2022 Fantasy Football Week 5 Vampire League Starters

by Travis Argo
2022 Fantasy Football Week 5 Vampire League Starters

Welcome to the 2022 Fantasy Football Week 5 Vampire League Starters!

I'm on a roll right now, winning my second game in a row, and I had another tough decision on what player to snag away from my latest victim. It was between Aaron Jones and Jonathan Taylor, and even though he is injured right now, I decided to take Taylor. Right now, I have a strong base with Lamar Jackson and Jonathan Taylor (once he returns).

I hope you guys were victorious in Week 4; now, let's build another week-winning lineup in Week 5 to snag another player from our next victim.

2022 Fantasy Football Week 5 Vampire League Starters

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Zach Wilson, New York Jets

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Wilson had a decent return after missing three games due to an ankle injury! He walked away with a 25 fantasy point performance in Week 4, racking up 252 yards and two touchdowns. He has a great matchup in Week 5 against the Dolphins.

The Dolphins allow the second-most fantasy points to quarterbacks. They allow 24.4 fantasy points, 304.5 yards, and two touchdowns per game to quarterbacks.

Not only does Wilson have a great matchup against the Dolphins, but the Jets' offense has been super pass-happy in the red zone. They have thrown 10 passes than rushes in the red zone so far this season, which means touchdowns will be plenty for Wilson in Week 5.

Running Backs

Nyhiem Hines, Indianapolis Colts

I briefly mentioned in the introduction that Jonathan Taylor is dealing with an injury, and the Colts have officially ruled that Taylor will be out for their Thursday night game against the Broncos.

Nyhiem Hines will be the main guy with Taylor out. We know that Hines is usually the pass-catching back, but he has been an effective runner throughout his career. He averages 4.1 yards per carry for his career, add his decent rushing ability with his elite pass-catching skill, and you're looking at a week-winning running back.

Hines' matchup against the Broncos will be a tough one. They only allow 18.5 fantasy points per game to running backs, but the short week will likely mean Hines will receive the bulk of the running back work.

Jamaal Williams, Detroit Lions

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Williams had a fantastic week in Week 4 with 108 yards and two touchdowns, and Williams should have another great one in Week 5 since Swift is expected to miss another week.

When Williams is on the field, the Lions use him quite a bit; he has a 59.8 percent snaps with a touch rate. Williams' snap rate with a touch is about 20 percent higher than Swift's rate. Proof that Williams is a commanding presence in Detroit's offense.

Williams is in the same boat as Hines; he has a huge workload but a tough matchup in Week 5. Williams will face off against the Patriots, who only allow 17.8 fantasy points and 93.7 yards per game to running backs. Even with the tough matchup, Williams is a must-start for everyone, not just vampires.

Wide Receivers

Tyler Boyd, Cincinnati Bengals

Boyd has been a steady producer this season, averaging 4.8 targets and 50.5 yards. His advanced stats are also consistent but show room for improvement. He is averaging 55.3 air yards, has 18.6 percent of the Bengals' air yards, and has a decent 12.3 target share.

Boyd has the best matchup for a wide receiver in Week 5, the Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens allow the most fantasy points to wide receivers, allowing 49.7 fantasy points, 242 yards, and 1.5 touchdowns per game.

I know Boyd isn't a name that shouts game-winning week, but his matchup against the Ravens, his steady production, and being in a pass-heavy offense point to him being the guy who can be a solid building block toward a victory.

Noah Brown, Dallas Cowboys

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Micheal Gallup is slowly returning to speed in the Cowboys' offense. Many believe that Noah Brown's day as Dallas' number two wide receiver is ending, but I think that is far from the truth.

Brown is averaging 6.8 targets and 68.5 yards and clearly has a rapport with Cooper Rush. Brown is averaging 70.8 air yards per game which is about 27.5 percent of the Cowboys' team air yards. Take those air yards and add his 20.6 percent target share, and you are looking at an excellent WR2 for the rest of the season.

In Week 5, Brown has a fantastic matchup against the Rams, who allow the second-most fantasy points to wide receivers. They allow 47.9 fantasy points, 211 yards, and 1.5 touchdowns per game to WRs.

Even if Gallup regains his status as the Cowboys' number two, remember that the Cowboys have been able to produce three fantasy-relevant wide receivers in their past under Mike McCarthy.

Tight End

Logan Thomas, Washington Commanders

I'm taking a chance on the tight-end position in Week 5. I should probably go with a safe option like Tyler Higbee or David Njoku, but I love Thomas's potential against the Titans.

The Titans allow the second-most fantasy points to tight ends. They allow 20 points, 77.7 yards, and one touchdown per game. It almost seems like a guarantee that Thomas will have the bare-minimum game for tight ends (60 yards and a touchdown).

I mentioned that Thomas comes with some risk, but not too much. Thomas is in the upper tier of tight ends of most advanced stats like air yards, averaged depth-of-target, and team target share.

Add Thomas' advanced stats with his fantastic matchup against the Titans, and you have a tight end who can help crush your opponents as you walk away with their best player.


Marquez Valdes-Scantling, Kansas City Chiefs

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So far this season, no Chiefs wide receiver has made a stake or claim on Tyreek Hill's former workload. It's been a rotating chosen one from week to week, and Week 5 VMS should be the chosen one.

Despite not having a breakout game, VMS has put together some decent stat lines early this season. He is averaging 61.8 air yards, 16.8 percent target share, and 10.7 yards-per-target. Hopefully, Valdes-Scantling can goose up these averages with his Week 5 matchup.

Valdes-Scantling has a terrific matchup against the Las Vegas Raiders. They allow 34.7 fantasy points, 159.2 yards, and one touchdown per game to wide receivers.

VMS has had great success against this Raiders' secondary in the past. In his last game against the Raiders, he racked up 133 yards and a touchdown. There is nothing to suggest he can't do that again this season.

Defense/Special Teams

Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks have been consistent this season, averaging 8.7 points each week. In Week 5, the Seahawks are facing off against a Saints offense that struggles to score and hold on to the ball.

The Saints have allowed 13 sacks, six fumbles, five interceptions, and two touchdowns (and a partridge in a pear tree) to defensive units. All signs point to the Seahawks continuing their streak of eight-plus points per week.

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