2022 Fantasy Football Week 9 Trends and Storylines

by Daniel Johnson
2022 Fantasy Football Trends and Storylines

The reaper spareth no man. Such has been the through-line for the majority of this fantasy football season; such determines the theme of your 2022 Fantasy Football Week 9 Trends and Storylines.

It's the hallmark of a good fantasy manager that they win their league despite the injuries and suspensions and various personnel obstacles thrown their way. The mindset indeed has to be reminiscent of Littlefinger's philosophy in Game of Thrones: "Chaos isn't a pit. Chaos is a ladder." My kudos to you if you've managed to embrace the climb.

And yet, it doesn't make for very fun preambles to look-ahead storylines. It feels, most times, like this column begins with a laundry list of the marquee names we lost to significant injury on Sunday. How are we to replace this player, etc.

So I'm going to forego the laundry list; you know who you need to replace. Let's get right to the meat.

2022 Fantasy Football Week 9 Trends and Storylines

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The Encouraging

Greg Dulcich is a Glimmer of Fun at an Otherwise-Fickle TE Position

Dulcich de Leche it is! And, for a third week in a row, he didn't disappoint.

After snagging six catches on nine targets for 51 yards in Week 7, he showed out in London with four receptions on five targets for 87 yards. Other than Russell Wilson's big fourth quarter pass to K.J. Hamler, Dulcich arguably made the most impressive offensive play for the Broncos on a gorgeous seam route.

The Broncos's passing offense leaves a lot to be desired, still. Had Trevor Lawrence not thrown a goal line interception in the second half of Sunday's game, Denver likely would have lost. They're still not putting up enough points. But, through three weeks of lackluster air attack, Dulcich hasn't posted fewer than 11 fantasy points.

His role continues to expand. His hair never ceases to dazzle. When he gets back from his bye next week, he'll be a low-end TE1 for me going forward.

Alvin Kamara Has Returned

Embed from Getty Images
With Kamara, it always feels like it comes in bunches, doesn't it? Look no farther back than the six-touchdown Christmas Eve game that bloated his final fantasy line in 2020.

He hadn't scored a touchdown before this week, and his three touchdowns on Sunday were the sort of special, special stuff we expect to see from our man with the Christmas cleats.

Two of his touchdowns were through the air, and that remains his massive appeal. He caught nine balls this week on ten targets, seven on nine the week prior, and six of nine in Week 6. You get the point. The Saints are committed to what their offense looks like with Andy Dalton at the helm, and checking down to Kamara out of the backfield is a linchpin to that success.

In a year when so many headliner names are disappointing (we'll get to you in a minute, Jonathan Taylor), it sure was a hoot to be invited to Kamara's 2022 Arrival Party against the Raiders on Sunday.

The Discouraging

Jonathan Taylor is *This* Close to Achieving 2022 Bust Status

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Undisputed 1.01. Safest pick on the board. Great offensive line. Offense runs through him. Guaranteed volume, no competition for touches.

Yeah, well. How'd it feel to see him lead-blocking as the fullback on Nyheim Hines's red zone touchdown run on Sunday?

Short of Najee Harris's, Jonathan Taylor's production on the field has been the most spectacularly disappointing of any pick in the first round. In 2021, his performances were defined by long runs and domination in the red zone.

Well—he's not ripping off big runs. His production in the red zone is ugly: 14 carries for 18 yards and a single touchdown through seven games played. Worse still? He only accounts for 63.6% of the Colts's carries inside the 20 yard line, and only 57.1% inside the five.

On his one decent run on Sunday, he coughed up a fumble. He has more fumbles than touchdowns. And, to make it worse, he aggravated his right ankle injury. It's fair to think that this is an ailment that will either A) hang around for the rest of the year and plummet his snap count and/or B) bludgeon his efficiency whenever he does get the ball.

We should all get our medicine out of the cabinet and steel ourselves to take it sooner than later. This has big-time bust written all over it.

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