2022 Fantasy Football: FantasyPros Mock Draft Wizard

by Michael Tomlin
2022 Fantasy Football Week 2 Stock Up/Down

Any serious Fantasy Football Manager knows that mock drafting is a key to preparation. I am here to reaffirm that the 2022 Fantasy Football: FantasyPros Mock Draft Wizard is the absolute apex of mock drafting.

The FantasyPros Mock Draft Wizard is a simulation using algorithms of every expert’s rankings on their site. This Draft Wizard is also the most efficient way to mock draft.

Since you are basically drafting against 11 computer-generated teams, you can use the FantasyPros Mock Draft Wizard to complete a draft in less than five minutes.

The customization of the FantasyPros Mock Draft Wizard has reached new heights as well. You can sync your league directly using their Draft Intel software, which uses your league mates’ prior drafting tendencies.

All in all, the 2022 Fantasy Football FantasyPros Mock Draft Wizard is a must-use for any Fantasy Football manager. The following draft was done on August 17th with the ADP and ECR current as of that date.

2022 Fantasy Football: FantasyPros Mock Draft Wizard

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League Setup

I went with a basic half-PPR league starting a quarterback, two running backs, two wide receivers, a tight end and a flex. I cut out the defenses and kickers.

Another aspect I saw that I think is new for this year is the position priority. You can use the FantasyPros Mock Draft Wizard to put a priority on certain positions that the computer will draft. This is useful if you know that your home league tends to take quarterbacks earlier.

I also chose the eighth draft slot. Everyone pretty much knows what they are doing at either turn. The middle of the rounds gets a little trickier.

Fantasy Pros Mock Draft Wizard

Round One

I was pleasantly surprised to see Justin Jefferson there for me in the eight hole. Most drafts, mock or real, have seen the top five picks be the same five guys (Jonathan Taylor, Christian McCaffrey, Cooper Kupp, Austin Ekeler, and Derrick Henry) in some order. Dalvin Cook and Najee Harris have seemed to start moving up as we get closer to the majority of drafts, so Jefferson has been slipping.

As you can see, the FantasyPros Mock Draft Wizard gives you more information in an easily read format than you could ever hope for. You see the percentage of “experts” that would take the player there along with their rankings, stats, projections, bye week, ADP, etc.

A feature I utilize in real drafts as well is the percentages in the left column. These are the percent chances that the player will be taken before your next pick, which we will utilize in a little bit.

Fantasy Pros Mock Draft Wizard

Round Two

This was the first real decision in my mock draft. I love the bounce-back ability of Saquon Barkley, but Aaron Jones is probably going to lead the Packers in receptions. In any sort of PPR format (the only type of leagues I play in) I would take Jones with his receiving upside.

Fantasy Pros Mock Draft Wizard

Round Three

One thing I am liking about the eighth slot is the flexibility. If you can get Jefferson in the first round and then back him up with a strong RB1 in Round Two, the entire board is open to you in the next few rounds.

I can go with a solid RB2 in James Conner or take a WR1-B basically with A.J. Brown or Tee Higgins. If you like an elite tight end build, Kyle Pitts is there for you.

I went with A.J. Brown because I love the upside. With two ridiculously high floors in Jefferson and Jones, I thought a swing for the fences here was warranted.

Round Four

Lo and behold, James Conner AND Kyle Pitts make it back to me! I am a big fan of the elite tight end and Pitts gives you more volume than you could hope for in a Round Four tight end.

Fantasy Pros Mock Draft Wizard

Round Five

This round is where the FantasyPros Mock Draft Wizard truly makes it all worth it. Besides all of the features I have highlighted, this round gave me a “Pick Insight” in the bottom right corner. The software is letting me know that if I want a quarterback, I should take one now since four of the teams picking twice before I pick again need signal callers.

I am also torn on who to pick. As much as I am a Brandin Cooks fan this year, the idea of an A.J. Dillon/Aaron Jones backfield is intriguing. Well time to use another feature! I am going to take Cooks and move on with the draft to see how the rest of my starting lineup fills out. I can then “Revert Pick” back and take Dillon to do the same.

When I take Cooks, I followed it up with Kyler Murray, Miles Sanders and Chase Edmonds as my first bench player. When I undo the picks back, I get Dillon, Marquise Brown, Tom Brady, and Edmonds as my bench guy again.

So, the FantasyPros Mock Draft Wizard allows you to see the butterfly effect of each pick. By taking Dillon, it pushes a wide receiver down the board (Brown) to a great value. Brady is basically a wash to Kyler Murray, and I would much rather have Dillon than Sanders. This type of tier manipulating with your picks is vital to building a championship roster.

Embed from Getty Images

Rounds Nine Through Twelve

One thing I have become a big proponent of the past year or two is that Average Draft Position (ADP) after Round Eight is almost meaningless. Take the guys you want. Do not worry about “reaching” or ridicule from your league mates about taking a player too early.

Now I say “almost” meaningless because you can still use the FantasyPros Mock Draft Wizard to order your favorite late-round targets to try and get as many as possible.

My suggestion: make a side list of your late-round guys. Use the FantasyPros Mock Draft Wizard to see when to pull the trigger on each guy on your list so you can get as many as you can.

Round Nine

I “reach” a round or two on Allen Lazard, but I feel like I have cornered the market on the Davante Adams vacuum in Green Bay. I mean there are worse ways to build your lineup than around one of the most talented quarterbacks in the history of the game.

Round Ten

With both of my starting running backs on the same team, I do need to branch out quicker for solid guys to fill in on their bye or bad matchups. Dameon Pierce fits that bill perfectly. He is a surprisingly high floor player in PPR formats and a great addition in the tenth round.

Round Eleven

I get another “Pick Insight” from the FantasyPros Mock Draft Wizard. This one is about Kadarius Toney being the last wide receiver of tier five available. I could use another wide-out but enough is enough. This Aaron Rodgers blasphemy has gone too far. I will go all-in on the Packers and take a second quarterback in Rodgers. (Yes, I know, having two quarterbacks with a combined age of over 80 is not ideal, but they might be two of the best five all-time guys.)

Round Twelve

I could use a fifth receiver here and Garrett Wilson is the perfect last pick. The Zach Wilson injury has suppressed Garrett Wilson’s ADP a bit but there is still massive upside.

FantasyPros Mock Draft Wizard Roster

This screen is where the mock drafting gets fun. The FantasyPros Mock Draft Wizard gives you all the analysis you could ever need on the mock draft you just completed.

The Wizard gave me a ‘B’ or 86 out of 100. I am fine with it though. I think the industry as a whole is under-valuing the Packers’ offense, which means that I am gaining the hidden value in it.

You can check out which experts liked your draft the most and which ones hated it. You can also see which picks were considered steals or reaches (I had zero reaches but some steals with Aaron Rodgers, Chase Edmonds, and Garrett Wilson).

The “Pick Analysis” tab is the moneymaker though. This algorithm shows you which moves could have been swapped to add the most overall value to your team.

For instance, it tells me that if I could have taken Kareem Hunt instead of Tom Brady. Then taking Russell Wilson instead of Nyheim Hines I would have added 26 points of value. (Honestly, I should have taken both Hunt and Hines and rode with Rodgers later, but I digress.)

Overall, I am happy with this team. I would go into a high-stakes redraft league with it and battle for sure.

The 2022 Fantasy Football: FantasyPros Mock Draft Wizard does give me some food for thought on a few of the picks. That is the beauty of it. There is no perfect draft. However, the FantasyPros Mock Draft Wizard can help you fine-tune any draft to near perfection.

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