2022 Fantasy Football Week 6 Drop List

by Mike Bonni
2021 Fantasy Football NFL Draft Winners

Welcome to the 2022 Fantasy Football Week 6 Drop List.

As is customary, I will discuss which players should be removed from your roster.

This week, the main course will be me letting my frustrations out on Allen Robinson and the Los Angeles Rams. Other than that, I will provide a few players that have found themselves "on the bubble". Be sure to keep an eye on those guys in that section.

Now that Week 5 is in the books, now is the time to get rid of those struggling players. Continue reading the 2022 Fantasy Football Week 6 Drop List below to see who made the list.

2022 Fantasy Football Week 6 Drop List

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Former "Star" Can Hit the Bricks

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Allen Robinson, WR, Los Angeles Rams (75.2% owned)

Hell's bells were the masses wrong on Allen Robinson, me included. I thought Allen Robinson was talented enough to put up Robert Woods' number in 2021 (when he was healthy), but I was wrong.

Allen Robinson is washed.

In 2022, Allen Robinson is sporting a brave 12.1% target share (4th on the team, which is behind Ben Skowronek). It's also worth mentioning that Allen Robinson is averaging 7.5 FPPG (75th WR). Yes! You read that right. I'm just going to throw out a few more depressing stats for Allen Robinson real quick.

  • Allen Robinson has yet to top 55 receiving yards or five catches in a game.
  • In four of the five games played, Robinson scored four or fewer fantasy points (One game with 15 fantasy points).
  • In Week 5, Allen Robinson saw a season-low snap % (83%). He was averaging 95% in the previous four games.

Now is the time to let go of Allen Robinson. There are better choices out there, for any position. I would rather see the Joneses from Jacksonville on your team, or even Rondale Moore. Please, and I mean this, drop Allen Robinson.

As for the Rams as a team, they are a mess. They have no running game, no offensive line, and the only reliable receiver is Cooper Kupp.

The reigning super bowl champions are in trouble.

My mini-rant is over.

Not Going To Say It Again

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Julio Jones, WR, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (49.9%)

The fact that Julio Jones is still sitting on rosters at 49.9% is mind-boggling to me. He has only been available (availability is the best skill) in two of five games. In those two games, Julio Jones has caught four of seven targets (3.5% Target Share) for 76 yards. Julio is only averaging 5.5 targets a game as well.

Get him off your roster now. There are much better options on the waiver wire. Zay Jones (11.3 FPPG), Marvin Jones Jr (8.8 FPPG), and even Rondale Moore are better options (avg. 6.5 targets/game in his last two games).

On The Bubble

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Chase Edmonds, RB, Miami Dolphins (80.2%)

  • Raheem Mostert (18-113-1; 3/1-9; four straight games over 55% snap share)
  • He has three straight games with a sub-50% snap share.
  • Chase Edmonds now has four straight games with six or fewer carries.
  • In 2022, Edmonds only has a 7.7% target share (the lowest since 2019)
  • In Week 5, he only played 15% of snaps.

*Keep an eye on him moving forward*

Khalil Herbert, RB, Chicago Bears (77.3%)

  • In Week 5, Herbert only carried the ball four times for 11 yards (ZERO targets).
  • Khalil Herbert only played 28% of snaps in Week 5.
  • David Montgomery (72% snap share) is back (12-20-1; 4/4-62; 18 Fantasy Points)
  • With Montgomery healthy, Khalil Herbert is only averaging 5.7 fantasy points (3 games).

It's possible David Montgomery might have some lingering injuries, so that is the reason for Herbert getting placed in this section.

That should do it for the 2022 Fantasy Football Week 6 Drop List. Get direct access to our award-winning analysts via Discord and more by signing up for a F6P Membership!

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1 comment

John Sabo October 13, 2022 - 1:37 am

Well not gonna leave a mark telling us to drop Julio Jones. It’s been said and we all know that he is not gonna play to 100% healthy. Also said they want for playoff run. So how your reading off his stats when we all been told Bucs waiting 100% and want for PS run. Not saying he gonna go off later in season. But def worth stashing more then ALOT of other players. Herbert also dumb. Dumb best backup in NFC??


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