2022 Fantasy Football Week 5 Trends and Storylines

by Daniel Johnson
2022 Fantasy Football Trends and Storylines

Unfortunately, it feels like most of the 2022 Fantasy Football Week 5 Trends and Storylines surround injuries and lack of production. Most are discouraging for fantasy managers and the players they drafted at a premium.

But there were some positive developments this week that are worth following going into the weekend. So let's get right to it.

As always, two trends/storylines I'm noticing that are encouraging, and two that are discouraging.

2022 Fantasy Football Week 5 Trends and Storylines

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The Encouraging

The Packers Have Two WR2s in Allen Lazard and Romeo Doubs

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This would be less of an encouraging headline if we were talking about the running back position. Which, honestly, we probably could, given the division of labor between Aaron Jones and A.J. Dillon. But it's a different story when we're talking about pass-catchers.

It's still incredibly clear that the Packers offense is figuring out its identity without Davante Adams, especially in the passing game. But signs are encouraging for Allen Lazard and Romeo Doubs owners.

Lazard has 14 targets, 161 receiving yards, and a touchdown over the last two weeks. Doubs has 16 targets, 120 receiving yards, and two touchdowns (very nearly three) in that same time span. We figured these two would see an uptick in production as the season pushed on, simply because Rodgers is still Rodgers.

The Packers offense will only get more efficient and explosive moving forward. These two are automatic starts as WR2s/Flexes moving forward.

Hollywood Brown is Getting All the Volume, and He's Balling Out

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I almost didn't believe the number when I saw it myself. But, over the last three games, Marquise Brown has 39 targets. Thirty-nine! He's made the most of those opportunities too, having generated 26 receptions, 296 receiving yards, and a touchdown during that time.

Perhaps most encouraging: Rondale Moore returned to the offense this week, and Hollywood still blew him away in targets. Now, I can understand if Brown owners are concerned about the looming return of DeAndre Hopkins from suspension in a few weeks.

Personally, I don't think we'll see his role change/diminish much when Hopkins returns. But it's understandable right now if you wanted to test the market to see what sort of king's ransom you can get for such insane production. For a fourth-round draft pick, he's playing better than some first-and-second rounders.

Otherwise, sit back and enjoy the ride.

The Discouraging

What's Worse: Jonathan Taylor Being Injured, or Getting 7.6 PPG from Him?

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So, from a humane perspective, obviously anytime a player gets hurt is worse than their lack of production. But it's been a brutal last three weeks for JT owners, and there's no light at the end of the tunnel.

Indeed, since Week 2, Taylor has only yielded fantasy managers 7.6 points per game. It seems he's only been able to run as far as the plays have been blocked, and the offensive line has been terrifically inefficient. Defenses aren't scared to stack the box and let Matt Ryan try to beat them with his aging arm.

He injured himself in the fourth quarter during Sunday's game against the Titans (whom, by the way, he should have run all over). The organization initially feared that it was a high ankle sprain, but scans came back clean. There's now optimism that he might only miss Thursday night's game in Denver, if that.

Still—it's time to start getting concerned here. This is an anemic offense, and Taylor was last year's RB1 because of his red zone volume and his ability to rip off big runs. He's had virtually no opportunities or production in either of those categories.

For this week? If he's active against the Broncos, I'd consider benching him. Long-term? You picked him first overall. I guess you'll have to wait and see.

Call Em' as They Are: Allen Robinson II, Cam Akers, and Travis Etienne, Jr. Are Busts

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These were three of the buzziest names of the offseason. I, myself, touted them as extreme values. I advocated reaching for them to whatever extent you could.

Dead wrong. Both Akers and Robinson look to have lost a step in their explosiveness (can we even call it that?), and it seems Sean McVay and Matthew Stafford have little-to-no faith in either of them. They look slow. They drop passes, or they catch them and fall.

It certainly doesn't help that the Rams are dealing with a patchwork offensive line right now. Stafford, at best, looks totally out of rhythm. As Joe Buck and Troy Aikman loved repeating on Monday night's broadcast: it's the Cooper Kupp and Tyler Higbee show in LA. (And, by the way, it's not working).

As for Etienne, our expectations of his role and volume were simply too high. We didn't expect James Robinson to come back and look like a rookie again. We figured he and Lawrence, under a competent head coach, would re-establish their mind meld from Clemson. He hasn't gotten more than 15 touches in a game once, and they're not high-value touches.

It's getting tough to waste bench spots on these guys. You won't hear much complaint from me if you're frustrated enough to drop them.

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