2022 Fantasy Football Kansas City Chiefs Preview

by Mike LaPlant
2022 Fantasy Football Kansas City Chiefs Preview

This is your 2022 Fantasy Football Kansas City Chiefs Preview.

We all had quite the shock when we received the update about Tyreek Hill getting traded to the Miami Dolphins for a king's ransom. The Chiefs ended up trading their 2022 first, second, and fourth, as well as a fourth and a sixth-rounder in the 2023 draft. They ended up filling a lot of holes on this team that is covered up by Patrick Mahomes greatness every year.

Now they spent the majority of their draft picks filling their holes in this defense. With the exception of two offensive players, WR Skyy Moore & RB Isaih Pachecho. We're all wondering how Moore will fit into this offense with Travis Kelce and the additions of WRs J.J. Smith-Schuster and Marquez Valdes-Scantling. We can't forget about the silent signing of Ronald Jones from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for a one-year deal.

This team is looking like they want to just add more weapons for Mahomes to throw to instead of being so top-heavy in years past with Hill & Kelce. I bet you didn't know that there are over 300+ vacated targets in this offense. There are so many potential Fantasy points to be had in this offense if you can find the right player to draft.

In a league full of playmakers the Chiefs are shipping theirs out to other teams to try and win games. Let's find out in the 2022 Fantasy Football Kansas City Chiefs Preview.

2022 Fantasy Football Kansas City Chiefs Preview

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Patrick Mahomes finished as the QB4 last year, which for our standards was quite disappointing. He was unanimously drafted as the QB1 in last year's Fantasy drafts, but now it's Josh Allen who is going as the unanimous QB1. Giving Mahomes probably the best value in drafts you will see since his 1st year as a starter when he scored 417 Fantasy points.

As of now, FantasyData has Mahomes ADP right at pick 30 overall, right in the middle of the third round. This is stupid value for a guy that is guaranteed 4,700 passing yards when healthy. Sure, he doesn't have his game-changing weapon anymore in Tyreek Hill, but this team still has a lot of talent. If there were ever a coach/quarterback combination we trust as much as Brady & Bellichek, it's Mahomes & Andy Reid.

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If you didn't know already Mahomes will be fine without Tyreek Hill in this offense. In the five games without Hill, Mahomes threw for 1,737 yards, eight touchdowns, and only one interception. Let's also not forget Travis Kelce is still in the mix with this new group of speedy wide receivers.

There will be a learning curve without Hill for the first couple of weeks of this offense, I'm sure of it. But if you're looking for the one quarterback back that realistically has a chance to dethrone Josh Allen as QB1, he's your man. If you want the most consistent piece of this offense for the cheapest price in years go and get you some shares of Mahomes.

Running Backs

In 2020 the Chiefs starting RB Damien Williams went down in the preseason with a major injury. Thrusting rookie Clyde-Edwards-Helaire onto the hype train leading up to that season. That year according to FantasyData, Edwards-Helaire was being drafted at the sixth overall spot with the likes of Dalvin Cook & Derrick Henry.

Unfortunately, he only finished as RB22 killing everyone's teams who drafted him that high. Leaving a pretty bad taste in most Fantasy managers' mouths for 2021 as he was being taken at 36th overall. Now this year he is right around the same spot at 38th overall, and his only enemy is Ronald Jones and his own health.

Even though CEH only played in 10 games last year he still averaged more snaps per game, rushes per snap, touches per snap, and more Fantasy points per snap than Darrell Williams. This shows me that Andy Reid and Mahomes want CEH to be a featured part of this high-flying offense. They don't run the ball the most out of any NFL team but they throw it to their RBs consistently.

Just last year this offense targeted the running backs 106 times, 57 of which went to Williams who is now on the Arizona Cardinals. Insert Ronald Jones a player well known for not being to catch the rock. It's plausible that all the pass-catching duties fall on Clyde this year.

With that being said he should be of great value as a high-end RB2 or a low-end RB1 with this explosive offense. It's hard to envision an outcome where Ronald Jones outscores CEH without any injury helping him. Leaving Jones as nothing more than a handcuff in an offense oozing with Fantasy points.

Wide Receivers

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As stated in the intro to this article, this offense has over 300+ vacated targets they need to fill. Leaving all Fantasy managers scrambling to find the next "WR1" in this offense outside of Kelce. The leading candidate is JuJu Smith-Schuster according to the ADP. He is the first receiver from this offense being taken at 108 overall.

If we follow the money though, Marquez Valdes-Scantling is now the highest-paid wide receiver for the Chiefs. Giving some people doubt about Smith-Schuster's possible outcome as this team's WR1. That is a lot of hype for a guy who has never seen any more than 72 targets in a season. The reason he might not see a lot of targets is that he can't catch them. His best year was his rookie year with a 52.8% catch percentage. He's not reliable, simple as that.

Now we're getting into the nitty-gritty with names like Mecole Hardman & rookie Skyy Moore. Will Hardman finally breakout after being drafted 56th overall in the 2019 NFL Draft? The answer to that is probably not. He has shown flashes here and there with his speed but just like Valdes-Scantling, there is no reliability beyond that. Only registering as many as 83 targets last year when the Chiefs threw it close to 700 times last year.

Skyy Moore, the newest and flashiest name added to this offense this year. He and Valdes-Scantling are going right around each other at the 142nd-146th overall range for their ADP. He's a lightning bolt out of Western Michigan sizing out at 5' 10" and 195 lbs. This isn't the body archetype we typically see on WR1s for teams.

History is not on his side for his size, but this offense produced Tyreek Hill who is one of those few undersized WR1s like Antonio Brown used to be in his prime. But even so, it took Hill & Brown years to take that leap into the WR1 category. Moore will show his flashes in this offense but it won't be consistent till the second half of the year and in future years to come.

Overall the most likely outcome will be that JuJu Smith-Schuster will be the leading target leader in this WR core. With Moore, Hardman, & Valdes-Scantling getting sprinkled in there from time to time. There is nothing wrong with wanting any piece of this offense that ranks in the Top 10 every year since Mahomes has taken over.

Tight Ends

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After five straight seasons of Travis Kelce finishing as the TE1, he finally fell to Mark Andrews of the Baltimore Ravens. It doesn't matter, this is Future Hall of Famer Travis Kelce we're talking about. He is guaranteed at least 135+ targets and it looks like more now with the departure of Hill. He is the clear and unquestioned number one target in this offense, and Mahomes favorite target in critical moments.

In the four games Kelce has played without Hill he's had 25 receptions for 351 yards and one touchdown. It doesn't "wow you, but in that span, he was targeted 35 times. You just don't come across volume like that very often with a tight end. Outside of Kelce, Kyle Pitts & Mark Andrews, there are no tight ends that are the number one option on their offense.

If you get the chance to snatch up Kelce at the beginning of the second round or the middle, don't even hesitate. Rush to that podium.

Final Verdict

With Andy Reid & Patrick Mahomes at the helm, this team will always be a team that passes the ball to set up the run. They will most likely finish in the top three in passing attempts, and in the bottom half of the league in rushing attempts. That doesn't kill running backs like CEH and Ronald Jones value as they are needed players in this passing game.

It will be hard to find consistently outside of Kelce on a week-to-week basis. But is entirely possible for someone like JuJu who showed he can do it in the past for the Steelers. You will find the best draft value in players like Skyy Moore, Valdes-Scantling, and Hardman but will be second-guessing yourself every time you put them in a line-up.

They need to prove that they can be consistent before we can start setting them and forgetting them in our line-ups. Until then it's Mahomes and Kelce that will be leading the charge this year for teams.

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