2022 Fantasy Football Week 9 Vampire League Starters

by Travis Argo
2022 Fantasy Football Week 9 Vampire League Starters

Welcome to the 2022 Fantasy Football Week 9 Vampire League Starters article!

October is over, and so is my winning streak. I tried my best last week, but I couldn't overcome the Juggernaut roster of my opponent. He had Derrick Henry, Alvin Kamara, and Tyreek Hill and scored 180.78 points. My measly amount of 127.22 points was solid in any other week, but not this week.

Enough of my crying and wailing; I hope you guys were victorious in Week 8. If not, let's change your luck in Week 9. Just a warning: Week 9 will be tough for us vampires because of tough matchups.

2022 Fantasy Football Week 9 Vampire League Starters

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Trevor Lawrence, Jacksonville Jaguars

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This season, Trevor Lawrence has produced roller coaster-like point totals, especially since Week 4. Despite his up-and-down production, He is averaging 20 fantasy points, 230 yards, and 1.3 touchdowns for the season, and that could be better.

Lawrence has been given more throwing opportunities in the red zone in Doug Pederson's offense than in his rookie year, but Lawrence has been making some bone-headed mistakes. Not to mention his wide receivers keep dropping the ball; Lawrence has a 6.4 percent drop rate which is one of the highest in the NFL. But his Week 9 matchup against the Raiders can quickly fix these red zone woes.

The Raiders allow the most fantasy points to quarterbacks, allowing 23 fantasy points, 268.5 yards, and 2.1 touchdowns per game.

Based on the Raiders' defense averages, everyone should start Trevor Lawrence, not just vampires.

Running Backs

Tyler Allgeier, Atlanta Falcons

Allgeier is averaging 14.5 attempts, 46.3 yards, and 0.3 touchdowns as a starter. It's not the most remarkable numbers, but it's a solid production. His yardage should be higher, considering he has a terrific 68.2 percent yards-after-rate.

His offensive line is failing because Allgeier is getting hit with contact at the line of scrimmage, yet he can make something out of nothing. Imagine what he could do if he had an open lane; that could happen this week against the Chargers.

The Chargers allow the second-most fantasy points per game to running backs. They allow 29.2 fantasy points, 128 rushing yards, 5.8 targets, 28.3 receiving yards, and one rushing touchdown per game to RBs.

Raheem Mostert, Miami Dolphins

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Mostert is making a consecutive repeat performance in the vampire article. In his last five games, Mostert is averaging 15.4 attempts, 74.8 rushing yards, and 0.2 touchdowns. That is excellent production for a running back, let alone a running back available for vampires. Mostert could be in line for most receiving work since Chase Edmonds has exited as part of the Bradley Chubb trade.

I know that Mostert was supposed to smash the Lions' defense in Week 8, but he still walked away with a respectable 14 carries for 64 yards. But he'll have the chance to make up for his Week 8 mistake against the Bears in Week 9.

The Bears allow 26.1 fantasy points, 114.3 yards, and 1.1 touchdowns per game to running backs. Teams should be able to crush the Bears' defense more in the running game now that Robert Quinn and Roquan Smith are gone via trade.

Wide Receivers

Curtis Samuel, Washington Commanders

It has been a few weeks, but welcome to the vampire article, Curtis Samuel.

He has been okay with Taylor Heinicke under center, averaging six targets and 51.5 yards with Heinicke as the starter. So some very ho-hum performances, but hopefully, Samuel can reignite his spark from the beginning of the season against the Vikings.

Even though the Vikings have a 6-1 record, their defense has struggled in stopping the pass. They allow 38 fantasy points, 198.7 yards, and 0.7 touchdowns per game to wide receivers. This secondary has yet to show any improvement since they allowed WRs to average 58.8 fantasy points in the last two weeks.

Marquez Valdes-Scantling, Kansas City Chiefs

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MVS is in the green in most of the NFL advanced stats, 66.3 air yards per game, 1.4 air yards per snap, 26 percent of team air yards, and 15.5 percent of team targets. He is averaging 5.4 targets, 52.7 yards, and 16.7 yards-per-target for the season. The only problem for Valdes-Scantling is that the Chiefs' offense spreads the ball among all the wide receivers.

His Week 9 matchup against the Titans is the perfect opportunity for him to get targeted regularly. The Titans allow 39.1 fantasy points, 182.2 yards, and 1.2 touchdowns per game to wide receivers. The Titans' secondary has struggled with wide receivers on the right side, especially deep right routes, where MVS lines up the most and the type of routes he runs the most on the field.

Don't worry about Kadarius Toney taking away snaps or targets. The Chiefs have stated that they are bringing Toney along gradually into the offense, and Toney is more of a slot receiver than an outside threat. So, nothing should get in the way of MVS having a week-winning performance in Week 9.

Tight End

Noah Fant, Seattle Seahawks

Woof, tight end is going to be a challenging position for vampires. David Njoku and Irv Smith are hurt, and Hayden Hurst has a tough matchup against the Panthers. So we will have to take the play-and-pray method in Week 9, and Noah Fant is the best bet on a decent game.

Fant has a great matchup against the Cardinals, who allow 19.7 fantasy points, 73.2 yards, and 0.9 for the season. The Cardinals have allowed the most fantasy points to tight ends in the past two weeks, allowing 22.1 fantasy points, 32 yards, and two touchdowns.

Hopefully, Fant can come down with a touchdown in Week 9.


D'Onta Foreman, Carolina Panthers

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Did you see Foreman last week? Of course, he will be in my lineup after that performance. Foreman is averaging 118 yards, 23.1 fantasy points, and 1.5 touchdowns in his first two games as the Panthers' lead back. Yes, it is a small sample size, but you have to believe that Foreman will continue to build on his progression and the fact that the Panthers' offense is getting better as a whole.

Foreman has a tough matchup against the Bengals, who allow 20.4 fantasy points, 91.6 yards, and 0.5 touchdowns per game. But Foreman is the type of talent that can rise above tough matchups. Plus, many of the wide receivers available to vampires have tough matchups, so it's best to put the starting running back in your flex.

Defense/Special Teams

New England Patriots

The Patriots are facing off against the struggling Colts offense. The Colts are allowing 10.6 fantasy points to defenses. Plus, the Colts have allowed tons of turnovers on offense, nine interceptions, and seven fumble recoveries. Indianapolis is tied for third in sacks allowed, and most importantly, they have an inexperienced quarterback starting. That's Bill Belichick's favorite late-night snack, a quarterback who hasn't experienced his defense.

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