2022 Fantasy Football Rest of Season Rankings

by Richard Savill
2022 Fantasy Football Rest of Season Rankings

Did injuries ruin your fantasy season in 2022? Was it more than two? Did your team tank after the loss of Cooper Kupp; scuttling your hopes for a playoff spot?

Well, I have a solution. I call it "shared misery fantasy football."

Basically, it works like this. If any of your players goes on IR or is lost for the season, you can share a player of a comparable tier to your team from another manager in your league. You could have the same player active on two teams in your league.

In return, the manager you borrowed from can select any player he wants to lay a claim on from your team. This claimed player cannot be shared by any other team should they have an injury. As an added benefit, this owner can use this player during a bye week only.

There is more tweaking I need to make to this scheme work equitably for the league. You could even preset these claims during a draft.

These are just some random thoughts to address the injury problems in fantasy and to suggest another interesting redraft fantasy variant game.

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I hope you find these rankings useful through the 2022 season. Updated every Thursday with new commentary.

Remember, the RoS table reflects the rankings if you were drafting today.

The ranking momentum brackets in the blurbs here are all subject to on-the-fly changes throughout the week.

2022 Fantasy Football Rest of Season Rankings

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Changes near the top this week in brief...2022 Fantasy Football Rest of Season Rankings

QBs: No notable changes this week.

RBs: Last week Christian McCaffrey (RB3↔) held the top spot, but got a downgrade this week. Why? Well, it is slowly becoming clear that Kyle Shanahan is slowly, but surely, creating an uncomfortable looking timeshare in the new backfield of the 49ers. Elijah Mitchell (NR) went down with an injury, but instead of adding extra workload to McCaffrey or Deebo Samauel (WR14↔), Shanahan turned to UDFA Jordan Mason to completely fill the gap that Mitchell left. This shift puts Austin Ekeler (RB1↔) at the top this week.

WRs: After a brief blip, Justin Jefferson (WR1↔) resumes his place on the platform. No one doubts the possibility of a consensus 1.01 to start 2023 for Jefferson. We haven't seen a top receiver hold that coveted fanatsy space since, well, you know who that was. He's a rare talent and his fourth and 18 catch against the Bills is still talked about. Aptly named, of course, the "4th and 18 Catch" in the history of great plays. It was just as stunning as the David Tyree "Helmet Catch" in Super Bowl XLII.

TEs: No notable changes this week.

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Riser and Faller of the Week

Riser: Garrett Wilson (WR21↑), New York Jets

Actually, the whole Jets offense could claim this spot this week. Mike White (QB23↑) put an end to the Zach Wilson (QB40↔) designless presence behind center. If White continues to excel, then that is it for Zach Wilson. Benefitting immediately out of this in particular was rookie Garrett Wilson. It seems a shame really that his chances for rookie honors went out the window. His last game with Zach Wilson netted him just two receptions for 12 yards. With Mike White, he became the WR2 on the week with 95 yards and two touchdowns. A complete turnaround. Garrett Wilson may not get rookie of the year, but with playoffs now looking like fresh green shoots sprouting up, good memories for his first season may yet lie ahead.

Faller: Alvin Kamara (RB19↓), New Orleans Saints

Alvin can still post the big ones, but they are getting further and further apart. His last top ten RB finish was in Week 8 against the Raiders where he actually topped the list at number one. It is true that he has battled injury and continues to play a bit banged up, but there is concern in some fantasy circles that we could be looking at an early burn out. It happens. Don't give up on Kamara just yet. Often, when I feature a player in this spot, they seem to turn things around on a dime in the next game.

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