2022 Fantasy Football: Underdog Fantasy Big Board Primer

by Preston White
2022 Fantasy Football: Underdog's The Big Board Primer

Welcome to the 2022 Fantasy Football: Underdog Fantasy Big Board Primer!

The Los Angeles Rams just beat the Cincinnati Bengals in Super Bowl LVI and we are now officially in next season mode!

One of the reasons Best Ball is one of the greatest formats is that Best Ball season basically never ends. Well, it's only over when it's time for the NFL season. But the second the post-NFL season sadness hits, Best Ball is there to pick you back up.

Now that the Best Ball season is officially underway with the release of the Big Board tournament hosted by Underdog Fantasy, our Best Ball content is officially underway too.

If you're new to Underdog, be sure to use our sign-up link for a free bonus with your first deposit. Now let's get started.

2022 Fantasy Football: Underdog Fantasy Big Board Primer

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The Rules

Regardless of fantasy format, knowing all of the rules for a league is an often overlooked edge. So for those more familiar with Best Ball Mania and the Puppies, it's important to point out the advancement structure.

In the Big Board, the top-3 teams from the initial group of 12 will advance to round one of the playoffs. Both rounds two and three will also consist of groups of 12.

In round two, the top-2 teams will advance. However, only the top-1 team will advance in round three to move on to the finals.

In addition to the slightly different playoff structure that most are accustomed to, the biggest change comes with the number of draft rounds. As of the Big Board, drafts are now 20 rounds, compared to 18 previously.

I'll dive into roster construction surrounding the added rounds at a later date. For now, just be cognizant of your positional allocation as you draft.

Don't force an extra QB when you took two early just because you have some extra space. Use the spots to your advantage. Having the extra two roster spots is definitely helpful given the uncertainty from drafting this early.

The Main Catch

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The biggest edge we can have in these early Best Ball drafts is with the ADPs. Drafting this early results in loose and fluctuating ADPs for a lot of players.

Taking stances on individual players is key in early drafts. For instance, if you think Kareem Hunt gets traded, then go draft him at his ADP.

If you believe Aaron Rodgers leaves Green Bay, consider fading Davante Adams at his ADP. Do you think Rodgers goes to Denver? Well then go load up on Jerry Jeudy and Courtland Sutton now.

It's also crucial to be following all of the news around the NFL. Players can be traded in the middle of a draft. A free agent may sign right before you join a draft lobby. Use the information to your advantage.

In addition, take advantage of biases that other drafters have from last season being so recent. For example, Calvin Ridley was an early 2nd round pick last year. Since he took the rest of last season off, he's being drafted as an early 4th round pick.

Ridley is experiencing the same ADP dip as an injured player. So it's a great time to buy into Ridley's discounted ADP before it inevitably rises.

Check out our Fantasy Football page for more content throughout the offseason!

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