2022 Fantasy Football: Why You Should Draft D.J. Moore

by Mike Bonni
Why You Should Draft D.J. Moore

We have a new quarterback in Carolina as Baker Mayfield was traded to the Panthers this offseason. Does this move get D.J. Moore into WR1 territory? I tend to think so, which is why you should draft D.J. Moore in 2022 Fantasy Football drafts!

Call me crazy, but I fully expect D.J. Moore to finish as a WR1 (Top-12) this season. As you read on, you will see the reasoning behind this take.

For those of you saying "But Baker Mayfield is his QB", you will see he can produce WR1 numbers for his number one wideout. Make no question about it, D.J. Moore is the top WR option in this offense.

With a healthy Baker Mayfield and the attention of the defense gravitating towards Christian McCaffrey, D.J. Moore is primed for his breakout finally.

2022 Fantasy Football: Why You Should Draft D.J. Moore

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Previous Body of Work

Coming into the 2022 season, D.J. Moore has gone three straight seasons with 1100-yards. He is doing this with terrible to sub-average quarterback play (washed Cam Newton, the bust of Sam Darnold, and check-down Teddy Bridgewater).

Despite having three-straight 1100-yard seasons, D.J. Moore has yet to crack WR1 territory. His best finish was a WR16 in 2019. His other finishes among those three years were 18th (2021) and 23rd (2020). There are a number of reasons why D.J. Moore has yet to finish as a WR1.

First off, he has missed some games (two in 2019 and 2020). Secondly, his lack of touchdowns (four is his best) is a fantasy killer. And last but not least, he has had bad QB play which has led to terrible target quality.

All of these deficiencies should be corrected (somewhat) with Baker Mayfield at the helm.

He is no saving grace, but he should be better than the previous QBs, right? Can this vault D.J. Moore to superstardom?

Read on, as we continue the Why You Should Draft D.J. Moore article.

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What To Expect with Baker Mayfield in 2022

I'm going to get a little off-topic and talk about Baker Mayfield for a second. As of right now, Baker Mayfield has left a bad taste in the mouths of NFL fans.

The past two years have not been kind to Mr. Mayfield, but it's like people forget he played 90% of 2021 with a destroyed shoulder. People also forget that Baker Mayfield led the Browns to a playoff appearance and win, but let's just diss him some more.

Also, another thing to note, Baker Mayfield can produce fantasy-relevant wide receivers when healthy. In 2019, Baker led Jarvis Landry to a WR12 finish. He was also able to produce two WR2s (Top-24) in his rookie season (Odell; 15th and Landry; 18th). As you can see, Baker can get it done when he is healthy.

Alright, we can move on now.

D.J. Moore and Baker Mayfield have been building chemistry, so it seems like it's all systems go for those two. I expect Moore to put up the same numbers as he did last year, just he should have an uptick in touchdowns with the better quarterback play. With a better quality of targets (72nd in 2021 according to playerprofiler.com) as well, D.J. Moore should be more efficient.

*Important Stat*

*Baker Mayfield averages 23 touchdowns a year, meanwhile, the Carolina QBs have averaged 17.75 touchdowns a year.*

No wonder why D.J. Moore never got more than four touchdowns in a season. His QBs can barely throw a TD a game. With Baker Mayfield in town, expect this to go up.

One more segment of the Why You Should Draft D.J. Moore article, then we can end this.

Bottom Line

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Currently going as WR17 (Fantasy Pros ADP), D.J. Moore is going in the late third-round. This is behind WRs like Terry McLaurin, Jaylen Waddle (Tyreek in town), and Diontae Johnson (Mitch at QB?). He is also going behind players like Cam Akers and Antonio Gibson. Uhh!!! I would much rather have D.J. Moore over all of those guys mentioned above.

There is some concern, Christian McCaffrey is back. He will eat into the target share a bit, which is fine. D.J. Moore posted a 28% target share (according to playerprofiler.com), so a dip in that won't be the worst thing. With that being said, I'm still a big fan of D.J. Moore and I will be drafting him as much as I can. With Baker in town, we could see a career year from Moore, so pull the trigger on him.

That should do it for the 2022 Fantasy Football: Why You Should Draft D.J. Moore article. The next edition will be on A.J. Dillon, stay tuned!

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