasy points in 10/14 games.

In 2022, Okwuegbunam is being drafted as TE17 (Fantasy Pros, F6P, and myself). You won't have to spend a high draft selection on him, so he could be a steal of your fantasy drafts.

There are some concerns though. First off, Russell Wilson hasn't produced a solid TE since Jimmy Graham. Secondly, there are many mouths to feed and he could get lost in the mix. Last but not least, the Broncos drafted a TE in the second round. Keep this in mind when drafting.

As for Greg Dulcich (2nd-round pick), there is a chance he makes a slight impact, but it won't be much. In redraft leagues, it is best to leave him undrafted. In Dynasty leagues, you should definitely be going for him. Dulcich can have a bright future ahead of him.

Final Thoughts

The 2022 Broncos are full of fantasy stars and terrific depth pieces. Russell Wilson will be a QB1, which will vault Sutton/Jeudy into WR2 (easily) territory, possibly even a WR1 in the mix. Tim Patrick will be a great depth piece, and K.J. Hamler will have a shot to prove himself.

Melvin Gordon has the better draft value, but Javonte Williams will end up outscoring him in fantasy. He is still worth a draft selection with where he is going, although it's risky. Albert O is also worth a draft selection, a possible breakout season is incoming.

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