2022 Fantasy Football Week 8 Vampire League Starters

by Travis Argo
2022 Fantasy Football Week 8 Vampire League Starters

Welcome to the 2022 Fantasy Football Week 8 Vampire League Starters article!

This vampire has extended the winning streak to five in a row. I was probably one of the few fantasy managers able to withstand the storm that was Ja'Marr Chase. Thankfully, I started Eno Benjamin and Tyler Boyd to counteract Chase's huge game because Leonard Fournette and Lamar Jackson didn't help me out too much. Nevertheless, I was victorious, and Ja'Marr Chase is the newest addition to my team. I now have Lamar Jackson, Jonathan Taylor, Leonard Fournette, Justin Jefferson, and Ja'Marr Chase. I don't want to jinx myself, but my team is a real threat for a championship with the current base I have built.

Enough of my self-congratulations, and let's get to you, my loyal children of the night. I hope you successfully claimed a victim in Week 7; if not, let's change your luck in Week 8.

2022 Fantasy Football Week 8 Vampire Leagues Starters

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Tua Tagovailoa, Miami Dolphins

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I'll admit that there are few other starting quarterbacks with a better matchup, like PJ Walker against the Falcons, or Andy Dalton against the Raiders, but I don't trust them as much as a passer like I trust Tua Tagovailoa.

Tagvailoa had a decent start in his return from injury, racking up 261 yards and a touchdown! Let's see if he can continue that success and get back on track in Week 8 against the Lions. 

If Tua has a big game against the Lions, it wouldn't be a surprise considering they are one of the worst defenses in the league. The Lions' defense averages 412.2 yards in total offense to opposing teams and allows the 11th most passing yards per game. 

The Lions' defense has been a fantasy gold mine for quarterbacks. They allow the fourth-most fantasy points to QBs, allowing 20.8 points, 222.1 yards, and 1.2 touchdowns per game.

The Lions average 35 passing attempts per game to opposing quarterbacks this season. In games where Tagovailoa has 35 or more passing attempts, he averages 19.8 fantasy points. So all signs point to Tua having a week-winning performance for vampires in Week 8.

Running Backs

Latavius Murray, Denver Broncos

Murray has been decent since becoming a Denver Bronco; he is averaging 11.5 attempts and 45 yards in his first two games in Denver. Anyone who has watched the Broncos would agree that the staff trusts Murray with the ball more than Melvin Gordon. In fact, Gordon doesn't have a single carry in the red zone since splitting the rushing game with Murray. In Week 8, we will get an even clear look at the Broncos' running back usage against their fantastic matchup against the Jaguars.

The Jaguars' defense apparently doesn't realize that offenses use running backs. They allow the seventh-most fantasy points to running backs, allowing 26.2 fantasy points, 86.4 yards, 53 receiving yards, and 0.7 touchdowns per game to running backs.

Murray will be a great starting option for vampires with his almost guaranteed red zone workload and terrific matchup. 

D'Onta Foreman, Carolina Panthers

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Typically, we, as vampires, must wait for a star running back to get injured before we get access to a starting running back. However, Christian McCaffrey's trade has given vampires a true gift named D'Onta Foreman.

Foreman received most of the workload in Week 7 and had a great game with 15 carries for 118 yards. Yes, he'll have to split duties with Chuba Hubbard, but Hubbard is dealing with an ankle injury, and Foreman has proven that he deserves most of the carries going forward this season. 

Now, in Week 8, he has a fantastic matchup against the Falcons. The Falcons allow 24.7 fantasy points, 93.8 yards, 51.7 yards, and 0.5 touchdowns per game to running backs!

Another feather in Foreman's cap is that PJ Walker will start again in Week 8, and the Panthers' offense looked competent against one of the better defenses in the NFL. Hopefully, that success will continue in Week 8.

Wide Receivers

Tyler Boyd, Cincinnati Bengals

Tyler Boyd helped me snag Ja'Marr Chase, so of course, I suggest you start him. I don't think he'll have a 150-yard-plus game, but he has been a great starting option for vampires, averaging 5.4 targets, 65 yards, and 11.9 yards-per-target for the season.

He has a great matchup against the Browns in Week 8. The Browns allow 31.6 fantasy points, 151.2 yards, and 0.7 touchdowns per game to running backs. Boyd has had some decent success against the Browns in the past, averaging 5.7 targets, 48.7 yards, and 0.4 touchdowns for his career.

Wan'Dale Robinson, New York Giants

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Wan'Dale Robinson is becoming a featured part of the Giants' offense. He is averaging six targets and 43.5 yards in his last two games. His 17-game pace right now is 102 targets, 740 yards, and eight touchdowns, and those averages become higher with Robinson's matchup against the Seahawks. 

The Seahawks allow 28.5 fantasy points, 131.2 yards, and 0.7 touchdowns per game to wide receivers. Plus, Seattle allows 6.5 targets per game to slot receivers, where Robinson primarily lines up on the field.

Vampires should always start wide receivers who will get six-plus targets in a game and hope for decent yardage.

Tight End

Irv Smith Jr., Minnesota Vikings

When Irv Smith is on the field, he is getting targeted. Smith has 11.2 percent of the Vikings' air yards and has a 22.3 targeted-on-route percentage, one of the better rates among tight ends. When Smith gets 50 percent or more of the Vikings' offensive snaps, he averages 5.4 targets and should get that amount of targets against the Cardinals.

Vance Joseph should remind his defense that tight ends are allowed to catch the ball because they have been crushed by tight ends this season. The Cardinals allow 20.5 fantasy points, 77 yards, and 0.8 touchdowns per game to tight ends. 

Starting tight ends against the Cardinals is quickly becoming a golden rule for the 2022 Fantasy Football season and is becoming a cheat code for vampires.


Chris Olave, New Orleans Saints 

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Olave is becoming a fantasy superstar in his rookie season. Since Week 2, Olave has been averaging 10.6 targets and 90.8 yards. That's a 17-game pace of 1,544 yards and seven touchdowns, and his Week 8 matchup against the Raiders could make that season total a reality.

The Raiders allow 35.8 fantasy points, 143.1 yards, and 0.8 touchdowns. On Sunday, you better get used to seeing the Raiders' secondary trying to chase down Olave because it will happen a bunch on Sunday. I'm setting the over/under at 6 for Chris Olave appearances on the Red Zone channel.

Defense/Special Teams

Carolina Panthers

My five-game winning streak might be messing with my head and analysis, but I think the Panthers' defense will be a great starting option for vampires in Week 8.

The Panthers' defense hasn't had zero or negative fantasy point total this year on the Sleeper app, and only one zero-point game on other platforms. They are currently the 13th-best defense for this season in fantasy points. Plus, they are averaging a sack per game, have four interceptions, and have three defensive touchdowns this year. 

In Week 8, they are facing off the Atlanta Falcons, one of the league's worst offenses. The Falcons' offense has allowed 17 sacks, four interceptions, and four fumbles.

I'm going to take the chance that a Arthur Smith's heavy run offense, led by the always-fumbling Marcus Mariota, will cough up some fantasy gold for vampires in Week 8.

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